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Sipping Seattle: Exploring The Best Coffee In The Coffee Capital

While the USA has its name in the list of top 10 coffee-consuming countries worldwide, it will be no big surprise to call upon Seattle as its coffee capital. Looking back into the days of 1895, the daily life of Seattle got a hint of an amazing caffeinated taste. Moving on to the present day, the cloudy weather, with only 8 hours of sun during winter and too many people reading all the time, has backed up Seattle’s coffee culture. The city has nearly 300 coffee shops, with new ones popping up every other day.  

Living much to the coffee hype, there is a regular flux of tourists to the place trying to get caffeinated at their best. If you are a tourist in Seattle looking for something similar, booking an appropriate place out of all the other Seattle accommodations is always better. 

Some of the Best Coffee Joints in Seattle, USA

With a thriving coffee scene and a panoramic skyline view, lodging in Seattle is the best decision for any tourist. Moving on, here are the best coffee joints in the coffee capital for you to enjoy. 

Hood Famous Cafe + Bar

The Hood Famous Cafe + Bar is known to offer you the best coffee in traditional Filipino flavor. Among all the other preparations, you must try the ube latte here owing to its taste and frothiness. Besides coffee, the cafe is famous for its delicious treats like biko, ube, cheesecakes, and buko pie. To get a glimpse of the lively nature of this place, visit from 5 pm onwards and stay late. 

Herkimer Coffee

Herkimer Coffee has multiple outlets. Each branch is unique and known to offer quality coffee blends for everyone, including tourists. Visiting any cafe will expose you to a friendly vibe, with a clean environment and plenty of seating. If you are a beginner getting accustomed to the rich taste of coffee, you shall head to Herkimer Coffee Place. 

The outlets have a range of coffee blends, letting you taste a mix of light to medium roasts. Along with coffee, try out the mouth-watering pastries when visiting their outlet in Dexter, Seattle. Around this place, you can also find the top hotels in Seattle. That way, a quick morning grab will be easy.       

Victrola Coffee Roasters

When looking for a classic blend of caffeine, you can stop by Victrola Coffee Roaster’s branch at Capitol Hill, Seattle. Here, you can enjoy quality classics like cortado, latte, espresso, and cappuccino. Also, from here, you can buy a bag of their single-origin coffee beans as a souvenir of the trip. If you love vintage scenes combined with modern contemporary vibes, head to their other branch in Beacon Hill, a neighborhood in southeast Seattle. Here you will find the best hotels in Seattle offering top-notch amenities.        

Uptown Espresso

Visit the Uptown Espresso in Belltown, West Seattle, if you like a latte or cappuccino over others. The place is also known as the “home of the velvet foam,” where you get delicious blends topped with thick foamy freshness. When on a work trip, you can always carry your laptop to the cafe, get your favorite coffee, and get done with the daily schedule. Moreover, Belltown is one of the popular joints in the city, with the best hotels to stay in Seattle. 

Hello Em

If you are looking for the specialties of this place, then you must try Bahn Mi sandwiches and Vietnamese coffee drinks. This place has already established itself in the Seattle coffee scene by serving delicious coffee blends and lip-smacking food varieties. Also, Hello Em has the best wall art to satiate your cultural taste. 

Why OYO Hotels & Homes?  

As the world’s leading chain of hotels and homes, OYO welcomes you for a comfortable stay in Seattle, USA. Located across the popular joints in Seattle, OYO properties will help you with the best exposure to the lively city vibe. You can just book one among the multiple OYO hotels in Seattle and get going with a comfortable stay.

OYO lets you choose according to budget without compromising on the quality of the stay. Each property is rightfully equipped with basic amenities. Also, the common spaces are under CCTV surveillance, and the entire building is covered under fire safety protocols. OYO hotels offer daily housekeeping, free Wi-Fi, TV, AC, and king-sized beds. 

OYO hotels and homes always have your back when you are prioritizing a comfortable stay within budget. There are year-round discounts that will help you with a seamless booking experience. Also, an amazing pay-at-hotel feature is available to make things easier.   


Besides being the USA’s coffee capital, Seattle has these amazing mountains, skyline views, and an attractive city culture that will surely grab your interest. The best way to explore the core of this place is to stay among the locals under quality accommodations. OYO hotels and homes have the best purpose to serve without cutting a hole in your pocket.

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