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9 Best Restaurants in Delhi to Try Out for a Yummy Bite

Food is something that has the magical capability of touching one’s soul. And luckily, the country’s capital New Delhi has taken up this challenge to bring you family restaurants that cater to all kinds of foodies. They promise to delight you with both modern and traditional cuisines as well as fusion dishes. Besides the usual eating joints for vegetarians and non-vegetarians, you will find unique theme restaurants here. From the exciting chutney in Pani Puri to elegant continental dishes to rich North Indian delicacies, you will be spoilt for choice.

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The best restaurants bring you dishes that combine interesting textures, flavours and aromas to delight all senses. Some have a back story as to how they evolved. Many of these iconic Indian restaurants in Delhi have fascinating recipes that have survived over time and will leave you craving for more. However, deciding which restaurants to explore for a memorable gastronomic journey can be difficult.

Top 9 Restaurants To Visit In Delhi

  1. Artusi, GK II
  2. Karim’s
  3. Bukhara, ITC Maurya Hotel
  4. Dum Pukht
  5. Kake Da hotel
  6. Le Cirque
  7. Moti Mahal
  8. Dakshin
  9. Gulati

1. Artusi, GK II

Craving for some real Italian food in Delhi? Fret no more. Artusi is here for you, which pays attention to tiny details that most Italian restaurants tend to ignore. One can find Italian touches like the starched immaculate white tablecloths to the eclectic Italian drinks list in the bar. The theme restaurant believes in serving customers with superior quality, warm service and authentic Italian food.

All of the ingredients that you will see here are prepared from scratch. Even the basic sauces, dips, and bread are made in-house. It is ensured that the food that reaches you is free of any artificial preservatives. Special care is taken to ensure that every dish reaches the diner’s table, cooked to perfection, with the best-imbued flavours and at the right temperature. Their Chef’s special dish includes Lasagnetta Al Pesto which is something to die for as it will melt in your mouth, attaining the tag of best lamb meal combo with creamy pesto available. So, treat your loved ones at this family restaurant and make every occasion extra special.

Must Try Dishes: Lasagnetta al Pesto, Tono Carpaccio, Noci E Caprino, Capellaccio Romagnolo, Truffle Pasta

2. Karim’s

Serving countless food connoisseurs since 1913, Karim’s is a very popular family restaurant in New Delhi. It is best known for coming up with dishes inspired by the imperial kitchens of the Mughal Dynasty. It is said that the aroma, freshness and taste of each recipe is always consistent and amazing. The eatery started its journey from a small courtyard in one of the lanes of Jama Masjid in Old Delhi. Its legendary tandoori chicken and mutton keema kebabs are the dishes that are regularly cooked and manage to meet the ever increasing demands. A true favourite of the locals, this primarily non veg restaurant strives to produce simple and authentic Mughlai delicacies for its hungry diners.

Every day, thousands of people hailing from different parts of the city flock here to indulge in their soft kebabs and delightful mutton korma. The softness and flavours of those bites will compel you to visit this food destination again and again. Hence, it is referred to as one of the oldest Mughlai and family restaurants in New Delhi.

Must Try Dishes: Mutton Biryani, Chicken Biryani, Chicken Chilly, Tandoori Naan

3. Bukhara, ITC Maurya Hotel

Tagged as S. Pellegrino and Acqua Panna’s Top 50 Best Asian restaurants – the phenomenal Bukhara restaurant is situated in ITC Maurya. It has also been voted a couple of times as the “Best Indian Restaurant in the World” and the “Best Restaurant in Asia” in the recent past. Being a non veg restaurant, it serves its much acclaimed mutton keema kebabs to its customers, which is cooked in a set-up of clay tiles, with an ignited furnace of bare wood. Interestingly, the dishes are served in wooden crockery, as they believe in keeping the experience authentic and earthy.

The restaurant came into existence in the year 1977 and has not changed much since then. The menu still consists of marinated meats cooked in a tandoor, giving you the same richness and feel of authentic tandoor that was there in 1977. You might just fall in love with its sumptuous Dal Bukhara – its warm, rustic charm and the aroma is something to die for. Coupled with a few masala Kulcha, it is a favourite combination that most patrons adhere to. The family restaurant pays extra heed to preparing Indian dishes using traditional ways.

Must Try Dishes: Sikandari Raan, Peshawari Kebab, Dal Bukhara, Murgh Malai Kebab

4. Dum Pukht

Referred as one of the premier non veg restaurants in Delhi, Dum Pukht came into existence by the end of the 19th century and has been offering the same delightful taste and flavours that have left an indelible print in the hearts of the regular customers. Originally from Kashmir, this family restaurant  has been known for reviving India’s pristine culinary customs.

‘Dum’ translates to breath and ‘Pukht’ translates to cook. They prepare dishes by using the ancient method of dum-style of cooking. It is a method of slow cooking that lends an intense flavour to the meat and ensures fine tender texture. Dum Pukht is renowned for its cutlery as well, as it serves rare medium mutton kebabs and non veg biryanis in its shimmering crystal in a blue dining hall, festooned with tall and well-lit chandeliers.

Must Try Dishes: Dum Pukht Kakori, Dum cooked Mutton Biryani, Habibia Chop

5. Kake Da hotel

Kake Da Hotel translates to Uncles’s Hotel in the colloquial tongue. It is well-known in the city for a good number of reasons. But its service tops the list – you will always find a quick and prompt servicing team at your tables, waiting to cater to all your needs. This effective team makes sure that you are attended soon and leave with a satisfied tummy.

Busy and bustling with a constant stream of customers checking in and checking out, this major non veg restaurant is known for its delectable Desi food. It promises to serve staple North Indian dishes filled with taste, freshness, made in a hygienic manner and offered at affordable prices.

Must try Dishes: Shahi Paneer, Butter Chicken and Chicken Curry

6. Le Cirque

Le Cirque enjoys an endearing location especially when you have a special event around the corner.  It has to be at the top of your list if you want to have an enchanting dining experience. The seating here is grand and there is ample space between tables for privacy, which is tempting for a date night with your partner. There is a special provision wherein you can book a table as well as a personal chef to attend to your needs. Le Cirque ensures that the quality of the food is well maintained along with giving special heed to the lighting and ambience of the restaurant.

Must Try Dishes: Tuscan Liver Pate with Black Truffle and Cognac Scent, the Hand Cut Black Truffle Fettuccine with Black Truffle Sauce, and Homemade Cannoncini.

7. Moti Mahal

The story goes that Moti Mahal came to life right after the partition in 1947, and was established by three men from Peshwar, who fled to Delhi. The family restaurant is as old as India’s independence, and you will definitely feel like you are re-living a piece of history! Infused with nostalgic nuances, this is one of those places to invoke the patriotism quotient in you. One can see an array of awards that this place has won in the recent past.

Moti Mahal has been duly credited for coming up with the invention of delicious Butter Chicken Masala, an Indian curry familiar to most of the houses here. Starters such as Chicken Tikkas and Haryali Kebabs are quite high in demand and run out of stock every now and then.

Must Try Dishes: Butter Chicken, Tandoori Chicken, Malai Tikka, Dal Makhani

8. Dakshin

The original Dakshin opened in ITC Grand Chola at the turn of the 19-century. The restaurant serves exceptional South Indian cuisines including Kerala-style seafood and other non-vegetarian cuisines. The existing menu of this restaurant hails from Tamil Nadu and specializes in bringing out the best of Chettinad flavours. If you would like to try a little bit of everything, their South Indian Thali should be your go-to as it is filled with authentic flavours.

The ingredients and portions measured for each dish are exactly as per the original recipe and they are sourced from southern India. The authentic South Indian vibe can also be sensed from the murals on the walls that speak volumes about their culture, customs and traditions. If you are looking for a classy veg restaurant, this one is for you as well. Their vegetable stew, appam, and tomato pappu are especially popular. You will find vegan options as well.

Must Try Dishes: Chettinad Chops, Appam & Stew, Malabar Parantha and Curry, Dakshin year

9. Gulati

Gulati has been in business since the 1950s when it started out as a modest dhaba and is now believed to be one of the legendary family restaurants on Pandara Road. Emerging victorious over time, it has still managed to preserve the authenticity and glamour in its recipes that attract both old and new patrons.

Gulati slowly picked up its pace when it started and flourished in the following years. It started providing lunch to office workers, and today, the restaurant has a daily buffet lunch with an enticing variety of dishes that tempt diners even when they are full. You can enjoy several food festivals organized by this restaurant too – Kebab and Biriyani fests are among the must-mention. The kebabs are very much in demand and you can order a kebab platter to get a mix of different kinds. Vegetarians can explore the veg restaurant next door offering you some of the best vegetarian cuisines to tantalise your taste buds.

Must Try Dishes: Gallouti Kabab, Dal Tadka

So, are you feeling hungry already? Then visit these iconic eateries in the city offering you delicacies ranging from traditional to the unique, from Indian to Burmese, and vegetarian to non-vegetarian cuisines. There is something for everyone. Go on a yummy journey by experiencing the rich diversity in dishes and satiate your soul.

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