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Cycling the Konkan coast from Mumbai

Maharashtra boasts a 720 km coastline with the Arabian sea flowing along its west and beautiful sandy beaches dotting its expanse. The Sahyadri range cutting across this state’s length demarcates the Deccan plateau to its east along with a narrow strip of the Konkan coast— one of the most scenic coastal stretches nationally and internationally. On a unique cycling expedition alongside this coast, you will explore the natural and historic beauty of the region and the rich cultural heritage while testing your endurance and appetite for adventure.

Mountains, cliffs, inland plateau, and multiple fast-flowing rivers forming deep estuaries make the Konkan coast a visual treat. The rugged terrain can be a formidable challenge and a cyclist’s paradise. It tops the bucket list of many cyclists in the country and is recommended for experienced riders. Most cyclists travel from Mumbai to Goa alongside the Konkan coast in 6 to 8 days by pedalling for 7-9 hours a day and covering around 80-100 kilometres.

Where will the journey take you?

So, where will this journey take you? Well, it will take you mostly through a single region Konkan across two states— Goa and Maharashtra. Mostly Maharashtra and a little bit of Goa, where the journey winds up. You will get a chance to ride across five different districts, and you can expect loads of uphill and downhill riding. As the journey is alongside the coast, you will enjoy top sightseeing in and around numerous pristine and untouched sandy beaches. So, don’t miss out on a beach-hopping exploration during your cycling expedition.

Besides beaches, a journey alongside the Konkan coast will take you through small rural towns and coastal trails connected by mountains and the sea. You can also look out for the fishing villages, which can be easily spotted with their brightly coloured boats and large drying nets. Your eyes will enjoy a visual feast with the ever-changing skylines, majestic sea views, picture-perfect sunsets, and breathtaking sunrises.

Cycling from plateau to plateau, you will get a chance to witness picture-perfect valleys with slopes dotted with plantations of jackfruit, mango, supari, and cashews. The lush rice fields make the view therapeutic. You will also find many shoreside temples and a galore of forts on the route, and you shouldn’t miss visiting them. It would be best to explore the island forts while learning about their unique and intriguing history.

Apart from that, you can feast on your taste buds by tasting the delightful local Konkani cuisine. The flavourful seafood will take you on a one-of-a-kind food adventure. The warm hospitality of the local people is worth it all, and it will add to the mosaic of adventures of your journey. And you know what the best part about the trip is? Getting away from the constant honking! It will also be a pleasant surprise to hear birds chirping and other rural sounds.

What are the places to visit in Konkan?
The places you can visit during your journey include the towns of Alibaug, Kashid- best known for its water sports activities, the sleepy fishing hamlet of Murud, Ganpatipule, and the beaches of Tarkarli & Malvan. If you are wondering whether or not you can get family hotels in these areas, well, don’t worry. There are many safe and comfortable places to stay along the Konkan coast, such as OYO 70159 Mobor Beach Resort, OYO 64827 Marve Residency, and OYO 69377 Hotel Ruby.

When is the best time to take this journey?

It is best to take this journey during the winter months (December to February) when the weather is pleasant and comforting for cycling.

What are the precautions to follow on the journey?

Please note that this coastal route leads you to remote locations where you may not have access to advanced medical help. Therefore, before taking the journey, you must ensure that you are in good health and pack emergency medical supplies you may need. It would help if you also carried a small hand pump, a puncture kit including a spare tube, a first aid kit, some power snacks like dried fruits, and electrolyte and trail mix for some added energy.

Also, plot your journey ahead, as you may need access to GPS in some areas en route. Avoid cycling during the night when the roads are deserted, as there will be no one around to ask for assistance or directions. The roads and streets may not be well-lit during those times as well.


If you are a cyclist and an adventure lover, a cycling expedition along the Konkan coast will definitely be a memorable experience. If you plan to stay in family hotels anywhere along the journey, don’t forget to book it in advance through the OYO app or website.

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