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Historical Places In And Around Gurgaon

When someone thinks about Gurgaon, the image that certainly sparks is that of a busy business hub with many corporate offices and employees. Also, the place has modern restaurants and aesthetically decorated cafes, lending a happening vibe of the present time. However, Gurgaon has an old-world charm to it and is an eminent location that serves as an abode to famous historical places in India.

So this time, when planning a vacation, choose among the historical places in Gurgaon for a not-so-regular experience. But before that, you must book safe and conventional accommodation within your budget. Regarding that, you can choose OYO family hotels in Gurgaon and then continue with the rest of the itinerary. 

Historical Places That You Must Visit In And Around Gurgaon

Here’s a list of the famous historical places in Gurgaon that you must venture out.

Sethani Ki Chhatri

The structure dates back to 1861, and an inscription on the ceiling signifies the truth of the evidence. Sethani Ki Chhatri stands as a two-storied dome-shaped pavilion, with eight arched openings at each story (level) of the structure. Floral decorative motifs are the most prominent among the decorations adorning this place. The historical extravagant is believed to have been built for a merchant’s wife.    

Sheesh Mahal

Fujdar Khan built the Sheesh Mahal in the early 18th century. Translated as the ‘Place of Mirrors,’ the place gets its name from the exclusive mirror inlays adorning the interiors of this place. Also, this particular double-storey structure has a large pavilion with not less than 12 entrances. During your visit, you will come across a memorial built to remember the Farrukhnagar martyrs who had a prominent role in the 1857 revolt for independence. 

Badshahpur Fort

A prominent name in the list of the top sightseeing spots in Gurgaon, the Badshahpur Fort or Qila, is rooted in the Mughal era. The fort did serve as residence to one of the last wives of Bahadur Shah Zafar and stood experienced to the visit of the Mughal emperor quite often. Though a look at the fort today will introduce you to unorganised ruins. However, certain parts of the building are still in a good state. It has a Mazar of Peer Baba with a tunnel visible inside the premises among the eminent attractions.  

Epiphany Church

The Epiphany Church has been standing tall for over 150 years, reminiscing its historical tie-ups. The Bishop of Calcutta consecrated this church in 1866, and today, this place continues to be adorned with decors from the colonial era. In contrast to the tech-savvy Gurgaon, the church has its unique old-world charm comprising tall windows, sloping roofs, and a bell tower to adore.    

Where to Stay?

When on a trip to explore the top sightseeing places in Gurgaon, with a historical past, OYO family hotels offer a comfortable stay at eminent locations. You have amazingly furnished OYO properties close to the metro station and bus depots at Gurgaon, making transportation hassle-free. Also, based on the number of members you are travelling with, you can choose across multiple family hotels in Gurgaon. Select from Townhouse, Flagship, OYO Rooms, Premium, and Homes. 

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That is all about your less-known yet culturally rich places in Gurgaon sharing a historical past. Remember, these locations are unique and might take you more than one visit to completely understand their journey through the years. In this case, you can always book an OYO family hotel in Gurgaon and continue your excavations seamlessly. 

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