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Discover Adventure in Solang Valley: A Hidden Gem Near Manali

Famous as India’s ‘snow point’, Solang Valley is a snow-clad utopia 13 km from Manali. With an altitude of 8,500 feet above sea level, the valley offers spectacular scenery of mountains and enchanting glaciers at a distance. Nature lovers adore this place for its calmness, but the valley is also a prominent destination for the wanderlusts who love adventure. Tourists visit Solang Valley to participate in thrilling activities at both beginner and expert levels. 

The blog covers a comprehensive list of adventurous deeds you can experience in Solang Valley. Make sure you have a comfortable place pre-booked where you can come and relax after the entire day’s thrilling experience. If you are already en route to your destination, search for family hotels in Solang Valley or Manali and book into OYO properties for the most amazing stay. 

Solang Valley Adventure List

It snows in winter in Solang Valley! While the summers are complete with natural greenery. Search phrases like ‘Manali current situation’ or ‘Solang Valley temperature’ will help you find the exact weather conditions during your visit. Here is a list of the various adventure activities you can participate in while in the valley. 

Horse Riding

From being the oldest mode of transportation to transitioning into one of the adventurous activities in Solang Valley, horse rising has sustained multiple ages. While here, you can book yourself a horse and participate in an hour-long excursion, taking you through the lush and tempting environment of the valley. The mesmerising  River Beas, Anjani Mahadev waterfall, and a temple pave your pathway. 


Are you ready for some fun-filled, adventurous experience in Solang Valley? Try Zorbing! No other activity equals rolling down the hill with your partner or alone. With all the measures taken, you will be put inside an inflatable transparent ball or orb and rolled down the hill towards the valley. In winter, you have the snow bed, offering a cushioning experience. In contrast, in summer, the balls gush down through the lush terrain, causing physical sensations throughout the entire body.  

Quad Biking

Third on the list of adventurous activities is Quad Biking in Solang Valley. Participate in this thrilling experience if you believe in challenging your limits. ATC vehicles have single and multiple seats, which will help you have a great riding experience. Whether winter or summer, quad bikes will help you drive effortlessly through streams, snow, mud and loose gravelled roads. While driving, you can ride up to the riverside and enjoy the mesmerising view of the River Beas.      


Visit during winter to experience the thrill of skiing in Solang Valley. The advent of international skiing competitions, like the Alpine Premier League, attracts professional and amateur ski enthusiasts from India and the world. To glide through the snow seamlessly and click some great snaps in ski attire, you must book your slot with an agency in Solang Valley. While in this place, other than skiing, the breathtaking beauty of Mount Hanuman Tibba, Mount Ladakhi and Mount Friendship adds to one’s good memories. 

River Crossing

If you are ready for the ultimate thrill, try river crossing at Solang Valley. It is an intense activity requiring the participants to hang from a rope while crossing the river. To keep things sorted, all the necessary precautions are taken care of. You will receive safety gear, and professional guides will attend to you as you cross the river. Book a slot for yourself if you are afraid of heights and water but still want to challenge your limits.

Snow Mobiling 

Also known as sledging, snowmobiling lets you float over the snow. Available as a winter-centric activity, there are snow scooters which you can book in Solang Valley. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, which most people will recommend you participate in while there. One has to be 18 years or above to drive by themselves. Also, prior driving experiences are a must. Otherwise, you will have to sit behind an experienced snow scooter driver and soak in the fun.   

Why Choose OYO Family Hotels?

Are you looking for quality family hotels near me? OYO has your back, with a range of cosy and well-equipped accommodations in Solang Valley and nearby places. The hotel rooms here are a vibe in themselves, well decked with modern amenities. In-room, you get an attached bath, complimentary Wi-Fi, TV and bed with complete linen. 

We ensure your stays are secure and enjoyable by offering CCTV-surveilled common spaces and updating fire fighting equipment regularly.       

Here is a list of OYO family hotels in Manali and Solang Valley:

Book through the OYO app or the website using the filters available. If you want to experience the thrills of Solang Valley and then return to the hotel and roam around Mall Road Manali, your wish is granted. Search for OYO Manali hotels near Mall Road and choose among multiple properties which suit your budgetary expectations. 


The renowned Solang Valley is famous for its hidden beauty and offbeat location. With all the adventurous activities available, the valley is transforming into a fun place for thrill seekers to drive in. Besides the activities mentioned here, you can also travel to Solang Valley to participate in camping, trekking and jeep safari by the wild. Book a cosy and comfortable stay to unwind effortlessly after all the adventures at Solang Valley. Choose OYO family hotels for a seamless check-in experience with minimum documentation. 

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