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Bundle of Joy and City of Palaces – Mysore

Silk, Spices, and Sandalwood are few of the many adjectives that go with Mysore. Although India as a country acts as a wonderland catering to countless tourist destinations, Mysore is a true paradise when it comes to tourism. Southern India has a difference in its aura, culture, and vibe way different than the rest of the country.

It is the second-largest city in Karnataka (area-wise) and amasses as much as 2.5 million tourists every year. The city brims with hints of royalty, dents of the aristocracy, and dollops of majesty. Ranging from the mansions, public gardens, buildings to markets – all of which leave an indelible imprint of stately nature.

Though Mysore enjoys a tropical savannah climate, it stays quite likable and genial in winter and monsoon months. Being the fifth cleanest city in India, it is one of the most acclaimed tourist spots. Here is a detailed note on the best time to visit Mysore, a few places to drop by and the activities that you can revel in. Read on to unleash the magic!

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Mysore Summers

Summers in Mysore start from the months of March and lasts till June. The average temperature range is in between 26 to 40 degrees Celsius. Mysore sizzles in summers. Noon is mostly hot and humid. However, the evenings are comparatively pleasant and stepping out of your homes can be considered. Though the days can be a little too sunny, evenings are the time when you get to be captivated by the beauty of the city. Mysore sightseeing is appealing especially with all the lightings and glittering attractions in the dusk. This is the best time to visit Mysore if you are a traveler on a budget. It is when hotels and resorts cut their prices to half, rendering you a place to stay in Mysore at affordable rates. Although April and May are deemed to be the hottest months of the year, the climate in Mysore is not that hot at times. It stays comparatively cooler than the rest of scorching Karnataka.

Though summers might not be regarded as an ideal time to plan your itinerary for Mysore sightseeing, these are a few places that you can visit to experience Mysore tourism.

  • Mysore Palace– It is considered one of those tourist places, which speaks about Mysore. The magnificence and grandeur of this palace is something to behold. Built-in Indo-Saracenic style, it is set up with incredible architecture. It was constructed in the year 1912 by the royal ruler of the Wodeyar Dynasty. ‘Amba Vila’ is another name, which people call it by. This place has historical significance as it was the former residence of the royal families of Mysore. Another interesting tip is that audio kits are available in this palace. It gives an overview and additional information about this palace. The best part is that it is accessible to the audience in 7-8 languages.
  • GRS Fantasy Park – is one of the most popular places to visit in Mysore. Beat the summer waves with this fascinating park. It offers a multitude of thrilling rides, water sports, and pool games. In addition to these, there are several inbuilt games at Amazonia (it is an interactive river surrounding the park). It is the best place for executing picnic ideas as well.

You will get all kinds of facilities such as a cloakroom, changing rooms, gift shops, food stalls, and an amphitheatre on the premises of the park. Summer gets a lot of crowds, as it is an escape from the blistering heat. Pertaining to the park’s policies, one is not allowed to carry food, beverages, and camera inside.

So what if it is summers? There are still plenty of activities that you can pursue in spite of the heat. One of them is paying a visit to The Vairamudi Festival. It is the annual celebration held at the Cheluva Narayana Swamy Temple. It is when the idol is decked with the legendary diamond-studded crown. Then after, the Lord is toured around the city is a celebrated and colourful procession. This procession is witnessed by at least 5 lack devotes, seeking blessings and love.

Mysore Monsoons

Mysore Summers

Monsoons in Mysore hover from July till September. Mysore receives an abundance of rainfall. The average temperature remains between 20 to 30 degrees. It is advisable to carry light winter garments along. The weather is broadly calm and soothing, however, traversing on the roads can be quite a task at times. You need to carry umbrellas and raincoats if you are planning an outing. Apart from all such bits, what you will love is the lush greenery and cleanliness of the city. The cool breezes fetch you the right mood and environment to enjoy Mysore tourism. Despite the downpour, you can frequent the following places to have Mysore sightseeing.

  • Chamundeshwari Temple– The reverence of Chamundeshwari temple makes its place in top temples in Mysore. It is dedicated to Goddess Durga. It is said that there are two ways one can opt to reach Goddess Durga. One is via climbing the steps or via driving through the adjacent valley road. Located atop the Chamundi Hills, it also has statues of demon Mahishasura whose presence in Indian mythology has been immense. The architecture of this temple is beyond caliber, absolutely astounding. From the balcony of the temple, one can see the entire city of Mysore, enthralling and riveting. The time is open to worshippers at sharp 7:30 am every day. You can book your session for Abhisheka, which starts from 6:00 am -7:30 am and 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm every day. The temple also renders a free meal called Dasoha to all devotes during the lunch hours. It is a complete plastic-free zone. You are not supposed to carry plastic carry bags into the premises.
  • Talakadu – If you are a history buff, this is the right section for you. Talakadu is a historic destination, which is situated on the banks of river Kaveri. It has massive stretches of sand in its circumference. Steeped with rich past and heritage, it is famous for its Vaidyanatheshwara Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The place derives its name from two imminent local chieftains Tala and Kada.

There are a number of temples lying on the banks of the River Kaveri. They have been buried under the sand and are excavated once in every 12 years. This calls for special worship called the Panchalinga Darshana. Ranging from crimson red in the mornings, tan black in afternoons and white in the evenings. Bizarre yet true! The best time to visit this place is in the winter months of November to January. It is when the sands are cool and pleasant to walk on. Summers see formations of sand dunes at times and make it balmy to step on at times. Talakuda is said to be cursed. Ensure finding out the reason yourself when you go. You will be shocked to know the truth!

Mysore Winters

Mysore Winters

Winters are said to be the best time to visit Mysore. It is considered a paradise on planet earth to swing by this place in winter seasons. Winters in Mysore start from October and last till February. The average temperature hits as low as 15 degree Celsius to 25 degree Celsius in the afternoons. It has the most seething and soothing climate of all time making it the highest peak of Mysore tourism. Here are a few spots that are deemed to call in on while Mysore chills.

  • Brindavan Gardens– It is again an exciting call to relish winters in this garden. It is an appealing and seemly garden found below the Krishnaraja Sagar Dam. The green spread, cascading water channels, flower beds, fascinating fountains is a treat to sore eyes. It is filled with soul, love and elegance. It took 5 years to complete the construction of this garden. It stretches over 150 acres and has captivating designs, grass, and topiaries.Arrays of food stalls are displayed that serve hot beverages, corn bits proposing a nice spot for picnics. You can simply lay yourself in the lap of Mother Nature, into a sphere of rejuvenation and rejoice. It is a perfect spot to bring your kids too. It has exciting joy rides and swings. Live in the moment of the present and unwind afar from the shackles of your everyday life. It is reckoned to be a very popular place to visit once you have stepped into the ‘city of palaces’.
  • Mysore Zoo – Mysore sightseeing stays incomplete without paying a visit to Mysore Zoo. Mysore Zoo is again one of the most visited tourist places in Mysore. It constitutes a major addendum in Mysore complete tour package along with Mysore Place. It is one of the most noted and oldest zoos in southern India. The layout and planning were meticulously done by the Department of Parks and Gardens of the State Government.It has a coverage of over 158 acres of land and is home to myriad homeless animals and birds in the country. Karanji Lake mentioned aforementioned is now a part of the zoo’s jurisdiction has a serene escapade to boating side. From aquatic beings to terrestrial animals to primate and reptiles, it is biodiversity in a natural habitat. It can be your perfect weekend gateway if you are with kids and family. During this time the Zoo carries forward certain Education Programmes such as Youth Club activities, Literary Competitions, and Summer Camp activities. Nonetheless, the Insect Exhibition steals the show. So what are you waiting for? Your weekend is sorted right here, right now!

Of many activities that you can relish during winters, one such is the Mysore Dasara. It is held in the month of October for about 10 days. It is the time when the entire city is lit and adorned with lightings and glitter. This calls for a festivity that wreathes the whole city together into beads of harmony and joy. Over and above, Diwali is also celebrated with great pomp and show around the month of November. It commemorates the victory of Lord Rama over Ravana, an epic chapter in pages of Indian mythology.

Mysore will always welcome you throughout the year with warmth and humility. Now that you have got a fair enough idea about Mysore, the best places to visit and some details from outside, what is the delay? Book your tickets right now and dive into this timeless beauty.

Happy Touring!

Travel with Love!

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