6 Top Places That You Must See In Rameshwaram

Sri Ramanathaswamy Temple

Rameshwaram Temple accounts to be one of the twelve most prestigious jyotirlingas in India. It has an incredible amount of significance in the hearts of every Hindu due to its indelible presence in the golden pages of Indian Mythology. Legend says that Rameswaram is the place from where Lord Rama built a bridge across the sea to rescue his wife Goddess Sita from Ravana. This is also known to be the spot where Lord Rama worshipped Lord Shiva to cleanse away the heinous sin of killing Ravana. 


Dedicated to Lord Shiva, it is known to be one of the Char Dhams in the country along with Dwarka, Puri, and Badrinath. This temple stands high as a beautiful example of the Dravidian style of architecture of the medieval ages. Herein, you get to see the calming beaches of Olaikuda, Danushkodi, and Pamban, which are the other types of attractions that the city has to offer. Scuba diving and migratory birds watch are some special activities to do here. Do book hotels in Rameshwaram right away.

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In terms of area, it can be deemed small but since it has a blessed existence, Rameshwaram is a massive tourist attraction in the pilgrimage district of Ramanathapuram, Tamil Nadu. This tourist spot has been an ideal centre of attraction for thousands of Hindu devotees who come to seek blessings from this religious site. A walk through the temples of Rameshwaram would fetch you enough evidence that will only reinforce your belief that there was once a man called Rama who walked on earth.

Being situated in the sea region of the “Gulf of Mannar Biosphere Reserve”, it stands to affirm in the middle of India and Sri Lanka with its sacred ponds, clean sea breezes, and crowded temples. If you wish to quench your thirst for spirituality and peace, here are a few places to see in. Also, hotels in Rameshwaram are the best for budget-oriented travelers.

Top 6 Places To Visit In Rameshwaram

  1. Kothandaramaswamy Temple
  2. Sri Ramanathaswamy Temple 
  3. Annai Indira Gandhi Road Bridge
  4. Five-faced Hanuman Temple
  5. Dhanushkodi Beach and Temple
  6. Agni Theertham 

1. Kothandaramaswamy Temple

Located at the southernmost tip of this country, Kothandaramaswamy Temple is an amazing tourist attraction in Rameshwaram that is a whopping 5 centuries old! The temple is quite near to the sea and appears as an ideal place where traces of Lord Rama’s footprints can be seen. The temple here has the idols of Rama, Sita, and Laxman along with Vibhishan. It is believed that Lord Rama performed the last rites of Pattabhishekam of Vibhishan in this place. The temple walls are adorned with paintings depicting the same story.

Being enveloped by the Indian Ocean from all its sides, there have been several instances of the cyclone in the area but the temple stayed intact even in the most critical times. The walls of this temple have several wonderful paintings all around with stories of the Ramayana embedded in them. Book Rameshwaram hotels near this landmark now.

Throughout the coastline, you will see numerous shallow beaches, historical ruminants, and vast horizons of the azure sea. This is supposedly an extant ruin of the temple as described in Ramayana. You can hire a local guide who would narrate you the certain nuances of the temple, giving you extra bits of information now and then.

Temple Timings: 6:30 AM- 10:30 AM, 5:30 PM- 8:30 PM

2. Sri Ramanathaswamy Temple 

Sri Ramanathaswamy Temple is well-famed for its eclectic collection of Lingas, which have been composed of sand, silt, stone, and other elements. This prominent tourist attraction in Rameshwaram is best known for creating history by being the second largest pillared corridor in the world.

Constructed in the 17-century, this shrine has been dedicated to Lord Shiva and boasts of architectural excellence inspired by the Dravidian style of design. The presiding deity here is in the form of a Linga and is a must-visit pilgrimage for both the Shaiva as well as the Vaishnavite section of Hinduism. It is said that the actual temple has been built by Lord Rama himself and thus it has gained an esteemed position in reference to Indian mythology. Statistically, as of now, Ramanathaswamy Temple houses the longest temple corridor in the world, which is 133 metres broad and 197 metres long and stands erect with 1200 massive granite columns. hotels in Rameshwaram as soon as you possibly can.

Ramanathaswamy Temple is also quite popular for housing the largest hallway in India. This hallway is nearly 1220 metres in length with finely detailed pillars throughout the hall. The 54-metre tall Gopuram has now become a definite symbol of divinity in the hearts of many devotees. Another famous feature of this temple would be the 22 wells spread throughout the premises. It is believed that the taste of water from each of these wells tastes different and has curative features.

Timings: 5:00 AM – 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM – 9:00 PM

2. Annai Indira Gandhi Road Bridge

Annai Indira Gandhi Road Bridge

Claimed to be the first sea bridge in India, Annai Indira Gandhi Road Bridge is a cantilever bridge on Palk Strait that connects Rameshwaram Island with mainland India. Initially, this name used to refer to the rail route only which has a double-leaf bascule section midway, surprisingly, this double-leaf bascule functions well till date and it can be raised to let ships go. The bi-lane road that passes next to this bridge is yet another attraction in Pamban and will allow you to get a sneak peek of the railway bridge if you are driving over the bridge. This 100 years old bridge contains 143 pillars, each of which is 220-feet in length and 100 tonnes in weight. It is the longest bridge in southern India. It connects Rameswaram Island to the mainland.

It’s constructed over the bay. It is approximately 7 kilometres away from Rameshwaram and is also referred to as the Pamban Bridge, due to its location beside Pamban, the pious place where it is said that Lord Rama could quench the thirst of Goddess Sita by throwing an arrow in the place where they could retrieve cool water. hotels in Rameshwaram to enjoy a hearty vacation.

The bridge stands tall and strong to date, which is a testament to the clever engineering and design of the civil engineers involved in the construction of the same. The ships too can surpass under this bridge and hence it is regarded as the most convenient means of commutation.

3. Five-faced Hanuman Temple

Five-faced Hanuman Temple

Situated a few kilometres afar from the Rameshwaram Temple, this temple is famous for the five manifestations of Lord Hanuman and is listed among the most prestigious places to see in Rameshwaram. The main idol is supposedly carved out of a huge Senthooram Stone, which was considered very precious in ancient times. The Hanuman Temple is said to house stones used to build the Rama Setu, the bridge built by Hanuman’s army of monkeys to rescue Goddess Sita from Lanka. Highly revered by the Hindus, it is believed that Hanuman revealed his five-faced form for the first time in this place. The statue of Lord Hanuman is completely smeared with vermilion and worshipped with utmost sincerity. This temple enshrines the statues of other Gods and Goddesses like Lord Rama, Lord Laxman, and Goddess Sita too. One can see a floating stone outside the temple, which was once used to initiate the construction of the bridge on the sea as prescribed by our Indian mythology. hotels in Rameshwaram right away.

Timings: 5:00 AM – 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM – 10:00 PM

4. Dhanushkodi Beach and Temple

Dhanushkodi Beach and Temple

Located at a distance of 18 kilometres from Rameshwaram, Dhanushkodi, situated at the eastern end of the island is named after Rama’s bow. Dhanushkodi was ruined by the cyclones of 1964. After that, the government declared the town as a ghost town and unfit for human civilization after the storm. Four-wheelers or fish carts are the only modes to reach this place.

It is advisable to go during day time to the village and return to Rameshwaram before the sunset as the entire 15 kilometres stretch is said to be dangerous. Dhanushkodi or ‘end of the bow’ is sandwiched between the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean. When viewed from a bird’s eye, the seas are in the shape of a bow and arrow. The arrowhead is deemed to be a sanctified place for worship by the Hindus and people from far and wide come over here to offer sacred prayers to the main deity. Lord Rama has his pious footmarks in this temple and the whole story of Ramayana revolves around this temple island.

Timings: 6:00 AM – 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM – 10:00 PM

5. Agni Theertham 

One of the 64 sacred baths in India, Agni Theertham is always on the top of the list when talking about the best places to see in Rameshwaram. It is believed that taking a dip in these holy waters will erase the sins and make them pure. Located on the beachside of Sri Ramanathaswamy Temple, this theertham is the only one, which is present outside the temple complex. Holistic rituals for the deceased ancestors are performed on the shores of this pristine beach.

The word Agni Theertham dissects – the word Agni meaning fire, and the word theertham meaning holy water in the Sanskrit language. Agnitheertham has been mentioned many times in the ancient holy texts and mythological legends as a pilgrimage of vital importance amongst the Hindus. The devotees visiting the theertham offer their prayers to the deity and atone their sins by taking a dip in the holy waters.


There are two legends associated with this theertham. According to the first one, it is believed that Lord Rama had taken a bath in the holy water of Agnitheertham to atone for his sin of killing demon Ravana, who was actually a half Brahmin. As per the second legend, Goddess Sita had to go through Agnipariksha to prove her chastity to Lord Rama, on her way back to Ayodhya with Lord Rama and Lord Lakshmana, She wasn’t hurt in spite of stepping on the fire. However, later, Lord Agni had to wash away his sin of touching Goddess Sita during the Agnipariksha by taking a bath in the sea and offering sincere prayers to Lord Shiva. This place is presently known as Agnitheertham. You can also go for hotels near Rameshwaram Temple.

Timings: 5:00 AM – 6:00 PM

And the list is endless when it comes to the places that you can see in here. So why do you wait? Plan a trip this upcoming holiday season and grab the best offers with your loved ones. Let Rameshwaram welcome you with loads of love, happiness, and luck.

Happy Journey!

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