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Witness Janmashtami Celebrations at Krishna Janam Bhoomi with Family

Janmashtami is one of the most pompously celebrated religious festivals in India. The celebrations last almost two weeks in places associated with Lord Krishna, such as Krishna Janam Bhoomi in Mathura. The celebrations start early and reach their heights during the night of Janmashtami. This year, be a part of this grand event to create memories of a lifetime.

This article gives you a sneak peek into the Janmashtami celebrations in Krishna Janam Bhoomi and how to find the best family resorts and hotels in Mathura.

Janmashtami at Krishna Janam Bhoomi – A Primer

Mathura is a magical place where divinity and modernism coexist peacefully. On the one hand, you will find historical temples and mosques, including Krishna Janam Bhoomi. On the other hand, you will find expensive family resorts, skyscrapers, business centres, and the like. 

However, almost every resident and tourist becomes a Krishna Bhakt (devotee of Lord Krishna) during Janmashtami. They sing, dance, and pray to the Lord, soaking themselves in Lord Krishna’s birthday festivities.

The history of Krishna Janam Bhoomi dates back to when Kansa, a tyrannical ruler, ruled Mathura and the adjoining areas. Kansa heard the prediction that his own sister’s son would kill him. 

Hearing this, Kansa imprisoned his sister Devaki and her husband. Lord Krishna took birth in the prison cell. A stone slab has marked the spot where Shri Krishna took birth.

Krishna Janam Bhoomi – The History

While the best family resorts and hotels in Mathura enable you to experience the surreal beauty of Krishna Janam Bhoomi, it is good to know the history before visiting.

Besides being religiously significant, the Krishna Janam Bhoomi temple also has a rich history. It is believed that Emperor Chandragupta Maurya constructed a massive temple by replacing the existing Janam Bhoomi temple. 

However, when Mahmud of Ghazni invaded India, he smashed the temple to the ground. The temple was again built in 1150 and destroyed by Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. He also constructed a mosque in the same spot. The present-day Krishna Janam Bhoomi temple is situated right next to the mosque.

The Krishna Janam Bhoomi temple was constructed in the twentieth (20th) century. The deity inside the temple is believed to be placed by Vajranabha, Lord Krishna’s great-grandson. The temple has probably seen more architectural changes than any other Indian temple. You can enjoy a hassle-free stay at the best hotels in Mathura near this temple or any other location of your choice. Some premium OYO hotels you must check out once you visit Mathura include OYO Yamnotri Dham, Ganesh Guest House, Prem Guest House, Prabhu resort, and Gauri Shankar Dham.

The Krishna Janam Bhoomi temple is a classic reflection of the rich architectural heritage of India. You can find several beautiful segments inside the temple complex, including Keshavdev Temple, Garbha Griha Shrine, Bhagvat Bhavan, and Potra Kund. The temple, surrounding areas, and the family resorts spring to life during Janmashtami and other Hindu festivals.

Janmashtami at Krishna Janam Bhoomi – What to Expect

Janmashtami celebrations in Mathura are considered one of the most vibrant events in India. Top Family resorts and the best hotels in Mathura provide access to the major destinations in and around the Krishna Janam Bhoomi temple, where the festivities are held.

Janmashtami marks the end of sadness and sorrow and the beginning of happiness due to Lord Krishna’s birth. The primary purpose of Lord Krishna’s birth was to end the tyrannous rule of Kansa. So, his birth indicates the triumph of good over evil, and Hindu devotees pray to the Lord on Janmashtami to free them from their sins.

If you stay at one of the best hotels in Mathura, you can see lights all around the streets leading to temples, including the Krishna Janam Bhoomi temple. Devotees garnish Krishna and Radha idols with flowers, garlands, lights, religious flags, etc. They adorn the idols with classy decorative dress materials and offer devotional prayers. 

Some groups invite notable artists and professionals to perform religious dramas to recreate the life and times of Lord Krishna. Devotees and priests prepare prasad like Panjiri Laddo, Makhan Mishri, Dhaniya Panjiri, Kheer, and Laddoo to the Lord. And if you are lucky, you can also be a part of the Dahi Handi celebration, where devotees make a 9-tier human pyramid to break a pot containing butter hung on a rope 20 feet above the ground.

The Janmashtami celebrations at Krishna Janam Bhoomi start at midnight to coincide with the birth time of the Lord. So, if you book a family resort in Mathura, leave your hotel before midnight to experience the celebrations. The event starts with priests bathing the deity with curd and milk inside the Garbha Griha. After deity bathing, worshippers rock or swing the cradle while singing devotional songs and offering prayers. After this, Lord Krishna is offered ‘Chappan Bhog’ (56 dishes) and ‘Panchamrit.’


If you want to experience the natural essence of the Janmashtami celebrations, find the best hotels in Mathura and book the one that suits your budget. Oyo is the ultimate destination to find high-quality pocket-friendly family resorts and the best hotels in Mathura. Try booking in advance since finding the best properties might be m challenging near the festival.


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