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Henry Island: Travel Guide for First Time Visitors

Henry Island dates back to the European era in India. It is named after a European who surveyed this island which is covered with mangrove forests. Situated in West Bengal, Henry Island is only 10 minutes away from the coastal tourist place called Bakkhali. This beach is unique because of the rocks, white sand, and is opposite to the Lothian Island’s forest. This place is the home to the tourist lodge and pisciculture project set up by the Fisheries Department of West Bengal. Over here the breeding of prawns and fishes are conducted and you can witness almost fifty ponds dug up by the Fisheries Department of West Bengal for the same.

This island was at a point of time an extension of the famous Sundarbans, therefore wild animals like wild pigs, crocodiles, snakes, and deer can easily be spotted here. This place is a famous weekend getaway for the people of Kolkata and places around it.

Tourists get lost in the tranquillity and serenity of this place. The blue sea, white sand and awestruck views of the mangrove forest is a real treat for the eyes and soul. Since very few tourists visit this place, one feels that it is like a private island they are visiting. Henry’s island is very underrated and less crowd which makes the place more attractive.

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When to visit this place?

Henry Beach- Beauty of the beach

Since this is a coastal area, Henry’s Island has tropical weather. The summers are hot and humid while winters are pleasant and cool. Depending on the time of the year you visit this place, here is what to expect-


From April to June, this place experiences summer. During the day, the temperature can rise to 40 degrees and at night it can go down to 31 degrees. If you do not prefer heat and humidity, then avoid visiting this place during this time of the year.


Since this is a coastal area, monsoons here are very unpredictable and it brings heavy rainfall and strong winds. If you are not a faint-hearted person and want to enjoy the wrath of nature, then monsoons are the time to be there.


Winters are the best time to visit Henry Island as temperatures range between15 to 20 degrees during the day and 8 to 10 degrees during the night. The pleasant weather during the winter makes traveling more favorable.

What to wear?

During summers, it is advisable to wear light cotton fabrics due to the heat and humidity. Cotton clothes will allow your skin to breathe and prevent unwanted rash. Also, carry your sunglasses and sunscreen to protect your eyes from the wrath of the sun.

If you are visiting this place in the monsoon, then make it a point to carry umbrellas, raincoats, and windcheaters. They will protect you from the heavy rains and strong winds. Also, carry extra clothes in case you get drenched in the rain.

If you are visiting this place in the winter, carry light warm clothes. The winters are pleasant and you will not be needing heavy woolen clothes.

Food options in this place

Places in and around Henry’s Island serve Bengali food. Also, do not forget the variety of seafood options available here. You will find small eateries as well as cozy restaurants around the beach.

How can you reach this place?

Henry Island is approximately 125 Km from Kolkata. Since the distance is fairly less, it is perfect for a weekend getaway from the city. You can reach here via air, railways, and road.

By Air

You need to take a flight to Kolkata’s international airport, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport. After you reach Kolkata, you can go to Henry Island via road or train. You need to hire a car to reach Bakkhali. But if you are looking for a more affordable option, then you need to reach the Sealdah railway station or Esplanade Bus Depot from the airport and continue the onward journey.

By Railways

From the Sealdah railway station, you can board trains like Lakshmikantapur local train to reach Namkhana railway station. From Namkhana Railway station you can take a bus or cab to reach Bakkhali. Upon reaching Bakkhali you need to board the ferry to cross the water.

By Road

You can reach Henry Island via road also. You can either hire a cab or drive it down. There are also many buses plying from Esplanade Bus Depot to Bakkhali. Once you reach Bakkhali, you can hire a toto which only takes 20 mins to reach Henry Island.

Note- Earlier it was difficult to visit Henry Island and Bakkhali due to poor transport connectivity. But now a new bridge has been built at Namkhana over the Hatania-Doania River for small vehicles to cross directly without the need to wait for the ferry service.

Places to visit near Henry Island

There are numerous places to visit around Henry Island. Let’s look at some of them which can help you plan you’re itinerary better.

1. Bakkhali Beach

Henry Beach- Bakkhali Beach

Bakkhali beach is very close to Henry’s Island. This beach is perfect to try out the local cuisine available in the shacks. The authentic seafood and lip-smacking Bengali cuisine will surely be a treat to your taste buds. You can just relax in the shacks and enjoy the setting sun and changing colors of the sea.

Entry Fee- No entry fee required

Cameras allowed- Yes

Timing- Sunrise to sunset

2. Jambo Dweep

This is another attraction near Henry Island which is again an independent island only 8 Km away from Bakkhali. This island remains uninhabited and remains underwater most of the time during the year. The place is famous for fishing and the pure drinking water it offers.

Entry Fee- No entry fee required

Cameras allowed- Yes

Timing- Sunrise to sunset

3. Fraserganj Wind Park

This place has a significant history attached to it. Lord Fraser loved this place so much that he decided to develop this place into a park. However, the dream of developing this place could not be completed due to the sea and unfavorable weather conditions. Now, only the ruins of his house and a few other structures built by him remain. This place now is home to a lot of windmills and has been transformed into a wind farm.

Entry Fee- No entry fee required

Cameras allowed- Yes

Timing- Sunrise to sunset

4. Bishalakshmi Temple

This small Hindu temple is situated on the beach of Bakkhali. This temple signifies the serenity and quiet nature of this place. A walk on the beach in the evening followed by prayer at this temple is something which will surely help you to unwind.

Entry Fee- No entry fee required

Cameras allowed- Yes

Timing- Sunrise to sunset

5. Crocodile breeding center

This crocodile breeding center in Bakkhali is the only such facility in the entire West Bengal. This facility is also among one of the few in the world. At this center, you can check out crocodiles of various breeds, sizes, ages, etc.

Entry Fee- No entry fee required

Cameras allowed- Yes

Timing- Sunrise to sunset

6. The Fisheries Department of West Bengal

Henry Beach- Fisherman of West Bengal

Bakkhali and Henry Island became famous after the Fisheries Department of West Bengal set up its base here. After the fisheries department took charge of this place, Henry ‘s Island and Bakkhali have experienced steady development in its infrastructure and transportation connectivity.

Entry Fee- No entry fee required

Cameras allowed- Yes

Timing- Sunrise to sunset

7. Bakkhali Watch Tower

If you love clicking pictures then the Bakkhali watchtower will give you the perfect opportunity to try out your skills. From this tower, you can click amazing pictures of the majestic Bay of Bengal, or the farms adjacent to it. You can also indulge in the eateries close to the watchtower.

Entry Fee- No entry fee required

Cameras allowed- Yes

Timing- Sunrise to sunset

You can also check out the variety of sea fish freshly caught in the markets nearby.

How many days do you need to visit every place near Henry Island?

To cover all the tourist attractions near Henry Island, you only need 2 days. If you want to recharge yourself from the mundane city life, then spending 2-3 days at Henry Island is a great option.

Where to stay in Henry Island?

Since Henry Island is an underrated tourist place, therefore, staying options are limited. There are few accommodations built by the fisheries department. These accommodations are affordable and also comfortable to stay. If you are looking for a more luxurious stay, then you can check out hotels near Bakkhali beach. Bakkhali Beach is not that far from Henry Island and there are numerous hotels you can choose from.


If you are looking for a weekend getaway to isolate from the hustle-bustle of city life, then Henry Island is the perfect place for you. This place is not that crowded which makes it apt for some me-time. So, pack your bags and head to this beautiful and quiet place for a perfect vacation.

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