Dawn Of Smart Travel: Trust OYO When Travelling For Medical Treatments

Dawn Of Smart Travel: Trust OYO When Travelling For Medical Treatments

When Arun (32) got diagnosed with subacute intestinal obstruction, his family knew they had to look for treatment options in Delhi NCR. A paucity of facilities in Mathura didn’t make the city a suitable option for his surgery. When Jane (57) learned about her stage 3 Cervical cancer, she was suggested to head to India. For Australia may have first-rate medical facilities, India seemed a viable option when it came to expense. Every day, n number of Aruns and Janes travel to metro cities in India for their treatment. An exceptional combination of state of the art facilities, proficient doctors, and affordable treatment make India a popular hub of medical tourism. All this and more makes it the reason why India attracts an influx of foreign patients to its shores. Millions of its own citizens hailing from small towns travel for medical treatments. But as you travel to a new country/city, it brings with it a whole new set of challenges. One of the major ones is to find a reasonable accommodation.


Where should I stay?

As absurd as it may sound, a majority of people manage to find affordable treatment options but it is the lodging that burns a hole in their pocket. This brings us to the question, why stay at a hotel? Can’t you stay with the patient? Well, a great number of hospitals refrain from letting family members stay overnight with the patient. You may have a next to kin living in the same city, but staying at their place is always an inconvenience. Which brings us back to – when traveling for medical treatments, how to find the right accommodation?


The stay-ruggle is real

Imagine you went through the hassle of looking through all your options, dealing with the travel agents and opted for a hotel. You may be thinking the struggle is finally over, but this is where it actually begins. First things first, overpriced hotels and hidden charges cost you a fortune. You may be provided with a comfortable stay but that’s not all you want when you are staying with a patient, isn’t it? When staying for longer duration, you may feel the need to eat food sensitised to your own palate. Sadly, hotels don’t give you access to the kitchen for you to cook a meal. And most importantly, we can’t overlook the patient’s medical requisites like access to lifts and wheelchair. Don’t you think amidst taking care of the patient and their multiple check-ups, such inconveniences shouldn’t be something to be worried about?


The Indian government has been instrumental in making it easier for foreign patients to seek good quality, affordable medical treatment in the country. But for all that, the hospitality industry wasn’t able to help with the issue of accommodation. You can’t even complain — offering quality living spaces for patients is no easy task. Until now, this area was forbidden waters. But! Yes, there’s a but. We at OYO believe in rising to the challenge. It was high time to address the gap between good quality treatment options and a comfortable, affordable stay. Wondering how we did it? Let’s find out.


This is how OYO helps

To expunge the issue right from its roots, OYO offers its expertise to help you choose patient-friendly lodging facilities that are in sync with your requirements. Normally, a majority of patients prefer to book an accommodation post their check-up. While this can be an otherwise problematic task, an OYO hotel can be booked directly from our desks at the hospitals like Medanta-The Medicity, Fortis, MAX Healthcare and BLK. Phew! That sounds easy, doesn’t it?

OYO desk at Medanta Hospital for helping people travelling for medical treatment. Now book hotels for our desks at hospitals.


With our dedicated teams available at the hospitals you can book yourself a room right from within the hospital premises. Our properties are located within a 500m radius of major hospitals, are highly affordable, provide cab facility, give you access to the kitchen and most of all, offer a safe and homely environment. You can pick your choice of stay from a plethora of options available in places like Delhi NCR, Kolkata, and Bangalore. That’s great, right? Wait, there’s more to it.


OYO desk at hospitals for helping people book rooms easily. People who are travelling for medical treatment can avail this option.


There’s an OYO for everyone

With OYO’s wide range of options, you can consider a stay of your choice. For longer durations, options like OYO Homes and OYO Life can be your home away from home. If you are looking for luxury accomodation for a shorter stay, our premium categories like OYO Townhouse and Collection O can be your pick. Since we cater to foreign nationals as well, all our properties possess documents like Form C. So it doesn’t matter whether you are traveling from Mathura or Melbourne, rest assured that you’ll have a comfortable experience at OYO. As we are expanding in Hyderabad, Chennai, Kerala, Mumbai, Pune, and Ahmedabad, you’ll soon be able to avail our services there as well.


OYO desk at Fortis Hospital for helping people travelling for medical treatment. Now patients and their family members can book hotels right for our desks at hospitals.


Today, we are overwhelmed by how so many medical tourists consider OYO as their trusted hospitality partner. And why won’t we? This was the reason we started working in the first place. With this initiative, we at OYO make sure that while you are busy taking care of your dear ones, we take care of you.


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