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Witness Kaleidoscopic Holi Celebrations in India at These 8 Places

There would certainly be no prizes for guessing that Holi is one of the most popular and vibrant festivals in India that witnesses grand celebrations. Many parts in the country’s north celebrate the good old festival of colours with great pomp and show. 

All those looking to have a blast this Holi can start looking for destinations across India. There are various exciting destinations in North India that would help you to have a jolly good time this Holi. Mathura and Vrindavan have made a name for themselves as the ‘Holi capital’ of India. Booking hotels in Mathura and Vrindavan is best done beforehand any festivities to avoid the touristy rush. However, there are various other destinations that you cannot afford to miss out while visiting these cities.

Best Places to Enjoy Holi Celebrations in India

Barsana (Mathura)

This one’s an obvious choice as Barsana is synonymous with Holi celebrations in India. It is the ideal place for you to visit if you want to experience the festivities of Holi for more than just a day. Holi in Barsana kicks of 3-4 days in advance (as compared to other states). Holi is believed to be a significant festival in Barsana because Lord Krishna is believed to have visited Barsana in order to meet Radha (and to apply colour). Do not forget to indulge in ‘Lathmar Holi’ (Holi with sticks) if you get a chance to visit the town. Book hotels in Barsana for a memorable stay during all the Holi festivities.

Gulal Kund, Gantholi

Gulal Kund in Gantholi would be of interest to all those who wish to explore the true colours and vibrance of Holi in the country. The festivities never seize in Gantholi (UP) because Holi is one of the most widely-celebrated festivals in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Also, this place is a symbol of the Radha-Krishna Leela Jagran. So, if you want to experience the memorable Holi festivities, add this destination to their travel list this March.


All those who wish to explore the vibrant colours of Holi from down south can give Hampi a visit. Hampi (Karnataka) is one of the most popular ‘Holi’ destinations in India for all those who wish to explore the Indian state of Karnataka in March (during Holi). Holi is played in Hampi near the banks of the River Tungabhadra. People bath in the river after playing Holi in order to wash not just the colour, but their sins as well. You would be able to find the best hotels in Hampi for a memorable stay during Holi.


The Yaosang Festival celebrated in Manipur is the equivalent of Holi. The festival falls during the month of February-March and is celebrated over a period of six (6) days. Yaosang kicks off on the first full-moon day in ‘Phalguna’. You can visit Manipur to enjoy the Holi festival in Manipur with a great deal of singing, dancing, food and sweets. Do not forget treat your eyes to the moonlight dance in Manipur if you get a chance to visit the place during Feb-March. Book the best budget-friendly Manipur hotels for a memorable stay during the Holi celebrations.

Anandpur Sahib 

The non-Hindu community is also known for its colourful and lively Holi celebrations at the ‘Hola Mohalla’ in Anandpur Sahib (Punjab). All those wanting to witness the beauty of Holi in India’s far north can definitely pay a visit to this town in Punjab. There is an annual fair that’s held each year to celebrate Holi. Gurudwara service is held and processions are carried out to celebrate Holi in this part of India. Book a hotel in Amritsar to visit Anandpur Sahib beforehand to enjoy the festivities.


Holi in Purulia is celebrated with a strong ‘folk’ flavour. There is a lot of song and dance that you’d come across in Purulia during March. The festival goes on for a period of 3 days. Usually, it begins on March 8 (with Holika Dahan) and concludes with traditional Holi celebrations on March 10. Purulia hotels are extremely budget friendly and would not end up creating a hole in your pocket.


The land of the Rajputs is known for its colourful and joyous Holi celebrations. It’s not just about playing with colours, but also about enthusiasm and fun. Jaipur is one of the best destinations for all the Holi lovers out there. Rajasthani folk dance is one of the major attractions that the visitors would come across during Holi celebrations in the capital of Rajasthan. Book the best hotel in Jaipur well in advance to enjoy a memorable stay and participate in all the Holi festivities.


Just like Jaipur, Udaipur is also a popular tourist attraction during Holi. Again, those wishing to indulge in the traditional colours of Holi can give this tourist attraction in India a visit. The titular Maharaja of Mewar lights up a bon fire to mark the victory of truth over evil. This royal spectacle is one of the best places for visitors during Holi if they wish to experience royalty and tradition. Find the best hotel in Udaipur this March and plan a trip to the land of Rajas and Maharajas to enjoy all the Holi festivities. 

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