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Top 3 Beach destinations in India

A beach destination is all about fun, frolic and merriment albeit at a more relaxed pace and on your own terms. Who doesn’t love the cool blue of the horizons and the gushing clear waves which wash away all the stress incurred from the daily grind? A beach vacation is always paradise on earth no matter where it may be.

Being a peninsular country, India is bordered on all three sides except the north, by seas and oceans. The Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean sandwich our country from all three sides leading her to have a vast array of beaches on all sides of the country except for the mountainous north. Having so many beaches has turned India into one of the most popular beach destinations of the world. Boasting of being dotted on both the east and west coasts with numerous picturesque beaches, India has made it immensely difficult to pick one single beach or a few beaches as the best ones.

Here are some of the best beach destinations that you can check out however for your next trip if you love the sea and gorgeous sunsets along with long walks on the sand.

1. Muzhappilangad Beach, Kannur: Longest drive-in beach in Asia

Muzhappilangad Beach

We all see beaches in Hollywood movies where the hero drives the car right up to the beach and take off his shirt and jumps into the waves. Well in India, as we all know, it is a farfetched dream, or is it? True that almost all beaches in India are not drive-in beaches which restricts the entry of automobiles but the Muzhappilangad Beach of Kannur, Kerala, is the only known drive-in beach in Kerala. This is the longest drive-in beach in Asia, and was featured in BBC’s list of 6 best drive-in beaches of the world.

When and how to go

The ambient weather of Kerala makes it a very accessible destination all year round as the beach is almost always filled with tourists. Although for best climate and weather the time just after the monsoons is perfect to plan a trip here. The nearest railway station for the beach is Kannur which is about 16 km away. The Calicut Airport situated around a hundred km away from the beach, is the nearest airport. Cabs are available in abundance

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About the beach

Any driver worth his salt dreams of a picturesque stretch with no traffic to worry about, no speed bumps, no crowds, just vast open expanses to drive to his/her heart’s content (And maybe sing Hum Jo Chalne Lage). The Muzhappilangad beach is one of the best and the most prominent beach drive destinations in India. The wavy sea and the soothing breeze makes for a memorable driving experience. The long, open trail is at times covered with shallow waters which make for splashing waves as you drive over it. The spectacular scenery also lets you indulge in a languorous mood, away from the responsibilities that come along with hectic daily life. You can lay down and take in the beautiful sunset.

Activities To Do

This beach is a great spot to try out various adventurous water sports and activities. Parasailing and paragliding are the most popular and adventurous activities available here. Complete with instructors and safety measures, it ensures that you have a vacation to remember. The other eminent activities of the place are power-boating and catamaran rides. Based on your skill level the instructors are going to suggest the duration and difficulty of your activity.


There are a number of kiosks in the region which have some amazing local delicacies on offer including sea food like prawn, crabs, shellfish and fishes like Pomfret. If you are a foodie, then you would definitely love this beach and should go there without much ado.

Being the only prominent drive-in beach in the country, the Muzhappilangad Beach is a site to behold. Any traveller who thrives on exploring new places should definitely experience the beauty of the beach first hand.

2. Varkala Beach, Thiruvananthapuram

Varkala Beach

Situated beside the eponymous hamlet, the Varkala Beach is the ideal destination for anybody and everybody who is seeking a calm spot to enjoy a picnic or maybe a day out. The Varkala beach is also known as the Papanasam beach (meaning destroyer of evil). It derives this name from the natural spring situated here which is considered holy by the local residents. Legend has it that a dip in the holy waters can cure one of a lot of ailments. The other notable attractions of the beach are a 2000 year old Janardhanaswamy Temple which stands on the edge of the cliffs overlooking the beach and the Shivagiri Mutt which was established by Sree Narayana Guru. The coveted beauty of cliffs overlooking a beach is the primary natural attraction here. This is one of the foremost reasons why this beach has been chosen as one of the best options for your next trip.

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The nearest railway station is at Varkala about 3 km out and the nearest airport is the Trivandrum International Airport which is situated about 57 km away. Cabs and buses are available to go to the beach.

3. Palolem Beach, South Goa

Palolem Beach

One can never talk about beaches in India without talking about Goa. The panoramic views from the beaches in Goa are a major attraction for travellers from all round the world. Sandwiched between the Angoda beach in the north and the Patnem beach in the south, the Palolem Beach is semi-circular in shape and is surrounded by dense coconut forests. Like most beaches in Goa, this beach is unofficially divided into two parts, the northern part which is the family beach and the central and southern part which is where the parties happen.

Palolem Beach is a combined package of relaxation and lazing off. If you want to enjoy a leisurely vacation then you can set up your umbrella, put on the sunscreen and gorge on a novel. And if you want that adrenaline rush, you can go fishing, dolphin spotting, and of course go trekking to Butterfly Island, which is not really an island but becomes one during high tide.

The primary tourist season in Goa is from October to May when the temporary, traditional coco huts adorn the beach to provide temporary shelter to the tourists seeking the complete Goa experience. Like most beaches in Goa there are a number of shacks and shops which sell food, wine and local cuisines. The nearest railway stations are Margao and Cancona which can be reached by autos and cabs.

So what do you think? Is the beach life for you?

Palolem Beach Lagoon

Life at the beaches is not always as pleasant as it looks in films or as is depicted in this article. There is sand everywhere, dumped garbage by careless tourists and you can have a sun burn if you are not cautious. But the truth is, keeping in mind all the problems, beaches offer the most beautiful experience one can possibly hope for.

So stop fretting and go have the time of your life at any of the beaches mentioned above and it’s a guarantee that you will fall in love with these magical places and never want to return.

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