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Not Going Home This Diwali? Here’s How You Can Still Have An Epic Diwali

Everyone wants to be with family on Diwali. But some people live far away from their loved ones and can’t really take the time to go home for the festival. If you’re one of those people this year, don’t worry. We have the perfect solution for you. Here’s how you can celebrate Diwali at an OYO Home this year.

Book an OYO Home and make it your own 

Gather your friends and book a weekend getaway with OYO Home. From sprawling farmhouses on the city’s outskirts to gorgeous homes in the middle of all the hustle and bustle, you’ll definitely find an OYO Home that all your friends would love. Once you book, all you need to do is start collecting your supplies to make this your home away from home for the weekend.

Diwali Celebration
Make a rangoli

Make a rangoli 

What’s Diwali without an adorable, colourful rangoli at the front door? Just because you didn’t get to go home, it doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate Diwali as you would at home. Collect your rangoli supplies before heading for your mini-vacation. Get flowers of all kinds and a little bit of colour to make a gorgeous rangoli with your friends. And here’s some motivation for the lazy ones in your group – How gorgeous will a rangoli look on Instagram? 

Order (or cook) great festive food 

Did someone say mithai? Even if they didn’t, buy a box of mithai, because who celebrates Diwali without something sweet? While we’re on the topic of food, you should order some delicious festive food as well. You could also cook, since OYO Homes are equipped with fully functional kitchens and all the utensils you need to whip up a meal. Remember to go grocery shopping before the celebrations really kick off.

Diwali Celebration
Not without ladoos

Take diyas with you and light them up in the balcony 

Make some everlasting memories with your homies by lighting up the home. Remember to stay safe while you’re doing this. Place diyas in all the right (read: Instagram-friendly) spots, and let the light set the perfect Diwali feels. 

Diwali Celebration
Lighting up!

Play cards with your friends all night 

Whether it’s something as simple as Bluff or something complicated like Poker, playing cards is always fun. Let’s see who leaves the richest. Whoever wins the most money on Diwali pays for drinks on the next weekend.

Diwali Celebration
Time to party!

Party it up! 

Drink, make merry, party all night if you want. After all, you are at home. Don’t forget to click pictures while you’re doing this. Because a Diwali at OYO Home will always be one to remember.

Happy Diwali!

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