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When India speaks of its history, it speaks of a rich culture, of heritage buried and unburied and of a diversity that is a strength of its unity. When you’re here, just travelling only serves half of your purpose of discovering India’s culture. The other half lies hidden inside round chapattis, large thalis and the food joints in the bustling streets.

Here, you will discover a new taste with every step and will breathe in the exotic aroma coming from all directions. To get a taste of India and its food, here is a list of some places that offer  unique cuisines to make you remember a taste as your best memory.

7 Most Famous & Delicious Cuisines different cities/states

  1. New Delhi
  2. Rajasthan
  3. Nagaland
  4. West Bengal
  5. Tamil Nadu
  6. Lucknow
  7. Bihar

1.New Delhi

Delhi Food
Delhi Food

Fine dining in luxury hotels and restaurants might be a great experience, but if you’re here in Delhi and want to get an actual taste of what the city has to offer, then the streets are exactly where you should be headed!

Be it in crowded markets or the lanes of Old Delhi; the famous kebab stall around the corner or the sublime desserts- Delhi excites every taste bud of yours without letting your wallet feel the burden.

Have a kulfi while wandering at India Gate in the night, munch on mouth-watering kebabs in the nooks of Old Delhi, visit the paratha wali gali or Moolchand to get “parathe’ of so many kinds, you would be at your wit’s end trying to make a choice. Delhi street food are a story of taste, culture and a beautiful memory.

Must try: Chole Bhature, Golgappe, Dahi Balle, Kachori, Samose, Kulfi, Aloo Chaat, Rabri and so much more.

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Rajasthani Food
Rajasthani Food

Rajasthan brings royalty into its cultural heritage, local traditions, palaces and history; so much so that its food also carries a ring of extravaganza to it. In a country that has so many food varieties to offer, a platter or a ‘thali’ is the best way to begin your journey on this mouth-watering tale. The royal thali of Rajasthan sure sets the perfect example for what a thali should look like.

With curry, daal bati churma, thandai, malpua and so many other options, Rajasthan has something to offer to everyone. If you’re someone who loves spices, or someone who can’t wait to get to the desserts; someone who is fitness conscious or someone who wants to eat food that reminds them of home – the royal thali will never disappoint you.


Nagaland Food
Nagaland Food

Nagaland is the perfect example of the secret gems of cuisines India hides within its boundaries. The Naga cuisine just like its culture is unique and variant. The land consists of many tribes and those tribes come with various culinary customs. What remains is a culmination of some of the best dishes all of them have to offer and a never-ending food coma.

The bamboo shoot is a common ingredient that is used throughout the Northeast, and stands as an icon of Naga culture. At times, the bamboo shoot is fermented and stuffed with fresh pork or fish and then grilled. At other times, the bamboo shoot is also used in a dry form. It serves the purpose of giving a bit of a sour taste to the dishes, leaving us wondering how we can get our hands on their recipe book.

4.West Bengal

Bengali Food
Bengali Food

How can one visit West Bengal and not try fish items?  There’s a reason why Bengalis are called “Mache Bhate Bengali.” Its because the land offers some of the best varieties and dishes of fish to try out. From Aam Sole to Fish Kabiraji, from Daab Chingri to Fish Biryani – West Bengal is a paradise for all fish-lovers and a stepping stone for those who are not.

The famous macher jhol dish or fish curry is a popular item in West Bengal that serves as a staple for the locals. You will find the fresh aroma of this dish, frequently in Bengali houses. The curry can be made in more than fifty ways, by including curd, sorsha and other items. Different fishes lend a different taste to the curry, each one leaving your senses completely in awe. A taste of this simple curry would make you take a spoonful much larger than you can eat.

5.Tamil Nadu

Idli, Sambar and Dosa are the must-have food options whenever you spot a South Indian restaurant nearby. Now, when you’re visiting the land of its own, how can you miss out on the tasty treats that Tamil Nadu has to offer.

Want to grab quick bite? Can hear your stomach growling and can eat continuously for three days in a row? Need to munch on something delicious and healthy? Idli and Dosa with their perfect sidekick- Sambhar, are always to there to rescue you.


Lukcnow Food
Lucknow Food

In the land of ‘Nawaab, Kebab and Aadab’, Lucknow brings its Muhgal heritage to you, through its food. The Awadhi cuisine has a perfect combination of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes- mixed up with exotic spices, colours of saffron and herbs.

Zardam Lurgh Masallam, Seekh Kebabs, Korma, Biryani, Makhan Malai, Warqi Paratha- you name it and the Awadhi cuisine will surprise your taste buds with it. The Lakhnavis certainly make sure to keep their guests well-fed.


Litti Chokha
Litti Chokha

Bihar, with a dash of its own pyaar brings to you its popular delicacy of Litti Chokha. The littis are dough balls with a mixture of spices and chokha is a gravy of mashed and roasted tomatoes, potatoes and many more items.

Rarely will you ever find a Bihari whose eyes do not light up on the mention of this dish. Once you try out the delicacy, we can vouch that you too will be sailing in the same boat!

Fun Facts about the Land Of Spices

  • The crystallization and making of sugar from sugarcane juice began in India
  • The country produces over 70% of the world’s spices and is also home to a higher variety of spices than any other in the world.
  • Wikipedia lists nearly 200 types of Indian desserts!
  • Bengal is the hub of Bandel cheese production. It is an Indian variety of cheese which is said to have been inspired by Portuguese.
  • The first Indian restaurant in the USA was opened in the mid 1960s. Today, there are around 80,000 Indian restaurants in America.

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