Yesterday was a huge milestone in the OYO timeline. And, unlike previous milestones that related to business growth, customer numbers, achievements, and industry recognition, this one is a FIRST. Hence, like all things first, it is all the more special. LinkedIn released a list of top employment attractors and OYO ranked #16 in India. It is #5 in the list of start-ups to be ranked in the list, #6 in the list of Indian companies in the list, and Ritesh is only the second millennial CEO (after Mark Zuckerberg) to have his company featured in the list.

So, for more reasons than one, this is a very exciting time. As we reflect upon why we find ourselves among such august company in the list, three things stand out:

1.  Our People: Without a doubt, our people are our biggest strength. They make things happen, they stay on course, they inspire their peers to do their best, and they never take NO for an answer. So it figures why a lot of other bright, talented minds would want to be a part of this network.

2.  Our Purpose: OYO launched with a clear goal – to make hotel-stays predictable, affordable and available. Every day we break it down to tackle the minutest bits to build more efficiency into the system – from responsive technology, to real-time data-crunching, to always being there for our customers – whether on the phone, on social media, or on-ground at their hotel. Each member of the OYO family has ownership of a part of this purpose, and thereby, the larger purpose itself. It is a very powerful thing to own.

3.  Our Potential: What we are today is just a very small indicator of where we want to go. We do not rest, we do not linger; we are always striving towards the next big problem to solve, and the next frontier to conquer. Our people know this, and thanks to them, the world around us knows it too. We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate that people recognize our potential and want to be a part of the OYO story as soon as they can.

So while one is a special number, and three is a few of the reasons we are a workplace of choice. Today, we will take #16. We will own it and we will celebrate it. But we will aim for #1 next year  because that is just how we are wired 🙂

Here are some more reasons why we love working at OYO.


1618324_10151799209781735_776587775_oMRIDUL MURALIDHARAN, AVP, CXO OFFICE:

OYO is one of the few business models which made me go WOW the first time I heard about it.  My time at OYO has presented me with a plethora of opportunities and with diversity in projects – to be a leader, to be a project manager, to be operational in setting up processes amongst others. The team is of high caliber, the passion is immense and every day is Day 1. It has been a brilliant ride.


Richa GoelRICHA GOEL, PRODUCT MANAGER, ENGINEERING: Technology provides easy solutions to some very complex problems and with OYO’s tech focus I get to be the one creating those solutions. OYO gives you the ownership to get things done and to create something new right from scratch, to innovate and re-build better products. In the last 10 months here, I have worked across various teams with the brightest peers and some very inspiring leaders. The fact that my work leaves a direct impact on teams across cities and countries makes it all worthwhile and deeply satisfying. There is never a dull moment.


_DSC2106ABHINAV ANKUR, AVP, OPERATIONS: If you enter the OYO premises at 3 in the afternoon, you will witness frantic activity – groups of 4-8 people debating and challenging each other while solving the next big business problem. If you come in at 7 PM, things do not change much. You get to work with extremely smart, energetic and dynamic people who truly thrive in a meritocratic environment while pushing for a common cause – building India’s largest hotel chain which delivers an awesome customer experience.


Shrey with OYO Map as on 4.9.2015 (1)SHREY GUPTA, AVP, GROWTH AND OPERATIONS:

OYO’s ethos is rooted in constantly driving its employees to take ownership, question the status quo and learn from doing. It enables us to get in the driver’s seat more often than not. This gives us an opportunity to transform and to improve ourselves everyday. In nearly two years of being here, I can safely say that these aspects have defined OYO from Day 1 and will continue to define us even on Day 10k.



Working with OYO has been an amazing experience. I’ve been in the driving seat from my first day at office, working with different teams and learning technical and non-technical skills. I have had a wonderful time harnessing the energizing vibe at OYO and would always be at a loss of words to describe how it has made me a more confident, independent and a smarter professional.



I really like OYO’s culture and the people I get to work with. Every individual here works with extreme dedication and this passion is infectious. Each day when I enter the office, I think of the one new and innovative thing I can do to benefit my company and my work. The best thing about working here is the freedom and the opportunities you get.



In my 16 months here, I got opportunities to be a part of multiple products. Here you get complete ownership of cross-functional projects. You work with people from cities across the globe, participate in discussions with varied teams and get an opportunity to create a huge impact on how the hospitality industry works. At OYO, you are not just a developer or a product manager, but a problem solver.


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Meet the author / Poonam Thakur

Poonam is storyteller-at-large at OYO. A PR practitioner, she believes authentic stories never lose relevance. A graduate of IIMC Delhi, she feels very lucky to be working at the exciting convergence of technology, communication, and form-factors. She dreams of painting with watercolors and visiting Tuscany, preferably both at the same time.