7 Best Cafes In Pune – Food Lover’s Heaven & Popular Hangout Spots

There are many of us who wish to steal some time away from the complexities of everyday life and secure a quiet corner while sipping on some piping hot tea or coffee, reading your favourite book, or just catch up with friends after a hard day at work. If you can relate to the above, Pune is the place to be as Pune is synonymous with ‘Café Culture’.

Though the riveting city of Pune is all about academics and business to rest of the world; not many know that Pune’s cafes and its food and hospitality game is at the next tier. A 1600-year-old city, Pune, is a vibrant mix of contemporary and classic with cafes that are an ideal hangout spot for old and young alike.

All those planning to organise a trip to Pune with friends and family (or solo as well) need to keep the café culture in mind. If you are planning to visit the legendary cafes and restaurants, make sure to book a hotel in Pune city near one of the cafes. Cafes are the heart of Pune. So, it is time for you to book a hotel in Pune to visit some of the best cafes in town.

Cafes in Pune – A Foodie’s Delight

Cafes in Pune are not just establishments wherein people get to stuff their bellies. These cafes also end up offering a ‘refuge’ to people from everyday troubles. A cup of chai (along with something to eat) has the power to make us forget all our worries within no time. If you are planning to visit such cafes in Pune, then do not forget to search for nearby hotels for stay.

Here are the eight (8) best cafes in Pune that all the foodies must visit for indelible gastronomical experience and beyond:

The German Bakery

The German Bakery tops the list of the most popular cafes in Pune city. This café serves as the hotspot for all those who wish to hang out with friends. If you want to enjoy some hearty delicacies including pasta and keema pao, then The German Bakery in Pune is the ideal destination for you. Do not forget to book a hotel in Pune City’s heart as some of the best cafes are located here. German Bakery is one such café that you cannot afford to miss out to explore Pune’s flamboyant café culture. 

PS: The German Bakery is a franchise-based outlet that is spread across various locations, including Lonavala.

Pardon My French 

‘Pardon My French’ is yet another popular café in Pune. Apart from the food served here, the café is also known for its contemporary wooden interiors. Visit this café without fail if you want to treat yourself to some hearty English-styled breakfast. Also, the café serves delicious Ratatouille crepe that you need to try. Cost for 2 is INR 800 and the café is open till 1130 pm. 

Its location is: Anjali Apartment, Gokhale Nagar Road (Senapati Bapat Road). Do visit this café once you’re done searching for the besthotel in Pune for stay. Enjoy good food and memories in this very popular café and spend some time away from all the hustle and bustle.

Durga Café

The name Durga Café pops up on your mind when all you’re looking for is a big mug of frothy cold coffee on a bright sunny day. Started as a tiny snacks centre that grew immensely popular with youth for their lip-smacking delicacies and a chilled ambience, Durga Café has now its presence in 7 cities with over 45 centres. 

Its outdoor seating is a big plus and hit amongst the visitors who love to catch a bite and relish the delectable food while relaxing on a breezy evening with friends.

Book a hotel near Pune Airport and you’d be able to check out some of the best cafes near the airport.

Coffee Jar

Coffee Jar is yet another popular café in Pune that draws foodies from all over the country while on a trip to Pune. Such is the popularity of this café that visitors are enticed with the captivating aroma of freshly brewed coffee right from the street. The place is immensely popular for its wide section of appetizing and sinful desserts as choco chip cookies, cheesecakes, and Nutella pastries. The café lies near the Konark Campus (Bhakti Apartment) and can be reached by road quite easily. Come to Pune and book a hotel in Pune beforehand for a memorable stay in this city. Do remember to visit ‘Coffee Jar’ to treat yourself to some enthralling snacks and desserts. Coffee Jar promises a lot of exciting memories, food and good times with friends.

Waari Book Café

The Waari Book Café is the perfect refuge that travellers can explore in case they wish to rejuvenate themselves. The café can be accessed seven days a week. You would need a food and drink coupon worth INR 50 to enter the venue. Also, visitors can spend as much time at this café as they want. Pick up a book you wish to read and complete all of your pending tasks by connecting your phones and laptops to Wi-Fi. Make it a point to visit this café. Book a hotel in Pune near Karishma Chowk to check out this café this summer. It is one of the best cafes for couples and college gatherings. 

Fat Cat Café

The Japanese cheesecake is one of the best delicacies to savour at this cafe. Also, the ambience the place has in store for the visitors is second to none. The café works in 2 shifts (8am-2pm and 5pm-9pm). Visit this café by booking a hotel in Pune near Clover Heights Shopping near Salunke Vihar Road

Café Paashh

It’s a bungalow that would give you feels of a secluded getaway. This café in Kalyani Nagar is known for the wide selection of European dishes that it has on offer. However, they do not serve meat. Now, this might come as a shock to many, but there are various exquisite delicacies that are there on offer.  Cookies, scones, and other American/British delicacies are there for the guests to savour. Do give this place a visit while staying at a hotel in Pune near Kalyani Nagar. 


With this complete guide of the best cafes in Pune, now you know where to head for your morning dose of caffeine and a flavoursome breakfast spread.

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