The benefits of partnering with OYO are unmatched. Unlike any other hotel chain, we work very closely with our partners to help them realize their business goals. With OYO, nothing is unachievable and our partners benefit from our extensive customer reach and innovative programs like the Exclusive Partner, OYO for Couples and special owner centric initiatives like Performance Linked Bonuses, Run Sale and more.  

Here are a few of our partners sharing their experience with OYO.

Mr-Kamal-Kaushal---Indore-(IND055)Partnering with OYO has resulted in over 200% increase in profits for our hotel. OYO has trained our hotel staff to match the world-class hospitality standards, which in turn has resulted in great service for our guests. – Kamal Kaushal, IND055, Indore


Mr-Keshav-Baghal---Indore-(BHO003)We were one of the early partners of OYO in Bhopal. OYO’s constant focus on guest happiness, and innovative guest delight increasing activities has created a huge impact on the hotel performance. We are in the process of discussing partnership proposals for 3 of our other hotels with OYO. –  Keshav Baghel, BHO003, Bhopal 


150x150_02When we first partnered with OYO, it invested in the improvement of 10 rooms in our hotel and completely transformed them. These rooms were a hit among customers, so we gave 10 more rooms to OYO, increasing the number to 20, and we are so happy with the response. – Prameela, KOC102


Chetan-MazumderMy experience of working as an Exclusive Partner with OYO has been great. It has resulted in the grooming of the hotel staff, and the rooms are completely transformed. Also, the marketing initiatives taken by OYO have resulted in impressive business growth. – Chetan Mazumder, KOL360, Kolkata


GautamWe have witnessed massive growth after partnering with OYO. Also what has helped us more is removing the unmarried couple restrictions. With this step we have seen an increase of more than 300 room nights per month. Gautam, HYD316, Hyderabad


Amar-YadavMy property’s revenue has increased exponentially after joining hands with OYO as their Exclusive Partner and needless to say that the guests are happier than ever! – Amar Yadav, MUM362, Mumbai


Sonam-BEver since we have become an OYO Exclusive Partner, we have seen a tremendous increase in the number of bookings, which has also resulted in our restaurant performing better. – Sonam Bhattacharjee, KOL360, Kolkata


Anthony-ReddyMy property recently became an OYO Exclusive Partner. After allowing unmarried couples, I have witnessed the best business ever and my occupancy has increased immensely without doubt. – Anthony Reddy, HYD414, Hyderabad


Mr.ChawlaPartnering with OYO has given us great business and has helped us achieve tremendous revenue growth. We have been so satisfied with this association that recently we have signed up for the Exclusive Partner program giving OYO 100% inventory of our hotel. – Mr. Chawla, BLR091, Bangalore


BhattacharyaWe invested quite a lot in the transformation of our property. The great thing is that with OYO’s support and marketing we recovered all of our expenses within a period of 2 months! – Mr. Bhattacharya, HYD226, Hyderabad

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