100 Days of Celebration

100 Days of Celebration

People often wonder how OYO operates at such a large scale and yet manages to consistently deliver a great customer experience. The key is to maintain a healthy and strong relationship with all our stakeholders – be it our guests, our owners, or our hotel staff. After all, we are in the business of making people happy.

In the same spirit, we started a new tradition in August this year. We now have a special celebration for 100 days of association with the hotel staff and its owners. Although this started with only a few staff and owners, it has now become a tradition pan India. For one day, the host (the property staff) becomes the guest and Team OYO becomes the host. OYO Team goes to the property with a lot of goodies which include a yum cake.

Around 800 such celebrations were conducted across India just in the last month. We put the occasion to good use by hearing valuable feedback from the hotel staff as there is always a scope of improvement. The hotel staff aka OYO Rock Stars meticulously clean every nook and corner of the room, step forward to cater to all the guest requests with a smile and make the guests feel special every time they visit an OYO. We understand that the job they do is very demanding and, therefore, recognizing their work once in a while goes a long way.

We are here to change the landscape of how the hospitality industry works and we are well aware that this is only possible working along with our hotel partners and hotel staff. Working off that wisdom, I am sure we will have more reasons to celebrate down the road.

Meet the author / Mayank Sancheti

Mayank currently is a part of operational excellence team and has been involved in many projects to drive relationship with hotel managers and hotel staff. Mayank, a theater artist back at IIT Kharagpur, is often found watching plays during weekends.