Top 8 Beaches In Daman And Diu You Must Visit In 2019

Jampore Beach

A coastal paradise, Daman and Diu is a Union Territory in India. However, the districts are located at a distance of 200 kilometres from each other. These twin islands are home to the best velvety sand beaches, mountains, Casuarina and coconut palms –offering a one-of-a-kind experience that is sure to be different from what your usual trips to other popular beach spots offer.

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The ideal time to visit Daman and Diu is between the months of October to April, but if you wish to travel especially for a beachside experience, you can plan your trip any time of the year.

Formerly a Portuguese colony, this place has everything ranging from beautiful monuments and architecture to scenic calm beaches. Planning a trip anytime soon?

Top 8 Beaches To Visit In Daman & Diu

  1. Jampore Beach
  2. Devka Beach
  3. Nagoa Beach
  4. Vanakbara Beach
  5. Goghla Beach
  6. Goptimata Beach
  7. Chakratirtha Beach
  8. Udvada Beach

1. Jampore Beach

One of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Daman is the Jampore Beach, located south of Moti Daman. The beach is famous owing to its blackish muddy water. It is also well-known for its calm waters that are ideal for casual swimming.

Jampore Beach is one of the best family beaches, an excellent spot for enjoying a picnic with family and friends as well as enjoying the serenity of nature as the beach is located quite far from the chaos of city life.

The beauty of the beach is accentuated further by the cool breezes from the Casuarina groves that offer ample shade to the area. This place is also close to a photographer’s heart owing to its natural untethered beauty.

If you love water sports, you will get to choose from a number of fun activities such as sand biking, parasailing, boating, jet skiing, etc.

2. Devka Beach

 Devka Beach

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Daman is Devka Beach. This natural site is a rocky beach with white sand and immaculate blue water. Although not ideal for water sports or swimming, it is unparalleled in its scenic beauty.

Being uncrowded, it is one of the most popular family beaches and is also great for solitary walks and enjoying the sunrise. If you are a photographer, you will have the opportunity to click gorgeous photos of this beautiful sunset point.

3. Nagoa Beach

Nagoa Beach

One of the best beaches of Daman and Diu is the Nagoa Beach, which is situated in the small hamlet of Nagoa. The beach is famous for its gorgeous white sands, tall palm trees, and clear blue waters.

The Hoka trees with their long, clustered branches bring in a pristine charm to the quaint beach. The look of the beach is very exotic, and travellers of all ages love spending their time in the fresh sea breezes and blue waters.

Nagoa is also very popular for the plethora of water sports and fun activities it offers. People flock here to sunbathe, swim, ride on camels or ponies, etc. Stretching for about 2 kilometres, you can enjoy a pleasant walk by the sands. There are also a couple of restaurants and thrift shops to fill in for refreshment.

4. Vanakbara Beach

Vanakbara Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches in Daman where the tides are usually high and swimming is not a safe option. The beach largely remains uncrowded and is an excellent spot for enjoying scenic views from high above the ground or watch a lovely sunset in absolute peace.

5. Goghla Beach

If you want to see a clean, beautiful beach without much crowd, but with aplenty water sports and activities, Goghla Beach is the one for you. Although not as crowded as other beaches, you can try casual swimming, parasailing or surfing under the guidance of professionals.

Goghla Beach is pleasantly quiet and ideal for a getaway in the weekends to refresh yourself. You may be able to spot a few dolphins in the waters as well.

6. Goptimata Beach

Goptimata Beach of Diu is famous for its natural beauty- the tall swaying palms and cool breezes. The beach is known for its exotic ambience for its unique clean sands and clear waters. It is situated at a distance of 20 minutes from Diu and stretches more than 2 kilometres. The golden sands of the beach are ideal for taking a stroll, and the waters are perfect for enjoying a swim.

The tourism department has also provided shades for resting, high-rising picnic spots, and sitting benches across the area.

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7. Chakratirtha Beach

Chakratirth Beach is the ideal destination for all those who love peace. The entire beach is quiet, dotted with rocks along the coastline, and the surrounding hills on the backdrop, Chakratirtha is one of the most favorite beaches in Diu. This scenic landscape is absolutely perfect for clicking photographs.

The open-air auditorium and gardens near the beach are also great attractions that are worth a visit. There is also a small hillock in the area, Bhanslo. The place has a very unique photo point and a small Shiva temple.

8. Udvada Beach

Udvada Beach

Udvada Beach, located on the southern part of Daman, is famous for its picturesque sunrises and sunsets. It is not a highly frequented destination and therefore remains relatively clean and peaceful at all hours of the day.

It is best for travellers wanting some private space and relaxation, and for shutterbugs looking for the best sunset points.

While you spend most of the hours chilling at the beach, you may go to check out some beautiful destinations such as the Daman Fort, the Zampa Gateway, lighthouse, and the St. Jerome Fort, etc.

The immensely beautiful islands of Daman and Diu are the ultimate beach holiday destinations in India. Most of them are untouched by commercialization, leaving the beaches clean and pristine. So head to the beaches of the islands of Daman and Diu for a relaxing and de-stressing holiday experience.

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