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5 Top Restaurants in Decatur

You’re someone who wears the label “foodie” with pride. Is there a popular restaurant that’s the talk of the town? Psssh…you’ve been there already. You’re always looking for the new hot spot before it gets lukewarm. So it makes sense that you’ve set your sights on Decatur. Here are the best places to eat in Decatur, Georgia!

No. 246

Gif via No.246 website

129 E. Ponce de Leon Avenue

Decatur, GA 30030


Located in the heart of downtown Decatur, this popular Italian restaurant often makes its appearance on “best of” lists. But don’t worry. The fame hasn’t gone to its head. You can still find dishes that aim to impress like the black spaghetti tossed with chili, scallions, and shrimp, the brussels sprouts pizza drizzled with honey, or the pan-seared swordfish paired with a butterbean succotash. Any one of these  playful dishes will make your taste buds cheer. 

Revival Decatur 

Image via Revival Decatur Website

129 Church Street

Decatur, GA 30030


It can be dangerous naming your favorite Southern restaurant when the competition is this high. But we’ll go out on a limb and say that Revival creates flavors you won’t stop talking about. Chow down on spicy, crunchy pork fritters served with Creole ranch. Dip your spoon into hearty seafood gumbo made with red grouper and crawfish tails. Don’t tell your mama that Revival’s homemade mac and cheese tops everyone else. 

Leon’s Full Service

Image Via Leon’s Full Service Website

131 E Ponce de Leon Avenue

Decatur, GA


With its retro gas station theme, you may expect the fare to be just the classics. But at Leon’s Full Service, the food is elevated well past the typical. Take a seat under the strings of Edison lights on the porch and chow down on meals that come with sides like duck fat spring onions and corn grits. It’s no wonder this place is one of the best places to eat in Decatur. After a few helpings, we wouldn’t be surprised if you came back the very next night. 

Victory Sandwich Bar

Image Via Victory Sandwich Bar

340 Church Street

Decatur, GA 30030


If might surprise you that one of Decatur’s best restaurants is a sandwich spot. One trip here and you’ll immediately understand why. Victory has a playful atmosphere and the flavors match. Sandwiches include toppings like ghost peppers, white kimchi, and peach mustard. Plus, they’re well-known for their creative cocktails. Try out their spiked sodas that give childhood favorites a grown-up spin. 

Chai Pani Decatur

Image Via Chai Pani Website

406 W. Ponce de Leon Avenue

Decatur, GA 30030


Indian food in Georgia? You betcha! One of the most beloved restaurants in town is Chai Pani Decatur. They specialize in Indian street food, which uses a mishmash of textures and spices to create bold flavor profiles. You’ll never see anything artificial on the menu, and fresh produce is brought in daily. Oh, and vegetarians will be happy to see a ton of options on the menu.

When you’re ready to explore Georgia one dish at a time, we know the best place to start is Decatur. From country classics with a twist to unexpectedly cool cafes, Decatur’s best restaurants welcome you to the table. 

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