Discover couple-friendly hotels with OYO

Discover couple-friendly hotels with OYO

“All your bags are packed, you’re ready to go…”

Isn’t the start of a holiday the most exciting feeling ever? After all the planning, research, booking and packing, the day of travel finally arrives. You have so many things to do, but you first want to reach the hotel, kick off your heels and just relax. Imagine how annoying and tiresome it would be to get interrupted during your hotel check-in.

You could be accompanied by a friend, your domestic partner or just a colleague. But to have the relationship dissected and put up for verification is something nobody should have to face. Unfortunately, this is the experience of many couples who travel together. There is no legal basis for hotels to deny check-in to couples, but some hotels have a policy of not accepting unmarried guests or those with residence in the same city as the hotel.

At OYO, we do not discriminate between our hotel partners and we do not wish to discriminate between our guests. At the end of the day, a hotel owner has the right to run his business the way he wants (while adhering to applicable laws) but we believe there has to be a better way to communicate the policy to the guest before booking – to avoid needless hassle and embarrassment at the time of checking in.

Our solution to the above: “Relationship Mode” and “Couple-friendly hotels”. You read that right. You can now easily find couple-friendly OYO hotels in a particular city by applying the filter on the app or website, and also by turning on the “relationship mode” feature in your OYO account. This ensures that you do not face pesky interrogation or needless hassle when you arrive at your hotel.

Couple-friendly OYOs are available across 100 cities in India including all metros and leisure destinations.

So, say goodbye to your worries and book a quick getaway with your better half now.

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