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Summers in Delhi (April to July)

Since we are talking about Delhi, this is a place on earth which encounters both the extreme climates. During summer it’s scorching hot and then in the winters, it feels no less than a hill station. Having said that, what you should keep in mind before visiting Delhi is when to visit, where to visit, and what to do. In order to completely enjoy your stay in the capital, you should know the best time to visit Delhi and that’s what we are going to cover here. We will tell you about the temperature in Delhi in various seasons along with the things that you can do here in particular seasons. Read on.

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Summers in Delhi (April to July)

Summers in Delhi can be a real deal for someone who is visiting here for the first time. Summers here start from April and it continues till July. Early April is still fine, it’s bearable and then you start to get the real taste of summers and it can rise up to a whopping 45 °C and even higher. Even the water in the taps is hot water and you will feel the dry air and hot air on your face and entire body every time you plan to go to someplace. In desperation, you might feel like taking a long weekend to some hill station, but then what about your grand plans for Delhi? Some of you might even feel that they have made a bad decision and might look for the best places to visit around Delhi, but let us tell you something, there are a few things to do in Delhi even amidst the hot sweaty weather, which will keep you thoroughly entertained and will not let you regret your decision.

Things to do in Delhi during Summer

1- How about snow in Delhi! Sounds bizarre, right? You might be laughing your heart out reading about a snow park and that too in Delhi! But on a serious note, Delhi NCR has two legit snow parks for real –Snow World Delhi and Ski India in Noida. You can try skating, skiing, snow sledding, and slope tobogganing. You can visit the Ambience Mall in Gurugram, Haryana to enjoy ice skating at iSkate. There is a 15000 square foot ice skating rink and it is made of real ice! It is India’s first natural ice skating rink and it also holds group training sessions in summer. Do not miss to try their ice-cream and sandwiches. It is in session from 10 am to 10 pm and the cost per head is INR 360 for a session of 1 hour 15 minutes.

2- If this doesn’t impress you then the mango festival during the summers will surely do. After all who doesn’t love the king of fruits right? It happens towards the end of the summer season. It happens in July and what can be better than saying goodbye to the summers by eating some delicious mangos!

3- For kids and the adventurous you, if you were planning for a weekend gateway to a hilly place, don’t book your tickets now. Even if its hot outside, you can still feel refreshed in a waterpark, because Delhi’s summer can be best enjoyed by spending some time in a waterpark. So head to one of the many waterparks across Delhi such as Splash, Worlds of Wonder and Adventure Island to create some awesome summer memories along with family and friends. And while at it, treat yourself to special drinks from Delhi such as roadside sugarcane juice, Banta, Shikanji, and Lassi.

4- If you are a sports lover, then paintball will be one of the best things to do in Summers while in Delhi with your gang. Paintball is a fun activity with a lot of team spirit involved in it! For those of you do not know, paintball is a game where you shoot paintballs at your opponent team. It is like a commando shootout but with paint. There is a Paintball club in Chattarpur and the cost per head is around INR 600.

5- Pool parties are a thing in Delhi summers and many places organise these pool parties from evening onwards. Places like Nyx, Golden Tulip, Aqua etc. organize exotic pool parties with excellent food and beverages. Most of the parties charge between INR 1500 to INR 4000 depending upon the place. You will find these places in Connaught Place, Delhi.

Monsoon in Delhi (July- September)

Monsoon in Delhi ( July- September)

After the summer ends, Delhi wholeheartedly welcomes monsoon. As the rain starts to fall the temperature in Delhi gives a great respite to the residents although the humidity gradually starts to increase. By the first week of July, Delhites should feel the first drop of rain. The average lows in Delhi during the monsoons is 25 degree Celsius, whereas the highs can go up to 35 degree Celsius. July and August are the wettest months in Delhi. You will enjoy pleasant evening walks in the park as the climate becomes quite pleasant despite the humidity. Having said that Delhi doesn’t just face the harsh extremes of cold and hot weathers, but it also welcomes the romantic days too. This is the right time to visit Delhi because the weather becomes free from scorching heat and it’s the time of the year when you get to enjoy those tantalizing potato fries deep fried in Desi Ghee! It’s making us salivate already. However, you can also check out some of the best places to visit near Delhi too.

Things to do in Delhi during Monsoon

1- Rush to the lakes in and around Delhi. Imagine taking a cosy boat ride with light rain falling on a misty afternoon. Do not miss out on visiting any of the below places for a wonderful monsoon experience – Nauka Vihar at Old Fort, Boat Club at India Gate, Surajkund Lake, and  Damdama Lake are some of the most popular lakes in and around Delhi.

2- Go around from one place to another observing the life in Delhi during the rains in a Ho-Ho tourist bus. These are tourist buses by Delhi tourism dedicated to tourists who visit Delhi. And while you’re visiting different tourist destinations, do not miss out on capturing the rain-swept look of those places on your camera lens.

3- Come monsoon, come the birds. Nature wears a bridal look at this time and what better place to appreciate this beauty than to visit a Bird Sanctuary. Head to the Okhla Bird Sanctuary located on the backwaters of the Yamuna River and spend a perfect rainy day amidst nature.

4- Don’t forget to dig into some hot and spicy Delhi specialities like – Chai and pakodas, Samosas and Kachoris.

5- It does not pour every day 25 hours. After a fresh shower of rain you can opt to go out for a walk! Lutyen’s circle, Lodhi Garden, Sanjay Van etc. are the best places to stroll in Delhi monsoons. The fresh smell of petrichor will refresh your mind and you will feel rejuvenated. Have a cup of steaming chai and enjoy the natural beauty of these places.

6- Rooftop dinning at places like Sky Bar Vasant Kunj, Amour, Out of the Box, Warehouse Cafe Connaught Place etc. in monsoons are the best ever experience one can have. It is as romantic as you see in movies with the rain drenching the city below while you enjoy a piping hot meal. You can even spend your ‘me-time’ in the book cafes in Delhi. Some of the famous book cafes are Ivy & Bean, Another Fine day, Cafe Wanderlust etc.

Autumn in Delhi (September end to November)

Delhites welcome the autumn season in Delhi from September to November end. This is the time when Delhi is visited by tons of visitors from across the globe. The temperature drops, everything becomes pleasant, sightseeing becomes enjoyable and by the end of November people in Delhi also get the first signs of winter, because the nights in Delhi during that time indeed become quite chilly.  The temperatures take a major drop from 40 to 45 degree Celsius to 28 to 30 degree Celsius. Whereas the lows can reach 20 degree Celsius.

Things to do in Delhi during Autumn

1- Go for heritage sightseeing and nature walks, visit Delhi zoo with family, go to Lodi Gardens and take a long walk, visit Delhi Haat and enjoy different shops, basically this is the time to experience Delhi from top to bottom.

2- If you reach here towards the last month of autumn which is from October to November, you will get to experience Durga Puja, which is celebrated by the Bengalis and Dussehra as well as Diwali too. Two of the most popular festivals of Hindu people.

3- Autumn also welcomes a lot of exhibitions and fair. This is the time when you can go to Delhi Haat and experience the Delhi Haat Fair. Not just this you can also spend time in some of the most famous arts and culture events as well which are organised by SPICMacay, India Habitat Centre, and Delhi tourism. These are some of the things, which keeps the local people and everyone who travels here busy.

4- Visit CR Park for some awesome food like Kolkata Biryani. During the festive season there is a crazy demand for Kolkata Biryani that comes with Potato. You can try out some of the best Kolkata Biryani at Restaurants like Kolkata Biryani House in CR Park.

Winters in Delhi (December to January)

Winters in Delhi (December to January)

Winter in Delhi can be as harsh as summers in Delhi. The temperature drops day by day and reaches up to 10 degree Celsius making people shiver to their bones. It happens due to the snowfalls in the Himalayas. In the month of January, the average highs are usually below 20 degree Celsius and the lows can go down to as low as 4 to 5 degree Celsius. In the morning it becomes extremely difficult for the everyday commuters to travel due to heavy fog. The mornings and nights here in the winters are really cold. You have to keep yourself protected by wearing warm clothes, caps, gloves, socks, and shoes to avoid falling sick. But as the sun starts shining it gives great relief and respite to the travellers.

Thus another best time to visit Delhi is during Delhi’s famous winter. This is a season where everything around looks mesmerizing and beautiful. You will see a group of teenagers, adults, and even elder people sipping a hot cup of tea from local vendors and trying some truly mouth-watering hot and piping dishes. This city is popular for the marvellous architectural grandeur. Take a tour to Agrasen Ki Baoli during the afternoon and sit there for hours and take all natural Vitamin D from the sun. Go to Old Fort, Hauz Khas, take your kids to the National Gallery, and explore the city till the winter season is here.

Things to do in Delhi during Winters

Select City Walk Mall
Select City Walk Mall

1- If that’s not all then Delhi during the winters is also the best time to go for a natural sightseeing tour. Visit the biodiversity parks and see some immigrants’ birds, along with this you can also enjoy the winters in here by visiting the wildlife reserves as well. Since winters will not make you sweat and you will run for some sunlight, checking out these places during winters become an altogether different experience.

2- Towards the end of the year visit local fair, shows, and music festivals and for the New Year, Delhi has an array of options for the visitors.

Hauz Khas
Hauz Khas

3- You can visit the popular hotspots like Hauz Khas, The Lalit, and The Leela to dance on the tracks played by the DJ and wish everyone a happy new year!

4- Take a stroll in the Lodhi Garden in the evening or morning. See the ducks in the pond and experience the nearness to nature. It is a different experience depending upon the time you visit. You can then try the breakfast or dinner menu at the All-American Diner.

Delhi Zoo

5- You can go bird watching in the Delhi Zoo, Okhla Bird Sanctuary and Sunder Nursery. A lot of birds migrate in winter and it is the best time to watch rare birds flocking around in Delhi. If you are a photographer, you can consider to have unlocked a jackpot for your photography skills.

6- Join in the Christmas Carnivals at places like Select City Walk Mall at Saket, Epicentre at Gurgaon, Dilli Haat at Pitampura and INA etc. Enjoy delectable fruit cakes, food, wine and other cuisines. These places are beautifully decorated giving you the perfect Christmas feels and you cannot miss it at any cost.

These things will not even make you realize that it is actually winter. So now you know what the best time to travel to in Delhi is!

Spring in Delhi (February to March)

Spring in Delhi (February to March)

Right after the winters we gradually get ready for the spring, which is followed by the summer season. This is the time when the transition of two kinds of weather takes place. Spring in Delhi is yet again extremely pleasant. You will see new flowers blooming all around the corner. The fog disappearing in the morning and eventually, we get rid of our sweaters and start to pack them. Nights will continue to remain cool and the average temperature will be around 20 to 25 degree Celsius making it pleasant for travellers to explore the city.

Things to do in Delhi during Spring

1- If you are here during the spring season, you can go to Gurdwara Bangla Sahib. This is one of the most visited places in Delhi and spring and autumn are the best time to visit. You don’t just come here to worship but to sit in peace and embrace the serenity.

2- Along with it, you can also do the local sightseeing too. Visit Qutub Minar, the Red Fort, Kingdom of Dreams, Hauz Khas Village, and Lodi Gardens. These are the places you can be during the spring because once spring season is over it will become difficult to go for sightseeing.

3- Even though there is no specific season to try the food in Delhi but all kinds of food can be tried during spring without worry about oil, spice causing indigestion. The weather is not too hot and it is mostly pleasant during this time. You can head out to Parathe Wali Galli to try the widest types of Parathas. Then you can try chaats from Natraj in Chandni Chowk. Try the Choley Bhature from Nagpal Corner.

4- Party Hauz Khas at the wee hours in Delhi. The night life at Hauz Khas is crazy and there are places where they offer great deals on food and most importantly beverages. There are special ladies night and stag entry allowed at various nightclubs over the weekends.

5- Spring season also welcomes many shows and cultural events organized by Delhi tourism. Along with the autumn season, people also visit Delhi a lot during the spring season.

All we want to say in the conclusion is that Delhi lets you taste the extremes of both the weathers. It doesn’t snow here but when the temperature drops to 4 degree Celsius it feels nothing less than a chilly hill station. Just like that, we might not have a desert here but the summers in here are nothing less than the temperatures in the Thar Desert in Rajasthan. If you truly want to enjoy Delhi and are looking for the best time to travel to in Delhi then visit here during the spring season. However, it is not like that you can’t visit Delhi during the other months. Each season has got its own charm. So without much delay, you can now start packing your bags to come to the capital of India since you know everything about the best time to visit Delhi and of course Delhi have vast options for Budget Travellers.

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