OYO commits to employee well-being-covers COVID-19 vaccination costs for employees and families in India; announces a host of new health & wellness policies

OYO commits to employee well-being-covers COVID-19 vaccination costs for employees and families in India; announces a host of new health & wellness policies

OYOpreneurs make us who we are. And that’s why, we strongly believe that happy employees mean a happy company. Over the years, we’ve worked towards building a workplace that we’re truly proud of, whether it is through our wellness initiatives, 5-day work week, promoting diversity at work and more. We have crafted policies keeping OYOpreneurs at the helm of every decision. 


The changing times, especially in context of Covid-19 have compelled us to take a renewed approach towards our health and wellness policies, with a focus on both physical and mental well being of OYOpreneurs. We have decided to take a step forward and cover COVID-19 vaccination costs for OYOpreneurs in India along with their families. Under this policy, one can choose to get inoculated at any vaccination centre across India and the costs would be reimbursed in full. 


We also recently launched a host of new preventive wellness benefits for OYOprenuers and their families. These include free annual health checks, free online doctor consultation, discounted women’s health check package, discounted dental, vision checks and services, 24X7 counselling services, discounted gym memberships, yoga sessions and more. In addition to this, we have enhanced our insurance policies to keep abreast with the changing times and have included benefits such as a COVID-19 home care cover, psychiatric cover and enhanced maternity coverage


As a company that loves to share every OYOpreneurs’ success at work, we would also like to play a part in celebrating and more importantly, supporting every OYOpreneurs personal milestones. In our bid to create a more inclusive and engaged workforce given the changing nature of work and culture, both at home and at the workplace, we decided to enable them with fair and equitable policies. 


We realized that there have been considerable changes in the way parents are supported in raising their children, and understood the importance of sharing parental responsibilities on equal terms. We also understood that along with the mother, fathers play an important role during childbirth, and they must be given all the necessary support during this time. Additionally, irrespective of the nature of the partnering relationship and how the child is born, we know that both parents have a key role to play particularly in the initial months of a child’s life in the family. 


Keeping this in mind, we recently launched #RiseEqually to announce a change in our parental leave policy. Here is how the new parental leave policy will pan out: 

  1. Increased paternity leave to 4 weeks from 2 weeks and flexibility to avail this leave prior as well as during the course of 12 months from childbirth
  2. An additional 8 weeks of work-from-home and 8 additional weeks on half-pay to be offered to all new parents
  3. Expanded the scope of maternity & paternity policy to include all parents welcoming a child- be it through birth/adoption/surrogacy; regardless of gender or marital status

In addition to these effective April 2021, we have moved the salary payment date to the 25th of every month (or earlier) for OYOpreneurs in India. We hope this small change is of meaningful support as OYOpreneurs plan your monthly finances and long term savings.

Needless to say, this is just the beginning. We will continue to keep OYOpreneurs and their health and wellness first and offer support to them and enable a fair and equitable space, both at home and at work.