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Things To Do In Miami With Kids

When one thinks of Miami, the first picture that comes to mind is beach revelers spread out in the sand, soaking the sun like it’s their last meal on earth. Beyond the sun and the sands though, lies a city flowing with vacation options for families with kids. Traveling is the perfect time to bond with your kids. Let them sit in the driver’s seat for a bit, and allow them to show you how to have fun, for a day or five! Whoever said that responsibilities should be taught at a young age, clearly thought of it on a holiday with kids! Below are a few of Miami attractions that will keep you in the good graces of your children!

Zoo Miami- South Miami Heights 

There is nothing more thrilling and informative for kids than a zoo. This is the largest zoo in Florida, and the story of its inception is rather amusing and great trivia to share with kids. In 1948, a small roadshow exchanged three monkeys, two black bears, and a goat for roughly $270 as payment for their truck repairs. With six animals in total, an idea was born, and the rest, as they say, is history. Well, this became history in the making, as that idea expanded to 750 acres with more than 500 species of animals. A few endangered species like the African Desert Antelopes and Malayan Tigers are protected within its conservatory programs. The ways to enjoy the zoo are many, you can rent a safari cycle and pause and absorb at your own (or your kids!) pace or catch the monorail to take you on a joyride. The climate of Florida is a blessing for the Zoo, the subtropical climate of the state helps in the birth, health, and growth of a wide variety of animals. 

Venetian Pool-Coral Gables

Zoo Miami- South Miami Heights 

The number of things you can add to the basket of fun things to do in Miami, in all probability, go well beyond the hours of your vacation time! Nevertheless, the top-notch Miami activities that you and your family cannot afford to miss include a dip in the Venetian Pool. It is not the same as a swim in your local pool, as you will realize. The pool is bound to have some special traits if it is considered to be one of the national treasures of America. It gets drained and refilled from artesian wells. Kids will find it refreshing to duck, splash, and lounge in a Mediterranean setting that will transport them to Egypt while they are swimming in the United States. There are caves and waterfalls, so your kids might just forget that they have to leave, given the number of playthings to keep them occupied and in good spirits. 

Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science- Downtown 

It is not an easy feat to make education entertaining for kids. What’s a better way to introduce them to science and art than a trip to a museum? Who knows, this visit might just inspire them to become the next Picasso, and if your kids have been breaking their toys and putting them back together again, they are ahead of the curve already, and in some good (and successful) company! Sprawled over a wide area, the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science is divided into separate sections for each strand of history. Exhibitions like Da Vinci-Inventions which showcase completed, life-sized models of his imaginations are housed in the North and West wings. In case the kids feel donning their inventor hat immediately after the tour, they can do as at the research lab, designed specifically for kids to experiment and play with ideas. Isn’t that the most innovative way to get kids to learn, while on a vacation no less? 

Seaquarium- Virginia Key 

If the dozens or so videos floating around on Instagram are any proof, kids love to make faces at animals, especially playful species like the dolphins who are as childlike at heart! You don’t have to limit your child to just sticking his tongue out at the dolphin through a glass window though, he can now waddle in the pool with them, at the Seaquarium. They can talk to penguins, devise their secret language that nobody understands except your kid and Mumble (from Happy Feet, remember? Never mind, your kid does!), and squeal at the sea turtles. Flamingos, sea lions, and manatees also have their own space at the Seaquarium. Visitors can walk along a 300,000-gallon tropical reef with protective gear as a part of the Sea Trek Reef Encounter. That’s not all, once the date with the aquatic animals is over, they can hunt for their buried treasures, meaning, they can come ashore on a ship on the Salty’s Pirate Playground.

Thriller Miami Speedboat Adventures- Downtown

When in Miami, how can you not compete with roaring waves? You can whiz through the waters on a 60-foot sailboat whose speed goes up to 50 miles per hour. It’s a thrilling and exciting (well, more exciting than trudging in a tour bus, for sure!) way to take in landmarks-sights like the South Beach, Cape Florida Lighthouse and Stiltsville which are a collection of wooden houses on stilts in the center of Biscayne Bay. The tour routes are based on your preferences and packages and are 50-80 minutes long. One mandatory condition is that the children have to be above 3 years of age. 

Key Biscayne 

Key Biscayne 

One of the things to do in Miami is to plan a day-trip to Key Biscayne. It is located on a barrier island, off the coast of mainland Miami. Composed of two parks, it is golden sands and nature trails and tonnes of photographic opportunities everywhere you look. Crandon Park is a complete, all-you-can-ask-for family-fun buffet for everyone to relish. It is a picturesque 2-mile stretch of a beach that not only has soft, calm, and inviting water for kids, but a playground on dry land, and a family amusement center with a roller-skating rink and carousels. To sleep the exhaustion of the day in the most luxurious manner possible, you can rent a cabana. When the kids complain of boredom, you know it’s time to head southward, to the Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park. A mouthful of a name, this Park offers activities such as hiking, biking, and a lighthouse tour. Kids can climb to the top of the lighthouse, under guided supervision, to catch panoramic views of the sea. 

Ocean Drive

The most famous export of Miami for the fashion-savvy amongst us, Ocean Drive has always been in the limelight, thanks to the Versace Mansion. Its popularity has skyrocketed due to the Art Deco Hotels that have lent looks to many movies, like the 1939 Colony Hotel. Ocean Drive is a burst of colors, so kids will feel right at home. With neon signs, a colorful palette of buildings and open-air restaurants, it’s a big festive mood all around. If they still ask for more, there is a playground and a fitness zone with battle ropes and dumbells, where they can compete with their siblings to see who is reaching puberty faster! 

Miccosukee Indian Village-Everglades

This Native American village is located off the west of Everglades. It spells fun backward and forward, for kids of all ages. It is an immersive experience, not just for them but for you as well, as you learn through demonstrations and move through exhibits that talk about the history and culture of America’s first settlers. For a truly immersive experience though, do get your hands on a seat to the alligator show. You won’t be able to pull your eyes away from the pulse-racing spectral. The show features a pretend tribesman in a wrestling match with a 7-9-foot alligator. The show is bound to keep you on the edge of your seats even as you know the outcome. 

Miami rose to the top-destinations for kids while everyone was busy looking at other places for their next travel option. The myriad of attractions proves that Miami is not just for the partygoers anymore, there is something for all age groups to enjoy. 

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