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7 Destinations to Visit And Escape the Scorching Summer Heat

In India, from the end of February, the days become longer, nights shorter, and the Sun glaring from a height, marking the entry of the summer days. Thankfully, the mountains, hills and exotic forests in India offer a cool escape.The best part is you can choose from several destinations located in different parts of the sub-continent. The list stands endless, from the eastern ghats to the western ghats and from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Here are seven destinations that offer an escape from the scorching summer heat. 


7 Destinations to Visit And Escape The Scorching Heat This Summer

Start with your journey of finding the seven destinations for a perfect escape this summer:


Besides being the central hub for producing spice and coffee, Coorg is famous for its waterfalls and natural beauty. Located in the southernmost part of Karnataka, this place is appropriate for a visit from May to October. If you are interested in watching the coffee plantations in their full bloom, visit during February and book family hotels in Coorg as per need. 

Are you looking for a relaxing getaway? If yes, then choose OYO Home Luxe hotels in Coorg and enjoy top-notch facilities while being situated at the heart of the place. For an organic experience, you can choose from 130 homestays in Coorg with OYO and experience life there from the base level. 


Located in the northern part of West Bengal, the district of Darjeeling can be your perfect getaway this summer. During your stay, indulge in top sightseeing in Darjeeling by catching a glimpse of the Kanchenjunga snow peaks and viewing the sunrise from Tiger Hill. Also, you can go for the famous toy train ride and indulge in a ropeway ride over the magnificent tea gardens. 

Coming to the accommodation part, OYO has a variety of Premium and Capital O family hotels in Darjeeling within your budget. These are four stars rated properties loaded with adequate amenities and complimentary breakfast. Some even come with free wifi and fully furnished kitchens to cook for yourself and your loved ones.  


Himachal Pradesh’s capital, Shimla, has got your back from the scorching summer heat. The place has a colonial past, with locals and tourists claiming it as the “Summer capital of India” during British rule. While in Shimla, visit the Christ Church, Chadwick Falls and Jakhoo Hills. 

To get your hands on safe family hotels in Shimla, consider OYO’s categories of home, premium, flagship and collection O hotels. The properties are located at some of the prime locations and aim to serve you with the best hospitality. 


Known as the gift of the Himalayas to the world. The mesmerising township of Manali will serve you with the best picturesque locations and a cool climate away from the summer heat. Backpackers from around the globe visit Manali to participate in adventure sports (trekking, canyoning, skiing, paragliding etc.) that they will cherish for a lifetime. 

Whether you are looking for budget family hotels in Manali or Premium resorts, there are various options with OYO. Based on your needs, select from OYO hotels in Manali, located near the airport, Naggar Road, Nehru Kund, Vasisht (Old Manali), Aleo, Mall Road and Prini. 


If you want to see flora and fauna in the Himalayas, visit Kasauli this summer. The place is also famous for Asia’s oldest functioning scotch distillery and the Pasteur Institute (Central Research Institute), known to produce anti-Rabies vaccines. 

With OYO, you can book a family room hotel at affordable rates. Also, premium options are available across several OYO hotels in Kasauli. Here, budget homestays by OYO offer a fulfilling experience among the locals. 


The river capital of Jammu & Kashmir welcomes you to beautiful sceneries by water as an escape from the summer heat. When planning to cover the top sightseeing in Srinagar, visit Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Botanical Garden, Gulab Bhava, The Sher Garhi Palace, Shankaracharya Temple and Kheer Bhawani Temple. 

OYO helps you crack a great deal when booking family hotels in Srinagar. Also, you can become a Wizard member at OYO and get 5% off on member hotels. Find the best OYO family hotels near the airport, Lal Chowk, Boulevard Road, Dal Lake and Gulmarg.  


You can add Pelling to your list when looking for an off-beat location. The magnificent hill station has to offer a jaw-dropping view of the snow-covered Kanchenjunga. Also, here you can experience a rich tribal culture with Tibetan Buddhist Accents, lofty mountains and pristine alpine forests. 

Plan a summer trip to this place with your family and book the best family suite with OYO. You can select from multiple OYO family hotels in Pelling near the main bus stand, around Chojo Lepcha Monastery and the Kanchenjunga Falls. 


All these locations make for an ultimate destination to escape the summer heat in the best way possible. Further, the excitement of the trip doubles up with the OYO family room hotel and exclusive attractions.

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