Introducing Hotel Ratings – By You, For You

Introducing Hotel Ratings – By You, For You

Ever noticed why deciding a good place to eat or which movie to watch puts you in an uncomfortable situation. It’s a daunting task a customer has to undertake to ensure that the experience following up is worth the time and effort. For some, quality is the utmost priority while some may take the decision based solely on their budget. Fortunately for them, movie critics and food bloggers come to the rescue, but when it comes to booking a hotel, a customer only believes another customer.


Since the process of booking a hotel requires them to take the same effort and in-depth research, positive hotel ratings from another customer make a huge difference in building a nice first impression and are integral in forming opinions. Expectations rise when the intended stay is a leisure trip or if the booking is made for a group of people with varied interests.


Right from the location of your hotel to the affordability of rooms, from the spotless linens to the hygienic restrooms, from the comfortable AC room to the free Wi-Fi, every factor impacts the overall customer experience. And in order to improve customer experience, OYO has come up with a platform to record transparent feedback about your hotel and its operations. Hotel ratings give our customers the right to know and freedom to choose from an array of fabulous, good and excellent hotels. It is a tool for our partners to understand and identify the areas of improvement, and drive the internal teams towards excellence,


How hotel ratings help users to make an informed decision?

For a potential customer, hotel ratings help in setting the right expectations vis-à-vis the budget – which is an important lever in the decision making. Having a direct impact on hotel bookings, these ratings build confidence that the stay experience will be good, fabulous or simply spectacular. A user is expected to trust another user to verify the authenticity of accommodation and services before booking a stay.


How do OYO hotel ratings work?  

When a user visits the OYO Mobile App, Mobile or Desktop Website, hotel ratings are displayed alongside all the properties with essential details on the hotel listing page and hotel details page. If the total number t of ratings is less than 10, then a ‘New’ tag appears with the hotel. Upon clicking on a hotel rating, it expands to show a more detailed review and displays a happiness index (out of 100) on amenities and core promises.



                    Hotel Listing Page                                       Hotel Details Page


Hotel ratings are collected post check-out via mobile app, customer care and emails. Hotel ratings are also available in sorting and filter options as Highest rated OYOs and Guest Ratings respectively.



                      Sorting Option                                                Filter Option


Since the ratings are impacting our conversion, we are happy to enhance the customer experience by helping them to make a clear winning choice and stay at better-rated hotels. We all know that the first impression is usually the last impression. But when it comes to booking a hotel, one’s check-out impression defines someone else’s check-in impression.