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Unmissable Food Walk in Delhi

There is no denying the fact that Indian culture is the most diverse in the world. Delhi, the capital, serves as the taste bowl of all the country’s cultures, regions, and traditions. Following are some of the best food walks you can’t afford to miss while enjoying top sightseeing in Delhi.

Night Food Walk in Old Delhi

When you want to experience the soul of Old Delhi food, there is no better way to do that than to walk down the historic lanes of Shahjahanabad. You can start your culinary adventure with Aloo Tikki and enjoy a delicious paratha meal. The area is also great for sightseeing and is surrounded by colourful markets for wedding shopping, vintage silver jewellery stores, and spice shops.

A short tuk-tuk ride will take you to an almost 150-year eatery where you can try samosa and jalebi (an Indian version of pretzel). After some more shopping and top sightseeing in the area, you can dive into a lip-smacking food walk around Jama Masjid, the biggest historic mosque in Delhi, finishing off with a heart-filling meal of succulent local korma, kebabs, and biryani.

Breakfast Walk in Old Delhi

Early mornings in Purani Delhi (Old Delhi) are serene and tranquil. A stroll across these lanes, which are almost deserted in the mornings, will make you experience time travel. Observing the unusually serene and quaint morning scenes at an otherwise bustling marketplace is a fascinating experience. Top it up with mouthwatering food, and this delightful exploration transmutes into an unforgettable dream.

You can start your walk from the bylanes of Asia’s biggest paper wholesale market. Dig into a unique combination of Northern Indian delicacies like Nagori Halwa, Bedmi poori, and Chole Kulche here. Then head to the Jama Masjid area to try authentic Mughal breakfast delicacies such as Paaya and Nihari paired with traditional bread like Sheermal and Khameeri roti.

Next, you can explore some historic food destinations of Delhi, such as Chandni Chowk, to try phenomenal street dishes like chole bhature and lassi. You can also try delectable Indian sweets from one of the oldest shops in Chandi Chowk, which has been operating for more than a century. The Red Fort Entrance on Chandni Chowk is packed with people, and you can literally see the action-packed, tumultuous India coming to life.

While walking from Red Fort to Fatehpuri Mosque, you will encounter many notable mosques, spice markets, and a wealth of street foods. One such place is a shop known as Jalebi Wala, which was established back in 1884. This family-run place is guaranteed to render you an unforgettable experience with its samosas, jalebis, and ambient atmosphere. Don’t worry about the stay. The most affordable and hygienic family hotels in Delhi such as OYO 68163 Hotel Chandrika Inn and OYO 24380 Park View Guest House are in this area.

Kamla Nagar Food Walk

Kamla Nagar is a popular shopping destination next to the University area of North Campus. The area is a shopper’s paradise and a street food lover’s heaven. It is flooded with food haunts offering various cuisines that might surprise non-locals but are an open secret among thousands of University students.

Whether you own an eclectic taste in Chinese or Continental cuisine or searching for that delicious tumbler of cold lassi, the Kamla Nagar food walk never disappoints. Ranging from popular hang-out spots like Tom Uncle’s Maggi to renowned restaurants like Keventers, the place succeeds in satisfying the taste buds of one and all. Street food dishes like bread pakora, aloo chat, kachori, and bhel puri are a big hit among the student community in the area. What is more!

The area has some of the most affordable hotels, such as OYO 84596 Hotel North Campus, OYO 24380 Park View Guest House, and OYO 77739 Delhi University Stayz, where you can plan your stay. If you have ever resided on a University campus in the past, the Kamla Nagar food walk will serve as a memorable nostalgic experience.


Whenever you visit Delhi, a walk while exploring its different food items is a must. After all, Delhi is the capital of the land of spices. Wandering through the narrow intricate maze of bylanes, gullies, markets, and high streets of Old Delhi while getting the catchy whiff of street food is no doubt an unmissable experience.

Mouthwatering varieties of hissing crisp jalebis, steaming samosas, butter chicken, biryani, and tandoori chicken with sizzling chutneys are waiting to be explored on the streets of Delhi. All you have to do is to get a ticket, book a comfortable OYO hotel, and plan your trip!

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