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Weekend Vibes: What to Do in Khandala Over the Weekend?

Khandala is one of the premiere weekend spots near Mumbai and is rated quite highly by travellers and hodophiles. Those wanting to spend a memorable weekend away from the hustle and bustle that Mumbai is associated with can give Khandala a try. Khandala is a popular tourist destination for families, newly-wed couples and touring parties. No matter who you are, get ready to fall in love with this very exciting tourist destination located near Mumbai.

Khandala hotels are packed with all the services that tourists and travellers would need to make their stay in Khandala memorable and comfortable. All those who are planning to visit Khandala this weekend can get Khandala hotels booked in advance. Advance bookings can be made with ease by going online.

Known for its lush green surroundings, Khandala is one of the most popular weekend destinations for those living in Mumbai and/or Pune. All those residing in Pune can enjoy a leisurely drive on their way to Khandala. Also, it is one of the more peaceful destinations and is preferred by those who wish to leave behind all of the tensions and pressures that life has in store for them.

The Best Attractions in Khandala

Pavana Lake

Pavana Lake is one of the immensely popular camping locations in Khandala.  It is one of the most-visited places near Mumbai and Pune by newly-wed couples and college students. All those who want to enjoy mesmerising sunsets visit the 0Pavana Lake in Khandala without fail. Also, Khandala hotels near the Pavana Lake can be booked with a lot of ease as it is one of the most popular weekend destinations.

Lohagad Fort

All those wanting to gain insights regarding the Maratha Empire can choose to visit the Lohagad Fort. This medieval structure has seen various rulers, including the Mughals and the Nizams. The area is surrounded by greenery (and hills), which makes the place ideal for undertaking photography assignments. Book Khandala hotels near Lohagad Fort to make travelling easier.

Rajmachi Garden

All those visiting Khandala cannot afford to miss out on the undying charm of the Rajmachi Garden, which is one of the hotspots for couples in the region. Those visiting the Rajmachi Garden will get a mesmerising view of the Kune Valley. Much like most other tourist attractions in Khandala, the Rajmachi Garden is also a popular tourist attraction that is symbolic of peace and serenity. If the weather is rainy, then Rajmachi garden is the ideal destination for you.

Kune Waterfall
It is a picnic destination in Khandala that offers tourists with ample peace and respite. The waterfall is the 14th highest in India and perhaps one of the most beautiful ones in India. Sitting in the lap of the hills, Kune waterfall is also a popular spot for photographers. Moreover, Kune church is located nearby and needs to be visited by all those who wish to enjoy a nice little weekend in the hills of Khandala. Those travelling by train would be glad to know that the waterfall lies at a distance of just a couple of kilometres from the Khandala station. Those visiting Khandala for the first time can get Khandala hotels booked near the station itself.


Where to Stay in Khandala?

Khandala has some of the best (and affordable) hotels and living spaces for tourists and travellers to avail. Khandala hotels are known for their courteous staff. All those wanting to make their way to Khandala on Fridays need to get their hotels. Check out the best stays in Khandala to enjoy a weekend getaway like no other. There are various exciting living spaces waiting to be booked by the tourists this May.

What to Eat in Khandala?

Khandala has some of the best restaurants that need to be explored by the visitors and tourists as soon as they reach Khandala. Right from snacks to Mouth-watering main course, Khandala has all of it under its kitty to woo the foodies. Also, Khandala hotels serve some of the most popular Maharashtrian delicacies that need to be tried out by just about everybody.

Here are some of the best restaurants in Khandala that need to be tried out by everybody:

El-Taj Restaurant

The restaurant happens to be a non-vegetarian’s delight. All those who wish to have the good old chicken tandoori for lunch or dinner can definitely try out this very popular restaurant in Khandala. It is a multi-cuisine restaurant that needs to be tried out by all those who call themselves die-hard foodies. Do make it a point to check out other restaurants in and around Khandala as well.

Mystica Resort

Mystic restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. This means you can try out various mouth-watering delicacies during the course of the day. Also, there is ample parking available outside the restaurant, which means you can park your car and spend an entire day in the vicinity. All those craving for the traditional Indian cuisine can give this restaurant in Khandala a try. Also, book Khandala hotels near your favourite restaurant to make travelling easier for you family (and yourself).

Duchess Restaurant

It is one of the most popular family-oriented restaurants in Khandala and is loved by all kinds of foodies. The restaurant serves exceptional delights, both veg and non-veg. Also, the ambiance is something that would end up catching your attention the moment you step into this restaurant. The cosy and calm look and feel of this restaurant will stay with everybody who gets to visit the restaurant for quite a while.

Appeasing the Shopaholic in You

Street shopping in Khandala is quite a thing and there is a lot to be bought in Khandala if you want to buy sarees. Also, sweets happen to be quite a popular thing to buy in khandala. The best-quality jams and sweets, including ‘chikkis’, can be bought in Khandala. It is always a good idea to book Khandala hotels near the market place if and when you wish to go on a shopping spree.

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