5 Ways To Make Valentines Day Memorable

Spring is the season of clear skies and pops of color as flowers start to bloom. The world provides the perfect backdrop for the season of love that begins in February. Yes, we’re all familiar with Valentine’s Day – a day of love where you show your beloved how much they mean to you, or perhaps woo a special someone in the hopes of finding love. February, in most places, is an explosion of hearts and traditional Valentine’s Day gifts of flowers and chocolates.

How did it begin?

While February has now become synonymous with Valentine’s Day, have you ever wondered about the origins of this romantic ritual? There are several conflicting accounts on Valentine’s Day history

Some say it commemorates the martyrdom of St. Valentine, a Roman priest who was executed on 14 February, 270 A.D. on the orders of Emperor Claudius II. The Emperor decided that single men made better soldiers than ones who had wives and families, and decided to outlaw marriage for young men. St. Valentine defied this decree and secretly performed marriages for young lovers.

Others believe that Valentine’s Day was an attempt by the Catholic church to Christianize and tone down the festivities of ‘Lupercalia’ – a pagan fertility festival whose excesses met the Church’s disapproval.

By the start of the Industrial Revolution, the rituals and stories behind Valentine’s Day history took on different interpretations. From being a historical day of romance, it transformed into a massive commercial holiday. With the rise of new-age machinery, the era of mass-produced cards for the occasion was born. Hallmark Cards offered pre-made valentines in 1913 and began mass-producing them by 1916. These cards replaced traditional love letters and Valentine’s Day gifts, transforming 14th February into what we know it today. 

What is undeniable is the popularity and significance of Valentine’s Day today – a day where people across the world celebrate love and the feeling of being in love.

Make this Valentine’s Day special

So how do you plan on celebrating this day of love? The pressure is real – to get a thoughtful/awesome/unique gift and plan a smashing/unforgettable/special date! It’s difficult for couples just starting, but even more of a challenge for couples who have been together for ages. 

Thankfully, romance is an ever-evolving and dynamic concept – which means a plethora of gifting and dating ideas each year. Here to make your day special are 5 different ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year.

1. Gifting – Keeping it Classic

If it ain’t broke, don’t’ fix it. And that’s true for Valentine’s Day as well! Make the day memorable for the woman or man in your life who likes to keep it classy, with these traditional Valentines Day gifts:

Flowers: Who doesn’t light up at the sight of a stunning floral bouquet? It’s a simple but thoughtful way of expressing love and affection. Go beyond those staple red roses and pick flowers that go with your beloved’s personality. Rare orchids, delicate hydrangeas, graceful lilies, exotic peonies – the list is endless. 

Chocolates: Only the best sweets for your sweet will do this time of the year! Choose from exotic gourmet chocolates or ones that evoke nostalgia and beautiful memories of your time together.

Cards: Yes, you could pop over to the next Hallmark or Archie’s and pick out their extensive range of cards. But consider venturing away from those bright lights to quaint stores (both online and offline) that create bespoke stationery. Throw in a hand-written note to completely win your beloved’s heart!

Wine: There’s nothing like sharing a bottle of wine to make any moment romantic. Match the wine to go well with the date you have planned. Classy white or red for a sophisticated dinner, dry wines for a lunch by the sea, or a great bottle of sherry for a quiet time at home.Personalized gifts: There’s nobody who knows your beloved more than you do. Choose a gift you know she/he would like – gadgets, jewelry, stationery, perfume, etc – and add a little personalized twist to your Valentine’s Day gifts. We’re thinking of a card or mug inspired by their favorite shows or actors, instant cameras to capture special moments, a shared journal, or a fabulous luxe shaving set!

2. Fun date ideas at home

Who says only restaurants and bars can curate great romantic experiences? Recreate the vibes of a fabulous night out in your living room, minus the noise and long lines!


Choose from your respective playlists and sway or to your favorite tracks at home. Dance is a great way to unwind – whether you’re slow dancing or popping and locking away. Get those endorphins racing and the party started!

Board Games

Pick a fun two-player game or invite close friends over for a fantastic board game night. Wine, snacks, love, laughter – we couldn’t think of a more perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day.  

Candlelight dinner at home

Enjoy a quiet and intimate time at home. Prepare a home-cooked meal together, light some candles, and pop a bottle of wine. Take these moments to pause and realize how the best Valentine’s Day gift is each other’s company.

Themed Dinner and Movie Night

Take the quiet dinner at home to different levels with a themed dinner and movie night. Pair buckets of Caramel popcorn with ‘The Notebook’, homemade spaghetti and meatballs with ‘Roman Holiday’, or hunker down with endless snacks as you watch DDLJ for the 100th time!

3. Dates beyond dinner and drinks

Chances are high that most restaurants and bars in town will be booked out on Valentine’s Day. Get creative this year with your Valentine’s Day. Places to visit with your sweetheart CAN involve more than just dinner and drinks. Here’s how!

Arcades and amusement parks

Reconnect with and rediscover your inner children together at the best arcades and amusement parks in the city! Jump on and off rides, munch on snacks, and people-watch the night away – only the best Valentine’s Day ever, in our opinion.

Run or walk together

For couples who are fitness buffs, bring in Valentine’s Day with a great run together. Choose the scenic route or pretty trails in the park, and have some great conversations en-route. It’s an excellent way to start the day and work up an appetite for a great meal later. If running isn’t your thing, take the tempo down a notch and stroll through the park instead.

Recreate a favorite date

Revisit memory lane by recreating one of your favorite dates. Plan it down to the quirkiest details such as the exact time of day or what the two of you were wearing then. 

Couples massage

Spas and wellness centers across most cities offer the best deals for couples on Valentine’s Day. If you were looking for an excuse to check yourself in for a massage, this is it! You and your partner deserve a great pampering session on this day and every other day of the year.

See a comedy show

Skip the movie theatre and choose a laughter fest at a great comedy show in the city. Laughter, they say, is the best medicine, and also a great Valentine’s Day gift.

Watch the sunset

Chase the sunset together this Valentine’s Day. Drive to a fantastic spot and take in the beauty of orange and pink skies on a February evening. Sometimes the best Valentine’s Day places to visit are closer than you would expect.


What could be a better Valentine’s Day gift than live music with your favorite person in the world! Catch a favorite band or look up interesting events in the city with a fantastic line-up. Nothing like music to bring and keep two people together.


Channel your inner Celine Dion or Bryan Adams together at the best karaoke bars in the city. Croon to crowd favorites such as ‘Thinking Out Loud’ by Ed Sheeran or Queen’s ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love.’

4. Take a class together

Wine appreciation

Take the love for Vino a little further this Valentine’s Day with a wine appreciation class. Learn more about this wonderful elixir and find new favorites in the process!

Chocolate making

Have your chocolate and make it too! Sign up for a fun chocolate-making class this year. Whether you’re an expert home-chef or a novice in the kitchen, a cooking class is a fun way to spend quality time together and learn new recipes!

Dance class

When words are not enough, let rhythm and dance do the talking instead. Enroll in a couple’s dance class for a fun and scintillating Valentine’s Day this year! Dance is a fabulous way to unwind and feel close to your partner. Shake a leg or break one trying – when the class is done, all you will remember are the fun moments.

5. Enjoy a staycation.

If time and budgets won’t allow you a vacation this year, take some time off on a beautiful staycation. Relax in the house, order takeout, and call in a home massage or spa. Escape to a quaint farm or lodge not too far away from the city and enjoy the break you so deserve. 

Whether you prefer a quiet night at home or a fabulous time out in the city, Valentine’s Day is all about you and what makes your story special. We hope you have a wonderful day of love!

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