OYO’s Value Chic Hospitality Experience is a Win-Win in the U.S.

OYO’s Value Chic Hospitality Experience is a Win-Win in the U.S.

Ready and rarin’ to go in the US of A!

We are excited to see our business grow and about the journey ahead for us in our newest home market, the USA, where we plan to invest $300 million over the next few years. Led by a strong team of more than 350 OYOpreneurs across 15 states, we manage more than 50 OYO Hotels and offer our great living spaces in more than 35 cities and 10 states including popular cities like Dallas, Houston, Augusta, Atlanta, and Miami. By introducing our popular concept of ‘comfort design’, we have won customers by delivering value chic hospitality experiences at hard to ignores prices and have grown at a very fast pace.

Our two brands – OYO Hotels & OYO Townhouse – which operate on the philosophy that everyone, every day should experience #LivingTheGoodLife are powering our growth in our home market. We plan to partner, manage and open the doors to on an average one hotel building per day by combining the best of both worlds – traditional high-quality and consistency, along with the design focus of a new-age brand – and expand our presence to cities like New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. We have already generated over 1000 jobs and the additional investment will be directed towards our growth in the region, talent acquisition, competency building, and infrastructure development.

World’s 6th Largest Hospitality Chain

Today, we have more than 8,50,000 rooms and over 23,000 hotels all across the world and this was possible because of our strong focus on service quality and we invest in it, both in the form of technology and talent.  This combination of our technological expertise, design, hospitality, and operational capabilities will enable our real estate owners in the U.S. to improve efficiencies at every touch point while ensuring a much higher occupancy, leading to better financial returns on all of their hard-earned investments. We will continue to bring our successful hospitality model to other cities and states in the USA to enrich travelers’ and city dwellers’ experiences which will lead to a significant increase in occupancy and profitability – in every OYO building.


Meet the author / Aatif Hashmi