OYO Circle – Our official affiliate and influencer program

OYO Circle – Our official affiliate and influencer program

OYO’s official partner program for both influencers and affiliates, OYO Circle, is now live in India, USA, and the UK. In its essence, the global program is a win-win for all parties: Customers get better room tariffs, influencers & affiliates monetize their audience, while OYO continues to get a demand boost via unexplored social channels. 

We officially launched our affiliate & influencer program in December 2018.  Within this growth and demand channel, influencers and affiliate networks are invited to become ambassadors of the OYO brand and share revenue generated through their monetized channels. 

So far we have over 1000+ active partners within India. The commission-based program offers an incremental payout to partners for all OYO hotel bookings that are generated through their owned or partnered channels. The more bookings partners generate, the more commission they are entitled to. 

You can see how much you could potentially earn as an OYO affiliate partner by using the earnings calculator on www.oyocircle.com.


Common Questions – Answered:


  • Who can join?


The program is open for influencers with engaged followership on one or more social media platforms. Content creators, from across genres, are welcome to ask for an invite to join OYO Circle. Affiliates too can join us as OYO Circle partners. As of now, we have over 600+ affiliate partners including networks, publishers, and individuals with audiences on their blogs, online community groups, websites, etc. 

A total of 1000+ active affiliate & influencer partners are bringing us a collective reach of 80 million+ from a variety of channels. 



  • Can only travel influencers and affiliates join?


Although travel-specific partners are preferred, content creators and affiliates from non-travel industry are also successfully earning with OYO Circle. This OYO affiliate program is fit for anyone who wishes to monetize their audience. 

Explore #OYOCircle to get see how different content creators are driving occupancy for OYO. 



  • How much commission can be earned?


OYO Circle offers commissions based on successful bookings. Meaning, affiliate & influencer partners are entitled to commissions on OYO bookings that were completed i.e. a check-out happened. The payout cycle is month-on-month. 

Suppose, in a month:

No. of bookings 102
No. of successful bookings 100
Average booking value (in INR) 2000
Commission % (basis no. of successful bookings) 5%
Commission (before taxes) INR 10,000

If the number of successful bookings goes up, the commission share also increases. Say,

No. of bookings 1012
No. of successful bookings 1000
Average booking value (in INR) 2000
Commission % (basis no. of successful bookings) 7%
Commission (before taxes) INR 1,40,000



  • What kind of promotions are expected?


The method and means of promotions are not restricted to any one type. Our current affiliate and influencers partners use web banner, app banner, emailers, SMS, search campaigns, store-page listings, push notifications, browser inventories, browser speed inventory, along with native promotions on their Instagram page or YouTube videos to generate bookings for OYO. 



  • What’s the process to become an OYO affiliate program partner?


You can either send us your details through this form or write to us at contact.oyocircle@oyorooms.com 

If you want more details on performance, payment, and how a partner booking is tracked and attributed, check out the Frequently Asked Questions section. 

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