Welcoming the Leadership in China!

Welcoming the Leadership in China!

OYO takes pride in its people-first approach. As a mission-driven organization, each one of us is committed to creating a perfect space, in every place. This has also enabled us to build successful businesses in both our home markets – India and China. As we complete our first year of successful operations in China, we continue to maintain our growth momentum in the country. To enable this, we are excited to expand our leadership team in China and welcome Tony Liang, Jia Zhou, and Wilson Li to our team of OYOpreneurs.


Meet our new leaders in China!


Tony Liang, Chief Human Resources Officer OYO China

Tony Liang joins OYO Hotels in China as Chief Human Resources Officer. He is a seasoned HR professional with over 20 years of experience with organizations like Wanda, Dianping, SF Express. He’s an alumnus of Simon Fraser University (British Columbia, Canada) in Human Resource Management and Singapore National University, Tony would


Jia Zhou, Chief Technical Officer- OYO China

Jia Zhou is the Chief Technology Officer at OYO Hotels and Homes. In his previous roles, he’s led technology development roles in companies like Google and Uber. At OYO, he will offer strategic direction and strengthening the technology infrastructure powering our business operations in the country. Jia is a graduate of the University of California – Berkeley, Haas School of Business and University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.


Wilson Li, Chief Financial Officer- OYO China

Wilson Li brings over 18 years of experience in the field of finance to OYO Hotels and Homes. A graduate of Fundan University, Wilson has worked extensively across sectors and organizations including Car Inc., UniTrust Finance and GE.


Under their guidance, our team of 5,500+ local OYOpreneurs looks forward to transforming the region’s hospitality industry by delivering a seamless, exceptional guest experience, ensuring sustainable yields for asset owners and boosting employment opportunities for the locals in smaller tier provinces.


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