How OYO is creating beautiful living spaces in the UK one hotel at a time

How OYO is creating beautiful living spaces in the UK one hotel at a time


Whether you are taking a mini-break from work, planning a weekend away with family or backpacking across the UK, finding the perfect hotel can be dreadful. A swish city escape or a few days in a country lodge can do wonders to your mind, but a wrong choice of hotel can ruin it all. Lucky for you, your genie has just granted your wish! OYO Hotels & Homes has been scouring the UK on the hunt to transform simple hotels into beautiful living spaces — making sure you get the best hotels for your next UK vacay! 



The Perfect UK Vacay!

Picture this. Your flight landed in London and you are flabbergasted by the beautiful city. Your level of excitement is at its peak and you can’t wait to start strolling down the London streets. But all that enthusiasm comes down falling as you reach your hotel. The first impression of the place disappoints you. It doesn’t look as pleasant as the pictures they had online. But you can’t let that spoil your mood, better avoid it. You are confident your room will be nice. Alas, that’s not the case as well. The room is too small, the bed is uncomfortable, and the shower doesn’t work. No!! This is a nightmare. It can’t be happening to you. Why did you book this hotel in the first place, your UK vacay has definitely been ruined. 

Alright, alright calm down now. This didn’t actually happen to you. All of this can be avoided and you know how — by simply OYO-ing your stay. An OYO guest is greeted with a welcoming smile, contemporary furnishing, and best in class services. We are not just a “Good Hotel”, we are the perfect space in every place and are located in the UK’s most popular neighbourhoods. So, whether you plan on spending the day sightseeing popular tourist attractions or enjoying London’s much talked about nightlife, you can rest assured your relaxing station is just a few minutes away. Be it staying at the heart of London or near a gorgeous beach in Blackpool, you can book yourself an accommodation that stays true to its promises, treats you well, and doesn’t make you empty your pockets.


Creating beautiful living spaces one hotel at a time

Right now, there are a total number of 74 OYO hotels in the UK, with a room count of more than 1,600. Spread across the country, we are in about 20 different towns, cities, and beach destinations. Be it London, Glasgow or Bournemouth, you can spot OYO’s red and white logo in the UK’s choicest areas. From pocket-friendly options to modern, boutique hotels, in a matter of a few months only, OYO has been increasing its presence one hotel at a time. By revamping the infrastructure and aiding them with better facilities and technology, we are reinvigorating the properties and transforming them into beautiful living spaces.

Our individually decorated rooms have modern facilities including a TV set and free Wi-Fi. Having said that, we understand a hotel stay is not just about the room, it is about the whole experience. From walking into the hotel lobby to the dining area, from how the building looks to how the staff treats you, at OYO hotels, we make sure our guests enjoy every bit of their stay with us. All these efforts of ours are translated into the amazing guest reviews we receive on a regular basis.


Every day, OYOpreneurs work tirelessly to present the quality of service in the UK that OYO is popular for. With burgeoning pace, OYO is creating beautiful living spaces all across the UK and we are just getting started. With these many amazing options and summer being in its full swing, it’s time to start packing your suitcase because your next holiday might be closer than you think…


Meet the author / Aatif Hashmi