What’s in a name? Announcing new OYO naming convention

What’s in a name? Announcing new OYO naming convention

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet – said Shakespeare in his play Romeo and Juliet. At OYO, we have experienced that the same doesn’t hold true for our hotels/B&Bs/beach houses and other properties.

For those of you who have browsed through our App, know that we name OYOs to help our guests relate to its location.

Example: OYO Premium Medanta in Gurgaon, OYO Karol Bagh, OYO Rooms Koramangala Sony Signal in Bengaluru.

We pick these names using local knowledge of our OYO Captains (our local city representatives that ensure you get a delightful experience each time) as well as data trends which tell us about the most popular and the most searched locations near those hotels.

This format of naming convention served us and our users well, till our hotel density was low in a city. As demand grew and we added more cities in different clusters of the city, we soon had multiple OYOs in each locality and near each major landmark. OYO names started being like ‘OYO Rooms Near Medanta Hospital 2’ or ‘OYO Premium Karol Bagh Metro Station 3’. With more than 300 OYOs in cities like Gurgaon, Delhi, Bengaluru, we were clearly falling short of names. For our customers, there were two problems:

  1. Remembering these names for subsequent bookings or sharing with others
  2. Getting to the right hotel in areas where multiple OYOs were in close proximity. Customers would book a particular OYO in Karol Bagh but sometimes walk into another OYO which was located in close proximity, seeing the familiar OYO board.

We knew this was a problem that we had to fix. The solution we are implementing is simple – we have included a number that is unique to each OYO in a city as a part of the name. This is how the new names look like.

OYO Rooms 632 Kalkaji Mandir

OYO Premium 220 East of Kailash Extension


The number in the middle is the unique ID of this hotel within Delhi and will always remain tagged to that specific property. For example: OYO # 632 in Delhi will be a unique hotel and you can use this number to remember the hotel and reference it later while speaking to OYO Captains or anyone in the ecosystem. Our plan is to integrate these unique numbers across all our touchpoints. You can search for a property using this number on our app (coming soon on the website). We will also start placing these unique numbers on the boards of our properties, so that it is easier for you to recognize the property when you get there (amidst other OYOs nearby).

We hope this will make your experience of booking and staying in an OYO even better.

For any feedback on our products, please write to me at anurag@oyorooms.com. We are always listening to your feedback and determined to change the way people stay away from home – one room at a time.



Meet the author / Anurag Gaggar

Anurag is the Vice President, ­Product Management at OYO. Prior to joining OYO in April 2015, Anurag spent close to 6 years at MakeMyTrip.com.