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Beneath The Stars: Experience The Best Camping Sites In The USA

The idea of camping is great, but setting on a camping excursion in a one-of-a-kind site with unique features is even better. Well, the USA has many of these spaces adorned by unique features. You will find sweeping views, saltwater pools, star gazing at night, and horseback rides, and we just can go on.  

From the sandy beaches of Florida to the piney woods of Main, the views are exquisite, particularly at night. Continue with your reading if you are curious about the specific locations of these exclusive camping sites. Once done with your outdoor exposure, check into a comfy enclave offering the best amenities. Book into OYO hotels and properties for the best of the experience. 

Amazing Campsites In The US Where You Can Enjoy View Beneath The Stars

Anyone you ask has a distinct reason for attending camping. Some like to detach from technology and get close to nature. Some like to just chill with friends and family, while for others, it is the best time to spend with themselves. For any reason, they look forward to enjoying the panoramic view from one’s camping site, and stargazing is one of the prime attractions.

1. Glacier National Park, Montana

As one of the top-ranked camping places in the Mountain West region, the park offers mesmerizing scenic views. Also, Glacier National Park, Montana, is a one-stop destination for nature lovers, where you can book a slot for horse riding or go for hiking trips by the site. Apart from nature, the park also brings one close to the wildlife. The moose and bears are the most spotted animals from the campsite.  

2. Mammoth Campground, Wyoming

The Mammoth Cave Campground is perfect for visitors seeking an authentic national park experience with seamless access to cave tours, amenities, and other park activities. Because of the site’s location, Mammoth Campground in Yellowstone allows visitors to plan and spend some time amongst nature the whole year. Besides, it is also home to rolling hills and deep river valleys, which all blend and help you have the experience of a lifetime. There are a myriad of scenic overlooks for you to just soak in the beauty of nature. Go to Sunset Point to enjoy the Sunset view and a colorful view of the nearby fall. At night, visit your camp and sit back to enjoy the stars twinkling bright upright. 

3. Vermont’s Smuggler Notch State Park

Another interesting camping spot with a clear night sky view is Smuggler’s Notch State Park in Vermont. Located between Spruce Peak in the east and Mt. Mansfield in the west, this unique landscape offers enchanting scenic views and a never-before experience for wanderlusts and adventurous souls. To get a leisurely view of the park’s beauty, walk and hike to your camp space, provided you have an experienced guide. There are these boulders and caves that you will find within the Notch’s premises that will grasp the imagination of visitors of all ages. Families can travel with children and discover the unadulterated views in and around.   

4. Shenandoah National Park, Virginia

Shenandoah National Park has some of the best night sky views. When you visit during the day, there are not too many clouds. Located 75 miles from Washington, D.C., nature lovers should visit this park. Also, home to wildlife, lucky tourists even get a glimpse of black deer at times. While the star gazing is for the night, there are plenty of daytime activities for you to enjoy at Shenandoah National Park. You can go for a skyline drive, explore the hiking trails, go fishing, or participate in horseback riding.  

5. Bahia Honda State Park, Florida

Henry Flagler’s gutsy effort to construct a railroad to Key West (in the early 1900s) turned the Bahia Honda Key, formerly a remote island, into a tropical destination. Here, you can enjoy gin-clear waters, palm-lined beaches, and magnificent sunsets besides a star-struck night sky from the open-air camping sites. For those specifically drawn towards nature and love to escape the concrete city jungle, this place will just add to your good experiences. Here, you can just sit and observe shorebirds and wading birds and enjoy balmy sea breezes that caress the shore year-round.  If you are an avid swimmer, rent snorkeling gear and kayaks or take boat trips to the reef.  

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Camping is an exclusive experience whether parking your RV in a campground or spending the night in a tent in the wilderness. As a camper, you can feel the wind, rain, and snow and often catch a glimpse of wildlife. If you are into constellations and getting a clear view of the night sky, plan your camping trips after a thorough overview of the temperature at that time. Also, book a convenient property among the list of OYO hotels in the USA to enjoy a seamless stay before you venture out in open-air camping. You can make bookings online or call +1 6282027586.

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