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15 Interesting Things To Do in Mahabalipuram

Translated to the title ‘city of great power’ and the land of 7 Pagodas by Marco Polo, Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu, has been one of the UNESCO World Heritage since 1984.

Here is a guide to planning a trip to this beautiful city.

Begin from history!
Arjuna’s Penance and Cavern temples are examples of India’s talent in rock or stone carving. Arjuna’s Penance is sculpted on a whale-formed rock with dimensions of nine to twenty-seven metres in height and length. With around 146 carvings, including actual size elephants, the sculptures show scenes from Mahabharata. It also represents Bhagirathi guiding the river Ganga to earth on the large twin rocks.

Peace, calm and divinity!
Shore temple is a landmark of Mahabalipuram, situated at the beach. However, the gates are on the western side. The temple is mainly associated with Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. The temple is famous for complex carvings, craftsmanship and rock cutting. It is also a prehistoric monument built in the 8th century. Another temple devoted to Lord Shiva that you must see during your visit is the Vedagirishvara temple or Eagle Temple. The place is visited to watch the eagles, known to come from Varanasi every day.

So why wait? Flagship 84994 Ecr is one of the best family hotels in Mahabalipuram, where you can unwind after a day of exploration.

Dance festival
The unique dance performers attract tourists from December to January during the dance festival. With numerous dance styles showing the diversity of India, the performances take place under the sky. The jaw-dropping background of Arjuna’s Penance and Pallava will leave you mesmerised. Different dance forms include Bharatanatyam from Tamil Nadu, Kuchipudi from Andhra Pradesh, and Kathakali from Kerala, among many others.

Enjoy nature at Dutch Fort.
The Dutch Fort and the Dutch Cemetery have been converted into a resort. The picturesque beauty due to greenery, beach view, and orchards provide the tourists with top sightseeing in Mahabalipuram.

Kovalam village is at a 15-kilometre distance from Mahabalipuram. You can learn to fish in this tiny village with numerous beach resorts. Even the fishing tour lets you live the life of a fisherman for two hours.

Crocodile Bank
Nature lovers, here is an exciting part for you. Crocodile bank, at a distance of 14 kilometres from Mahabalipuram, has been there since 1976. Romulus Whitaker, a herpetologist, founded the farm which houses crocodile and alligator species from Africa. The biggest and only reserve in India, the animals live in their natural habitat in open pools. It also houses a snake farm.

Alamparai Fort
Alamparai Fort is situated near Kadappakkam village. A lot is left to discover at the historical site built by the Mughals. The fort is known for the trade of food items, including spices, in the seventeenth century. You can pre-book your stay at OYO 29878 Sri Abirami Inn, one of the premium family hotels in that area. The hotel offers standardised amenities at the best prices.

Beaches and adventure
With the view of the sunset and boundless sea, people will have quality time here. The beaches also host many water sports like windsurfing, general surfing, kitesurfing, and diving.

Five Rathas
Again a carving from a single rock. People often confuse it with a building. Built in the seventh century, they are dedicated to Pandavas and their wife. Dharamaraja Ratha, Bheema Ratha, Arjun Ratha, Nakul Sahdev Ratha and Draupadi Rath are separately carved. The interesting fact about them is that they were buried under sand around 200 years ago!

Do you like collecting shells every time you go to a beach? This meausum will come across as a paradise to you. Mahabalipuram houses a still-evolving museum with a massive collection of shells. From the smallest shell in the world to the giant shell, a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colours are there.

Gecko Restaurant attracts customers for wood carvings, colourful artwork and characteristic blue and yellow walls. Delicious food and photogenic background are most loved among travellers. Moonrakers restaurant, the hub of street food, has three floors of tables, and numerous games are offered to visitors. Another site for food lovers, Water’s edge Cafeteria is a multi-cuisine seashore restaurant.

Outdoor activities
Rent a vehicle and go on. Numerous photo shoot sites, visit East Coast road, participate in Kolam drawing, explore bird sanctuary, run a half-day bicycle tour, and learn from local potters.

Shopping, gifts!
With numerous local gift ideas, the top remains seashells and stone sculptures. Art galleries and handicrafts are other things worthy of shopping.

In a Nutshell
Staying at Mahabalipuram is easy with affordable accommodation and amenities like security cameras, provision of geyser, and AC. So make the most of your trip, and prebook your stay for a hassle-free experience.

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