Party Of One- Treat Yourself This Valentine’s Day To Horn Ok Please Festival

What is Horn Ok Please Festival?

Horn Ok Please Festival is to food what the SulaFest is to music- one venue encompassing multiple promises. This year’s festival coinciding with Valentine’s Day means that the festival will feel incomplete without tilting the hat to, not just a ‘love” for food, but love in all its “flavours.”  Your timeline and feeds must be getting flooded by now, in case you haven’t given yourself the pleasure of partaking the delights of all that it has to offer all these years, allow me to take you on a step-by-step guide, from what to expect at Horn Ok Please 2020- the best food to inflame your taste buds and send your tongues on an overdrive while your stomach struggles to keep pace. This year promises to be bigger than before, and covers a much larger area, the Horn Ok Please venue is the same as last year- JLN Stadium Gate No. 2 in New Delhi. You will be in the company of a patchworked collection of restaurants and bars, a flea market and over-eager people pushing each other to get their hands first on some lip-smacking flavours, this Horn Ok Please Food Fest. As a side note, not totally relevant but good-to-know, I guess- Horn ok Please is conceptualised, marketed and brought into existence by So Delhi, Delhi’s largest digital & entertainment guide. Its sponsors contain the names of bigwigs like Bira, Swiggy and Pepsi. Be the early bird and reach there before the madness of the crowd sets in- the Horn Ok Please timings are Friday- 12 pm to Sunday- 10 pm. The price-tag on happiness- everything under 250/- a far rich-er experience that you can imagine. 

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When is the festival taking place?

14th to 16th February. 

Three days of grub-feast-like-kings in exchange for seven days of your intestines falling back into place. 

How to reach the venue?

  • Metro: Head towards the metro station nearest to you and board the metro heading towards Violet Line. Get off at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. It is approximately a km away from the venue. 
  • Cab: You can also board a cab from your starting point to JLN stadium.

How to get your hands on the passes? 

Tickets are available on

Is parking easily available?


Now that I have covered the basics, let’s introduce you to the gastronomic wonderworld that lies ahead. Just don’t salivate on the screen or the shoulders of whoever is in front of you, once there! Couldn’t resist with the imagery, we have heard of quite a few incidents of people turning into slobbering sloths! It’s next to impossible to include all the 150+ restaurants that are gearing up to set up their stalls at the festival, but I will give you a cursory idea about the ones your mouths and can look forward to- 

  • Sitaram’s Chole Bhature – The famous Paharganj outlet that you couldn’t wake up for at 8 in the morning to push yourself to the din of Paharganj, you can find them at 4 in the evening, still serving  the puffy bhaturas stuffed with finely mashed paneer and spiced cholas. 
  • Xero Degrees – The piping-hot fries with a generous serving of cheese will have you lining up to get a taste of quick bites that you cannot get enough of. 
  • Indus Flavour – We  have pulled you out of your house, but we haven’t quite managed to pull that familiar craving for daal makhani and rotis drenched in butter- well, your golden-ticket to a Kadak Rumali can be encashed here!
  • Al Bake – You have been living under a rock if you haven’t come across this name yet. If the little voice in your heart wants a Shawarma ever so often, that’s exactly what the little voice shall get- do keep it check though- it can devour anything in its wake- once it is spoken to! 
  • Twisters India – Spiral-cut potatoes on a no-messy stick, garnished with herbs. Walk around with a Potato twister in your hand while you take in all aromas of the other stalls, not too heavy either on your stomach or your pocket. 
  • Koyla Kebabs: BBQ and Live Grills- the smell of kebabs charred against hot iron rods will pull in you in, from even the glummest corners of despair.
  • Dessert Lane: Guiltily hogging on sweet un’ things at 3 in the night or drowning your pancakes in syrup first thing in the morning, whatever floats your boat, let this lane sink it in. Black Ice cream, Churros, waffles, unicorn ice-cream and some heavy-duty shakes. 
  • Woodbox- If you are drawstrings are too tight on the wallet- but your stretchy pants can still fit in five inches of a waistline -but also, the monthly budget keeps your cravings on a short leash because you have heard your father yell that “money doesn’t grow on trees” five times too much, the platters of Woodbox will take care of you- student-friendly food under two hundred rupees. Show this to your father, and he will calm down! 
  • Quirk Bazaar- We don’t need to say much about this, do we? It is Horn Ok Please own version of a flea market, you might be tempted to go overboard with all the trinkets for a room that looks like it could do with a little bit of TLC, maybe your own style needs to be spruced up- but a warning word like “hoarder” should stop you in your tracks, like take a few steps back, leave some for the rest. 
  • Local Bands- All the walking and jostling will take its toll, but the live music will undo the damage to your nerves. There are more than twenty local talents slated to be a part of the festival, what is a sensory deprivation, you ask? We don’t know either! 

While you reset your jaw, what else can you expect? 

All the usual Horn Ok Please activities that everyone knows and loves well are still around, just with newer attractions and perks.

 Experience Zone: Get out of the mundane everyday-ness to experience more at this festival.

  • For Kids: You don’t have to leave your rowdy kids at home to cause a ruckus, you can bring them here instead, to add to the ruckus! Children below 8 get free entry (another reason!) and the Kiddie Land is their own personal playdom. 
  • For Adults: The Laser Tag Arena was one of the main attractions last year so keep your eyes wide open for the same this year. That trampoline ain’t gonna jump itself. Don’t break a knee skateboarding though, a lot of walking is still left unfinished!

Happy Hour: Amidst all the stuffing yourself senseless, you can take a sip or two, or chug a whole glass of beers and cocktails, to enhance your mood and your taste.

A two-in-one Affair: It isn’t all families and kids though, there is also a couple-only zone for the can’t-keep-our-hands-off-each-other lovestruck individuals- maybe the Valentine special dishes and drinks can pry them apart for a few minutes, you can feed each other or yourself before you find yourself posing for a themed photo-op. There is a lot of excitement in store for you this time around, keeping in line with the tradition that Horn Ok Please has set up all these years. It exceeds its own expectations, your food cravings will feel over-satiated. Just might have to roll yourself off the couch later to get anywhere once the binge-fest is over. 

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