OYO Annual Travelopedia 2019

OYO Annual Travelopedia 2019

It’s almost the end of December, it seems like only yesterday when we were still surviving the dog days of summer. While work pressure and temperatures rose, it was only the mini-vacations that kept everyone going. Not to anyone’s surprise, most people made a list of all the long weekends in the year and went on to take mini-vacations to destinations unknown. 

Every year, we at OYO, are excited to learn new insights about our guests’ travel interests. 

In this process of discovering where you, our esteemed guest, liked to travel the most and everything that brought a smile to your face, one thing was very apparent: you loved and trusted  OYO as your travel partner. So much that every second 5 OYOs were booked globally. We recorded a 2.7 X jump in our number of bookings in comparison to 2018. 


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With our presence in more than 80 countries, every night almost 500,000 heads rest on a pillow in OYO, a testament to the love OYO has been getting. Thanks to our loyal customers, our app has gone up to the #3 rank in the list of travel apps. Now that sounds interesting, isn’t it? To bring you more of such intriguing facts we present OYO Travelopedia – our rundown of the most popular travel trends globally. 

Interestingly this year, Uttar Pradesh (UP) emerged as the most welcoming state in India basis the number of travellers and bookings received throughout the year followed by Maharashtra, and Karnataka slipped to the third spot from being the winner last year. Delhi retained its top spot as the city which recorded the maximum number of travel cancellations followed by re-bookings. The capital city also topped the popularity chart along with being the most-searched destination. Delhi followed by Hyderabad and Bangalore recorded maximum bookings within the first 10 days of every month in 2019.

Further, the index also revealed interesting facts like August 09, 2019, was the most OYO’d day with the maximum number of bookings and 11 AM emerging as the most popular time of the day to book an OYO. 


Gaurav Ajmera, Chief Operating Officer, OYO Hotels & Homes, India said, “The travel and hospitality industry has witnessed some very interesting shifts in 2019 with changing consumer preferences. We are excited to capture these interesting insights in the second annual edition of OYO Travelopedia. The results indicate the growing popularity of OYO when it comes to trusted and quality accommodations not just in India but globally. It further fuels us OYOPreneurs to keep innovating and leveraging technology to build a world-class hospitality experience.”


OYO’s growing popularity as a trusted and preferred choice of accommodation was also showcased when the index revealed that a single user stayed in an OYO property for 84 continuous nights. This year OYO King emerged from Kochi who stayed in 215 OYO Hotels and OYO Queen from Firozabad who stayed in 113 OYO Hotels across the year.  


Travelopedia 2019 is our special way of thanking you – our loyal guests – for the enormous love and trust that you continue to shower on OYO every single day. 


Meet the author / Aatif Hashmi