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The Most Beautiful Cities In The US With The Breathtaking Architectures

For many, traveling is fun as they love to experience the unknown. This includes historic landmarks, food, wildlife, and nightlife. Of all the countries, the US is a comprehensive amalgamation of the past and the present. While some love it for the modernistic vibe, others are after the breathtaking architecture this place offers. 

The list is endless, from the earthy adobe structures in Santa Fe and San Francisco’s pastel-colored Victorian neighborhoods to the modern glass skyscrapers in Chicago and New York’s Beaux-Arts buildings. The views are surreal, and you will always find it comfortable to sit and enjoy. We will help you with more details about some of the most beautiful cities in the US, which are comprised of breathtaking architecture. Also, by the end of the write-up, it will be clear why you should book into OYO hotels and properties in the US.

US Cities With The Best Architecture 

The USA has a vast history, nearly two centuries old. So, throughout the country, you will find numerous heritage structures influenced by Spanish or European architectural styles. Here is a list of the best ones across the country’s 50 states and their cities. 

1. New Orleans – Louisiana

The buildings in New Orleans are laboriously influenced by Spanish, Caribbean, and French styles. However, the Creole townhouse best represents New Orleans’s architectural character. You will notice romantic-looking, stucco or multi-story brick structures while visiting. Each comprises steeply-pitched arcades, parapeted roofs, and ornate balconies of cast iron (Spanish-style). These were built after the Great New Orleans Fire of 1788.

Besides townhouses of Creole, there are several other constructions to view. St. Louis Cathedral is the oldest cathedral church in the US and is located here. It is a perfect example of the Spanish-Colonial-style. Also, you get a glimpse of the Pontalba Buildings. These are two brick row house structures (Parisian-style) designed by James Gallier Sr. If you want to explore New Orleans’ multicultural heritage, visit the Doullut Steamboat Houses, built by a captain during the steamboat era.

2. Boston – Massachusetts

Popular as “The Puritan City,” Boston’s architecture is laboriously charmed by the Puritan settlers. They had arrived here from England in 1962 on the Mayflower. As you begin exploring the city’s narrow side lanes and main thoroughfares, there are enchanting stately Georgian & Victorian Tudors besides craftsman bungalows awaiting your sight. Prominent architectures are the Trinity Church – by Henry Hobson Richardson, the Massachusetts State House (Federalist-style), and the Faneuil Hall. 

Also, you cannot miss out on the well-reserved colonial home of Paul Revere. He was an American revolutionary. The city is throughout highlighting remarkable modernist buildings – Boston Government Center (brutalist-style) and Lindemann Center, built by Paul Rudolph. You will also find the Kresge Auditorium (spaceship-shaped) by Eero Saarinen and Frank Gehry’s surrealistic Ray and Maria Stata Center.

3. New York City – New York

Kurt Vonnegut (American author) regarded New York City as a “Skyscraper National Park” in his novel “Slapstick” (1976). Today, as the USA’s most-dwelled metropolis, the space confines some of the most outstanding high-rise buildings in the world. Shreve, Daniel Burnham’s Flatiron Building, the Empire State Building of Lamb & Harmon, and the Woolworth Building of Cass Gilbert are the major attractions, to name a few.

But there is more to the list that makes New York an impressive architectural marvel. The space also abodes gorgeous gems like the Beaux Ansonia Hotel (Arts-styled) and astonishing newer constructions – the Santiago Calatrava. Also, here you will find the honey-comb-looking “Vessel,” one of Thomas Heatherwick’s inventions. It is one of the most prominent attractions that tourists love to catch a glimpse of while in New York. 

4. Santa Fe – New Mexico

Architecturally, Santa Fe is different from regular North American cities. All because of the artistic brick dwellings showcasing the ruggedness of the Wild West. These mud-brick-style arrangements are reddish-brown and come in different designs. The first is the Territorial Revival, featuring angular edges, flat roofs, and brick-capped rooflines. Second is the Spanish Revival, which portrays plaster walls, clay tile-embedded roofs, and ornamental iron trims. And last is the Pueblo Revival, with smooth, organic buildings having soft corners. Popular architectural retreats in the area are the Georgia O’Keefe Museum, San Miguel Chapel, and the Governor’s Palace.

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Whether you enjoy entirely marveling at the labor that went into formulating these majestic buildings or learning about their history, these cities will help you get into the vibe. All you need to do is pack your bags, book the travel tickets, and get on the journey you will cherish for a lifetime. Also, do not forget to book into OYO family hotels and enjoy our amazing amenities. We accept pre-bookings and last minute halts as well. You can always get your booking done online or call +1 6282027586. Our representatives will help you with your queries related to the stay and room-specific discounts.

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