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5 Best Churches in Delhi

The capital state of India Delhi is mostly famed for its Mughal Architecture and Indo-Saraceni places, but not many know that the city houses some of the best architecturally created Churches as well. Well, I was amazed too! 

Most of these churches date back to British era, tastefully designed with inspirations from various countries. Britishers had a good taste indeed! The gorgeous structures are well-placed near popular attractions, so it;s quite easy to locate them if you are up for some architectural delight and serene time. 

It was a boring Saturday when I decided to explore and learn the true essence of Delhi, and upon some research I found these Gems that were unknown to me. My exploration was nothing less than a pleasing one. Each of these Churches offer an unique experience, peaceful environment and a pious vibe. I can’t help but suggest this list of Places to Visit”. 

  • Cathedral Church of the Redemption

Exquisite and serene, these words best define the Cathedral Church of the Redemption. Located to the east of  the much famed Rashtrapati Bhavan, and just about a distance of 2 mins on foot, the  Cathedral Church of the Redemption is an architectural beauty. The Church is also known as Viceroy Church, which was used by the British Viceroy back then. The aesthetic appeal of this British colonial church features architecture inspired by Lutyens & Palladio and offers an experience of a lifetime. The lofty arches are bound to leave you amazed while the complex is built in a way that it remains cool even during summers. 

Search: 1, Church Road, North Avenue, New Delhi

  • St. James Church 

Located at the Lothian Road in Delhi, ST James Church dates back to 1862, which was again built by British colonel James Skinner. His burial is in the same complex as well. Though the Church is not as massive as other churches in Delhi,  ST. James Church oozes of calmness and positivity. The design is timeless and even today it looks quite contemporary with the beautiful sun yellow coloured exterior. The rich history of this church makes it even more desirable. It’s said, in 1800 James Skinner pledged to  build this church if he survived a battle.  Not only his, but the complex also  contains a tombstone of his 14 wives and their children. Some say it’s haunted, but there’s only way to find out. 

Search: Church Rd, Mori Gate, New Delhi

  • St. Alphonsa’s Church

It’s named after Saint Alphonsa who is now honoured as a saint. The church is tucked amidst Vasant Kunj farms within serenity. The interiors are beautifully designed with detailed carvings and sculptures, as they narrate the stories from the holy bible.

It’s quite a meditative experience inside the building due to the peaceful white interiors and the wood detailing. As it’s located a little away from the crowded lanes, you could hear the birds chirping, making it a perfect setting for a peaceful prayer session. What’s unique about this Church is that the services are offered in Korean along with English and Hindi.

Search: 9, Green Ave Rd, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

  • Sacred Heart Cathedral Church

Built in 1930, this Roman Catholic Church is definitely one of the oldest churches in <a href=/hotels-in-connaught-place-delhi/>New Delhi, Gole Market</a>. The architectural structure is inspired by Italian artistic structure. The magnificent white pillars are alluring while the massive towering curved roof inside and the pure marble altar let you enjoy a pious experience. The Church has its significance for various reasons and witnesses followers in huge numbers especially during festivals as the occasions are celebrated in much fervour.  

Search- 1, Gol Dak Khana Roundabout, New Delhi

  • St. Thomas Church

Popularly known as the Red Brick Church, St. Thomas Church is situated in South Delhi. It has a unique structure, something not very common with Churches. It’s entirely built of red bricks and leaves you amazed. Inspired by Eastern European architecture, it was  built in the honor of  Thomas Didymus, who was one of the 12 disciples of Jesus. The Church authorities also support a Sunday school for kids.

Search: Sector 2, RamaKrishna Puram, New Delhi

Delhi doesn’t fall short of destination, but you must save this list of “Churches to Visit ” as well for a slightly unique yet fun experience. The best way to hang out with friends, if and when you seek for a peaceful break from the daily hustle bustle. If you are a tourist in this city, you would conveniently  find good budget hotels close to these attractions.  Delhi Hotels offered by OYO are packed with all essential amenities and offer you a comforting stay.

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