OYO Hotels are now easier to spot

OYO Hotels are now easier to spot

At OYO we strive to provide beautiful living spaces for our guests. Hassle-free stays at an unmatched price. From the time you book, to the time you check-out, we ensure that every step of the journey is delightful.

We have taken another step to make your experience even better and are pleased to introduce a new naming convention for our OYO hotels.


A new kind of name

A new code

A new format


How do our property names change?

It’s pretty simple.


Every OYO property will now have a unique code preceding its name. You will now spot names like OYO 8573 Riyasat, OYO 4578 Hotel Imperial Lake View, etc. This naming makeover will make spotting, searching and booking your favourite OYO properties easier and hassle-free.


Here’s how this new step will change things for good:


  • Access: We have continued to upgrade your neighbourhood with beautiful living spaces. This has led us to expand to locations like Kormangala in Bengaluru, Greater Kailash in Delhi or even Sindhi Camp in Jaipur with many OYO hotels on the same street. With the new naming format, you will just have to type in ‘OYO + the unique code’ in the OYO app, maps, taxi apps, and your favourite property will show up on your screens.





  • Ease: More than 90% of our guests stay in hotels that are OYO-exclusive. The new naming convention will, therefore, help a majority of guests remember and access their favouritest OYOs. To ensure a consistent experience, we will co-brand our hotels on the entire spectrum – from website to app to the physical property – you will find one unique name for the hotel.  The new naming convention is also pre-integrated into maps and other apps, thereby making last-mile directions to our properties easy and hassle-free.





  • Makeover We are also revamping our look by installing improved, environment-friendly, low-cost LED and beautiful signage with a unique OYO graphic. This will make your favourite OYO easy to spot, even from a distance.


With the new naming format, your favourite OYO properties will now be easy to search, easy to book & easy to spot. 

Watch this video to know how everything will change for good.

We hope this small initiative makes your experience with us even better.

See you soon!