Data Science: Understanding Consumer Behaviour At OYO

Data Science: Understanding Consumer Behaviour At OYO

At OYO, we believe it is extremely important to build something that a 100 people absolutely love using rather than make something that a 1000 people would just, kind of like. Finding the reason “why” customers love certain products and not the others is our main pursuit. Thanks to Data Science, we get valuable customer insights to answer the impossible question: “Why this and not that?”

The questions like who is our customer; what they need; how can we deliver it; and where and why should we open the next OYO are answered by analysing this data. Being a technologically driven hospitality company, we use this data for understanding our customers better and providing them immaculate services, every time. Today, data science has become intrinsic to our ongoing efforts for offering a standardised hospitality experience.


How we do it:

To understand our customers’ interests better, we have tried to map out when and where our customers stayed at OYO in the previous month. Needless to say, the map of India emerged as we charted the locations for a few million bookings.

Insights derived from the map: As expected, we discovered people from all around the country had booked our hotels. One interesting observation was that we could see lines converging in areas surrounding the major cities. After scrutinising the data further, we found out that OYO’s extensive presence throughout the major cities has helped guests enjoy quality living spaces in neighbourhoods they want to stay in.

Another delightful observation was how our presence in the eastern region of India has escalated. In the past three years, OYO hotels have increased by 12X — giving our guests a plethora of options to choose from.

Where are our guests?


The above interaction (Click on map to activate) shows where OYO customers are travelling to and from, across the country.

Key findings and highlights: We comprehend and deploy these trends into driving our offline marketing and promotional activities. The insights assist in discerning which cities feed demand to which cities, helping us explore regions to set up more OYOs.


Growth and Beyond:

Inferences from the exercise: These were few of the many key findings that were perused using data science. Analysing this pool of information helps us drive engagement and strategy for various functions including customer experience, owner engagement, sales and technology. At OYO, it is our continuous effort to provide unparalleled services to our customers by utilising data-driven decisions in all our processes. Every day we set new benchmarks higher than the previous ones, only to make way for new and improved facilities for our customers.


Here are some other interesting insights:


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