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Weekend Vibes: 10 Things to do in Panchgani During a Weekend Trip

It won’t be wrong to count Panchgani amongst the top weekend destinations in the country. Those residing in Mumbai (and its vicinity) should definitely give Panchgani a try as it is one of the most popular places to visit for all those who wish to spend some time away from the ever-increasing crowds of Mumbai. Panchgani is a popular holiday destination for families as well as married couples.

Also, Panchgani hotels can be booked with ease as there are various budget hotels in the area that can be availed by the visitors planning to enjoy a jolly good weekend. Panchgani is just the place to visit if the idea is to experience peace.

Here is What Visitors can Do in Panchagani:

Paragliding is a popular indulgence in Panchgani and ends up attracting a lot of people in the region. All those who wish to enjoy something adventurous to fill their soul can try out paragliding in Panchgani. This picturesque hill station is the ideal place for paragliders as paragliders love greenery and nature. Panchgani, with all its green cover, offers people with ample opportunities to clear their head of all the clutter (and negative thoughts).

Apart from paragliding, trekking is also a popular activity undertaken by the visitors and travellers in Panchgani. There are about five (5) peaks that surround Panchgani, which makes it easier for everybody to trek. Also, do book Panchgani hotels to make your stay easier and convenient. Panchgani houses some of the best hotels that can be availed by families and touring parties.

Photography is also a popular indulgence in Panchgani as the place is loaded with various picturesque destinations and landmarks. Take your camera along and put your photography skills to use. There is no such thing as a ‘bad photograph’. Do remember to book Panchgani hotels before embarking on the trip because hotels in Panchgani tend to get filled up real fast as soon as the weekend gets underway. Do make it a point to book the best hotels in Panchgani to make your stay comfortable and convenient.

Panchgani Has Some of the Best Eateries and Restaurants in Town

All those who want to treat themselves to something way more luring (and tasty) than hotel food can try out the various restaurants in the area. Panchgani hotels are good, but there is nothing that can beat the joy of trying out the various popular food jointa in the region.

Akbarally Parantha House
Want mouth-watering paranthas made using the freshest ingredients. If you are someone who loves eating Dhaba-style paranthas, then Akbarally’s parantha corner is tailor-made for you. Be it aloo parantha or methi parantha, there are various exciting paranthas that need to be tried out by the people visiting Panchgani. All those planning to enjoy a hearty breakfast in Panchgani can pay this restaurant a visit.

Rasoi by Food Ville
All of the vegetarians who plan on having some exciting vegetarian delights can try out ‘Rasoi by Food Ville’. The place is known for its exciting menu, which is ornamented using a wide range of vegetarian dishes. Also, it is the ambiance of the place that ends up attracting a lot of foodies. It goes without saying that Panchgani hotels offers exciting culinary treats, but do make it a point to pay this vegetarian marvel a try.


‘Mantraa’ is one of those budget-friendly restaurants in Panchgani and happens to be be a popular choice with those who wish to treat themselves to some mouth-watering delights without having to spend too much. Do try out ‘Mantraa’ if you wish to have something more than Panchgani hotel food.

Major Attractions in Panchgani

Kate’s Point

Kate’s point offers some exciting views to the visitors. It is one of those places in Panchgani that are perfect for carrying out a photography assignment. If sightseeing is the order of the day, then Kate’s Point is the ideal destination. One of the historically-significant places in Panchgani, the point was also a popular tourist attraction during the colonial era. Book the best hotels in Panchgani near the Kate’s Point and lose yourself in the beauty and charisma of Panchgani.


Tableland provides the visitors with a look and feel that happens to be quite similar to that of the American ‘Wild-Wild West’. The region is known to provide the visitors with a clear view of the Krishna valley and the Panchgani town. It is one of those places that happen to be away from all the noise and commotion of city life. Those wishing for a quiet and serene weekend should definitely visit Tableland. Book Panchgani hotels near tableland to enjoy a hearty little vacation.

Rajpuri Caves

These caves are serene and quiet, and house an ancient temple, dedicated to Lord Karthikeya. Also, a striking feature of these caves is that they are surrounded by mesmerising water bodies, i.e. rivers, on all sides. Plus, the caves are of immense religious and historical importance as it is believed that ‘Pandavas’ from the Mahabharat took shelter in these caves during the exile. Book the best hotels in Panchgani near the Rajpuri Caves to enjoy a peaceful environment,

The Ideal Shopping Destination in Panchgani

All those who haven’t had a chance to visit Panchgani would be heartened to know that the place happens to be a shopaholic’s go=to destination. All those who wish to shop around without worrying too much about the budget can definitely give the marketplaces of Panchgani a try.

Take this for an example: Panchgani’s main market houses a host of colourful shops that sell a wide range of products, including fruits. Do make it a point to buy boxes of fresh strawberry from Panchgani if you happen to visit the place anytime soon.  All those planning to go shopping in the streets of Panchgani need to check out the main market of Panchgani. Also, do remember to book the best hotels in Panchgani this summer if visiting this place happens to be atop your priority list.

So, that is pretty much about it.

Happy weekend, folks!

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