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Immerse in Local Culture by Exploring Manali’s Vibrant Art and Craft Scene

The cultural heritage of a place is closely tied to the art forms practised by its people. Despite facing natural calamities, the residents of Manali flood-affected areas have resiliently embraced their arts and crafts. Considering the Manali current situation, numerous tourists are now adding the exploration of the artistic side of Manali to their bucket lists, eager to purchase memorable craft pieces. 

When you plan a trip to Manali, do not forget to explore their vibrant art and craft scenes. This guide offers comprehensive information about them and recommendations for the best OYO family hotels in Manali.

A Journey through Manali’s Art and Craft Delights

Get to know the artistic treasures that add a unique charm to the soul of Manali.

  • Visit Art Galleries and Markets:

Manali’s art scene is a lively mix of traditional and modern creativity. Explore local art galleries to discover unique artistic traditions that reflect the region’s history and way of life. Admire intricate woodcarvings, delicate Pahari paintings, and beautiful Kinnauri shawls, each showcasing the skill passed through generations. 

Explore the lively Manali Market, where you’ll find a variety of colourful stalls filled with handicrafts and souvenirs. Meet the friendly vendors who take pride in their craft and love to share their stories with you. After browsing the handicrafts, be sure to try some traditional Himachali cuisine at popular restaurants like Dolma’s Corner and Manali Day Restaurant.

Book the best family resorts in Manali and uncover hidden treasures, giving you beautiful memories of your Manali adventure.

  • Observe Visual Art:

Manali’s visual art scene is a feast for the eyes, offering a deeper understanding of the region’s culture and identity. 

Visit museums like the Museum of Himachal Culture & Folk Art. The intricate designs, vibrant colours, and symbolic motifs adorn traditional artefacts and architectural structures. Book a comfortable family suite in Manali and stroll through Old Manali’s lanes, where murals and sculptures enhance the area’s rustic charm with a touch of artistry. Observe how local artists capture the essence of their surroundings, transforming ordinary scenes into captivating works of art. 

Taste the best delicacies from Johnson’s Cafe, Mountview Restaurant, and Cafe 1947 for a satisfying dining experience. 

  • Experience Local Nightlife:

After exploring the art scenes, stay at Old Manali to step into cosy bars and lively lounges that come alive with music and laughter. Visit popular hangouts like Lazy Dog Lounge or Drifters’ Cafe, where the warm glow of fireplaces and the cheerful chatter of fellow travellers create an inviting atmosphere. Enjoy live music performances, sip on local brews, and share stories of your Manali escapades. 

Wrap up your day with fulfilling experiences, then retreat to your family room hotel for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Why Choose OYO Accommodation?

Everything in Manali is artistic, including OYO’s family resorts. Our properties pay homage to the rich cultural heritage of Manali by incorporating local arts into our accommodations. You can always discover a good place to stay based on your plans and budget preferences.

Furthermore, at OYO hotels in Manali, you can enjoy various amenities, including free Wi-Fi, power backup, CCTV cameras, pet-friendly options, ticket tour assistance, disabled-friendly facilities and more. Not ending here, you can also ACKO insure your trip for a secured vacation.  

Our most searched properties in Manali include:


Art is significant in shaping society, and Manali reflects this value with its warm and artistic community. Explore the artistic side of Manali, often overlooked amid its other attractions. When planning your visit, consider booking OYO’s Manali hotels near Mall Road, the central hub for exploring the diverse facets of Manali. We extend the same warm and welcoming hospitality that Manali is known for.

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