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Diveagar Beach – 2019 What to Know Before You Go

The Diveagar Beach nestled on the Konkan coast of Maharashtra is a paradise waiting to be explored. With beautiful white sand, shiny blue water, towering coconut palms, and numerous betel nut trees, the Diveagar beach is an enchanting place located in the Raigad district in the state of Maharashtra.

Diveagar beach is a paradise for your next 2019 trip. The tranquil beach located at a distance of about 170 kilometers from Mumbai and 159 kilometers from Pune is an ideal holiday destination to spend some quality time with your family and loved ones in nature’s lap. The beach stretches to a vast coastline of about 6 kilometers and is known for the Suru trees that can be seen near the shore. One end of this picturesque beach is a fishing settlement and at the other end, you can spot thousands of migratory seagulls. The place is a perfect getaway for nature lovers, wildlife fanatics and adventure buffs with a plethora of activities it has to offer.

Diveagar beach is an ideal location to make wonderful memories away from the hustle-bustle of the town. The scenic road route to the beach from the nearby cities will lure your senses. The surreal surroundings and the captivating beauty of this place will be carved in your heart for a lifetime.

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Indulge In These Exciting Activities At The Diveagar Beach

Diveagar Beach

The tranquil Diveagar beach not only offers rejuvenation at its best but also allows you to indulge in some enthralling fun activities during your visit. The beach has a lot to offer to the adventure junkie in you. Some of the activities that you can enjoy here are:

Watch the sun go down because we all know it’s such a breathtaking sight to see. And if you get early there, the sunrise is even more pristine.

  • Play in the water and swim if you can. Feel the waves. But always remember to follow the lifeguard’s instructions and take some extra clothes.
  • The serene Diveagar beach offers enthralling water sports for the visitors. You can enjoy parasailing and motor boating among others.
  • You can also indulge in horse riding near the beach and enjoy the cool breeze and pleasant surroundings.
  • Visit the nearby historic sightseeing places like the Janjira fort, Padmadurg fort and some prominent temples like Lord Suvarnaganesha Temple and Roopnarayan Temple amongst others.
  • Just relax and meditate. You’re on a vacation after all!!

Best Time To Visit The Diveagar Beach

Diveagar beach

The ideal time to visit and experience all that the Diveagar beach has to offer is between October to December. The winter period is extremely pleasant and soothing here. Cool winds, glittering beach, and the charming landscape, you can witness nature in its full glory when you visit the beach during winters.

The monsoons bring heavy rainfall and refresh the surroundings but due to the high tide, the tourists cannot indulge in water sports during the rains.

Try to avoid visiting the beach during the summers. The temperature here rises to around 42-degree Celsius. The scorching sun and the humid temperature will make it difficult for you to enjoy your visit to this exciting beach. 

Must-Visit Places Near The Diveagar Beach


There are numerous places of historic and religious significance located near the stunning Diveagar beach. So what are you waiting for? Prepare a list and get ready to make your trip even more enjoyable and memorable. Some of the places of tourist interests that are must-visit while you are in and around Diveagar beach are:

8 Places Near Diveagar Beach

  1. Janjira fort
  2. Padmadurg fort
  3. Roopnarayan Temple
  4. Harihareshwar Beach
  5. Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary
  6. Lord Suvarnaganesha Temple
  7. Shankar Temple
  8. Bankot Fort

1. Janjira fort

This is an ancient seaport located near the coast of the Murud village at a distance of about 21 kilometers from the Diveagar beach. You can easily reach the fort by hiring sailboats available at the shore. The historic beauty along with the beautiful surroundings makes this place a must-visit while you are near the Diveagar town.

2. Padmadurg fort

Padmadurg fort also known as Kasa fort, is a historical sea fort built-in 1676 by Maratha Shivaji Maharaj. Located at a distance of around 24 kilometers from Diveagar beach, the fort was built to control the activities of the Arabian sea and challenge another massive seaport Janjira. The fort can be approached by a boat but the authorized permission from the navy is required to visit and enjoy the beauty of this fort.

3. Roopnarayan Temple

One of the aesthetic temples of India carved sculptures and decorated with stone inscriptions is one of the major attractions near the Diveagar beach. Also known as the Sundarnarayan temple, the presiding deity of the temple is Lord Vishnu. The idol of Lord Vishnu comprises of four hands holding a Gada(weapon), shank(shell), Padma(lotus) and chakra (wheel).

4. Harihareshwar Beach

One of the secluded beaches in Maharashtra, the Harihareshwar beach is located near the Diveagar beach. The beach is nestled between the four mountain ranges named Harihareshwar, Harshinachal, Bramhadri, and Pushpadri. This tranquil beach with a mesmerizing backdrop is a treat to the eyes. Also, if you are here visit the prominent temple located nearby known as the Harihareshwar temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The temple holds great significance that is why the beach is also referred to as the “house of God”.

5. Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary

Another attraction that you shouldn’t miss while in Diveagar is the Phansad wildlife sanctuary. Located at a distance of about 36 kilometers from Diveagar beach, this is a perfect destination for all wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers. The sanctuary serves as a house to the great biodiversity of flora, fauna, and avifauna. You can enjoy the varied diversity and the lush greenery in this huge wildlife sanctuary.

6. Lord Suvarnaganesha Temple

The temple is one of the most prominent attractions of the region. It was believed that the idol of Lord Ganesha in the temple was made up of pure gold and was about 300 years old. The idol was 60cm tall and weighed 1.5 kilograms. But the golden idol was allegedly stolen in the year 2012 after which the idol was replaced by the silver idol of Lord Ganesha.

7. Shankar Temple

The temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati has its roots in the era of the Pandavas. The magnificent architecture of the temple makes it one of the tourist spots worth visiting in the area. Apart from the idol of the presiding deity, there is also an idol of Nandi at the entrance. The temple is a pure historic architectural charm combined with nature’s beauty. 

8. Bankot Fort

Though in ruins, this ancient fort still stands in its full glory near the Diveagar beach. The fort was captured by the Portuguese in 1545 but was later acquired by the Maratha kingdom. There is also a stunning temple located nearby, known as the Gajanan temple. This place is a must-visit for every history buff. 

How To Reach The Diveagar Beach

The Diveagar beach is a perfect getaway destination because of its proximity to the two major cities, Mumbai and Pune. Located at a distance of about 170 kilometers from Mumbai and 159 kilometers from Pune, the beach is easily accessible from different modes of transport.

By road: A road trip from Mumbai or Pune to the Diveagar beach can be a treat to the eyes and the heart. The Diveagar beach can be easily approached by the government-run buses operating regularly between the major cities. You can take a bus till Shrivardhan which is located just 6 km from Diveagar. It takes only 3-4 hours to reach the Diveagar beach from Mumbai- another reason why it is perfect for spending your weekends.

By train: The town of Diveagar does not have its railway station. If you wish to travel via train, the nearest railway head to reach the Diveagar beach is Mangaon Railway Station situated at a distance of around 30 km. From here, you can hire a taxi to reach Diveagar.

By air: If you plan to reach Diveagar via airways, the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport in Mumbai and Pune International Airport are the nearest airports

Shopping Near Diveagar Beach

If you think that the Diveagar is all about beaches, temples and other historic sightseeing spots, then you are wrong. The place is a shopping hub that every tourist needs. Every trip is incomplete without taking home some local items that etch the memory of the trip. 

The flea markets near the Diveagar beach offer an amazing collection of handicrafts and products made up of coconut coir. You can also get your hands on the best betel nuts that are available here. Betel nuts are mainly used in paan, a popular Indian mouth freshener.

A trip to the alluring Diveagar beach is apt for relaxation, thrilling water sports activities, a visit to the pilgrimage sites, exploring ancient forts and whatnot. So what are you waiting for? Waste no more time and get your bags packed and spend a weekend here away from the bustling city. Be assured, this place is going to mesmerize you to the core.

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