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Why Plan a Culinary Holiday in India?

India is generally known for its diversity in the world. From states to regions, cultures to religions, flora to fauna and from clothes to food. However, once you visit India, you will find it incredible, not just in terms of its history and top sightseeing in various locations but its variety of food as well.

Indian cuisine is famous for its taste and the use of fresh ingredients. It is prepared by the sophisticated use of grains, spices, vegetables and fruits cultivated in the country. Therefore, many tourists visit India to experience the authentic taste of Indian food.

Scroll down to know why you must plan a culinary holiday in India!

Overview of Indian Food

In India, food is available in a wide variety with uncountable dishes. Moreover, people in India come from many religious backgrounds and cultures. Therefore, it influenced the country’s food culture, and it became the tradition of Indians.

The best part that makes Indian food super tasty is the love for cooking and eating. They love to cook, eat, and share their food with anyone who likes to taste it. Because of their love and taste, many travellers like to plan culinary trips in India!

Why Should You Plan Culinary Vacations in India?

There are many restaurants and food stalls in India where travellers can get the authentic taste of Indian food. You can taste local traditional foods, fusion foods, tasty chaats, snacks, and so much more that it is nearly impossible to list them all in one blog.

Some reasons that make tourists plan their culinary outings in India are given below:

1. Variety of choices

The diversity of India is also seen in its food. Wherever you go, you will find something unique to taste! Each state has its distinctive cuisine. Each region, without exception, has its special food highlights. Moreover, people from every Indian state have their unique way of preparing food with the same ingredients. Hence, you can get various kinds of sweet and salty food items to taste, and every item consists of exquisite flavours that entice you.

For instance, Kerala food items include spices and coconuts, while Rajasthani dishes include desert vegetables. These items are hard to find in other locations in India. Hence, you can enjoy various cuisine items full of tastes and flavours.

Where to stay in Kerala and Rajasthan when on a food exploration trip?

  • OYO Home 82992 Sea Side Villa, Trivandrum, Kerala

2. Variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes

You can easily get vegetarian and non-vegetarian food in India. Indians like to prepare both types of dishes. What is more interesting is their culinary expertise that provides a hard-to-find delicious dish without question.

However, you can easily find them as numerous hotels and restaurants in India can entice you to taste the food!

3. Flavour, quality, and diversity

What makes Indian nouvelle cuisine different from other countries is its love of spices! Every Indian dish is prepared with several spices that give it a wonderful flavour and fragrance.

Other than culture and religion, the flavour of these cuisines is also influenced by the region where their crop grows. The diversity of India is its heart. It lives in every part of the country. Hence, there is a difference in the flavours of each region.

Furthermore, because of this regional diversity, you will receive a more diverse menu in whichever restaurant you visit in India. You can easily find everything from vegetarian to meat and seafood on their menu. OYO Flagship 701944 Dusky Hotel & Restaurant receives many foreign visitors ordering Indian cuisine.

4. Simplicity of the dishes

People usually think that cooking Indian dishes is a challenging task. Indians cook the food in such a fashion that it highlights the taste of every ingredient. It is hard to learn how to create such flavour by consulting cookbooks or watching cooking shows or videos. The simplicity of Indian dishes is enhanced further by the nutritional benefits of the spices it includes.

Is it easy to get so many things in one dish apart from India?

5. Travel to learn

It always seems quite fun to learn a new skill during holidays. So, you can familiarise yourself with Indian cuisine culinary skills this time! You can easily find some cooking classes and tours during your visit to India. Through this expedition, you can learn something interesting, meet your fellow travellers, and become friends with locals. They can show you something more incredible in the country you have not seen before!

In a Nutshell

With the best family hotels like Collection O 75883 Hotel Galaxy Hospitality, you can enjoy different kinds of cuisines and homestays in India. You can enjoy the top sightseeing in India and relish the local food taste and the speciality that distinguishes them from others.

So, plan out your culinary holidays in India this time! Consider selecting homestays if you want to try the homecooked food of Indians!

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