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How to Celebrate Baisakhi in the Quarantine Period?

Gidda and Bhangra with high-spirited revelry, multicoloured kites spotted in the sky, amicable holy gatherings in Gurudwaras and delicious Karah Prasad at Gurudwaras. These are the pleasant essences to behold when you are in North India around Baisakhi. Significance of the festival in most Indian states is associated with offering gratitude to the Almighty for a bountiful harvest of crops. In other parts of the country, the festival is also observed by distinct names, like Vishu In Kerala, Rongali Bihu in Orissa and Pohela Boishakh in Bengal and more.

This year, the celebration befalls on April 14th 2020, though we wouldn’t revel with as much vigour with the crisis, we sure can savour the day within our houses! Stay quarantined and experience Baisakhi. 

What’s better than rejoicing in a festival with some delightful meals? Sarso ka saag, Makki di roti, Butter chicken, and Karha Prasad among other preparations will make your day! Now that you have people to assist, cooking isn’t a bad idea. If not, Swinggy away these delicious cuisines. 

Langar- On a regular day, we mostly indulge ourselves in daily errands where we miss enduring the feeling of serving. How about we offer Karha Prasad to those in need, on this special occasion this year and make their day too? When you prepare the Karha prasad on Baisakhi, do remember to keep some aside in small packets. Bet you, a reliable NGO will be of some aid. 

Folks songs to soothe your heart-  It wouldn’t be an exaggeration, if I say Music heals your soul, it also sets your mind! Try those timeless songs curated for you in the experience while you are cooking some delicious meals.

Read on your favourite places– Sufficient time, a hot cup of latte or green tea, tranquil atmosphere in the balcony. Sounds unwinding to me! Here’s some of the interestingly curated Travel Guides to help you plan a trip in the coming months. Hopefully, when the crisis is over. 

Baisakhi is more prevalent in North India, and precisely in Punjab, you may want to consider some of these places that will leave you exhilarated. Try these places next year.

Golden temple- The white and gold majestic building with the top covered with pure gold leaf, Golden temple will leave you in awe of it. Built by a Muslim saint, an admirer and friend of Guru Arjunm the temple beholds a holy book of the Sikhs – the Granth Sahib inside the temple.  The sacred shrine is positioned in the mesmerising city, called Amritsar. Abode of god, elegantly designed with white marble, this temple is thought to have healing endowments and can cure many diseases as they say. The ‘Guru Ka Langar’ located near the eastern entrance offers food/ Prasas to all visitors. 

Pinjore Gardens:  Every year around the festival, the Haryana tourism department hosts a grand Mela at Pinjore Gardens arranged between 13th & 14th April. You can savour the authentic Punjabi cuisine, traverse a variety of handloom and handicraft shops at the Crafts Bazaar arranged at the Mela.

Jalandhar: The lush-green villages of Jalandhar, display a lavish ceremony on Baisakhi. It’s revelled majestically in the serene farmlands with energetic folk melody, folk dance- mainly Giddha by traditionally dressed women and Bhangra by men. The shops are thronged with vivacious traditional outfits like Lehenga Choli, Turbans, Salwar kameez, and multiple options for the women, men and children to be in the best attire.

Baisakhi Processions are the most pious displays. In these processions, the scripture Guru Granth Sahib is taken out with honour by traditionally attired Panj Piaras, also acknowledged as the five senior religious Sikhs.  The processions move within the streets and alleys of the city, accompanied by sacred music and chanting of scriptures and hymns. It’s a pleasant spectacle. 

Chandigarh also hosts a Baisakhi festival celebrated with great pomp and show. Colourful Fairs are planned in Leisure Valley (Sector-10) or Parade Ground (Sector-17). The city also has a beautiful lake called Sukhna lake and various lush green nature parks. This city doesn’t turn you down when it comes to hospitality. 

Jallianwala Bagh- Dwelled in Amritsar, Jallainwala bagh is a celebrated garden and a memorial of national importance. Baisakhi was the day when the British empire perpetrated the Jallianwala Bagh massacre at a gathering. This was an event influential to the Indian movement against colonial rule. The place is close to Golden Temple and a 15 mins walk, open on Monday to Sunday, 6:30 am to 7:30 pm. 

I hope you like some of these ideas to celebrate the festival this year!

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