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Know Your OYO!

Chic spaces with every modern convenience. Cozy cottages in quaint towns. Luxurious villas near the suburbs. Accommodation options for corporate travelers.

If you can’t travel far enough, OYO seeks to bring home to you- at all locations and for all kinds of travelers. Be it the nature-enthusiast in you who wants to stay near the backwaters of Kerala or the adventure freak residing in the hill ranges; the one seeking a quietly tucked away cottage or one who wants the city to be close by- OYO with its townhouses and homestays, luxurious hotels and SilverKeys has something to offer to everyone.

Know your OYO and find out the most possible accommodation option for yourself. Here’s a list of what OYO has to offer so that you get to know what aligns with your personal needs and make the right decision.

Types Of Oyo Accommodations

1. Townhouse

Oyo Townhouse

The OYO Townhouse is built to cater to the needs of a millennial traveler. Every single amenity offered by the hotel- from the booking process to the customer-friendly service- is designed in a way to help every guest have the most comfortable and cost-efficient stay possible.

After an enthralling or tiring day outside, you need to come back to a place that can help you rejuvenate with its ambiance.  The contemporary and sleek living room areas offered by the townhouses, serve just this purpose. It is the perfect informal setting to help you calm yourself, chat with friends or hold meetings.

On the other hand, when you want to have some “me time”- the smarter rooms are designed in a way, that they make your personal space the most interesting place to be in. The specially-designed beds with an 8-inch mattress, the 32 in LEDs, the lavish wooden flooring and the 12-inch shower will make your stay truly worthwhile. The interesting menus offered are an added cherry to the cake- to ensure that your stay is as pleasant to your taste buds as it is to your other senses.

Want to take back memories of the place? The OYO townhouse doesn’t just provide a warm abode, but also a beautiful selection of exclusively designed merchandise, from clothing to stationery, toiletries, and accessories available for purchase.

Find Best OYO Townhouse

2. OYO Home

Be it a vacation near a beach, or a villa in an exotic island; a savvy studio apartment or a trek through the hills of Kasauli- OYO Home seeks to find you a ‘home away from home’ in every location.

OYO Homes are specially designed to give you a unique and distinctive accommodation experience. Each one is built in a way that corresponds to its beautiful surroundings and comes along with the same level of service, amenities, comfort, and convenience that is ensured by OYO managed hotels.

If you are someone who wants to stay at a cozy, home-like residence at an affordable price- then OYO Homes provide just the right option for you. They are completely private homes that offer high-quality amenities, service, and surroundings and are managed by the OYO team.

Ranging from villas to apartments, homestays to cottages, studios to country houses- be it a vacation with friends, family or an adventurous solo-trio- this vacation gets a memorable experience at OYO Homes and come back with thousands of stories to tell.

3. Silverkey


OYO SilverKey combines comfort with a space to put your productivity at its peak. Fully equipped with state-of-art amenities, professional staff, 24/7 service, and power technology- SilverKey provides you with a safe space to work and enjoy at.

As it is generally located near corporate clusters, it is the perfect stop for those on business trips or others who can’t afford to get away from the contemporary surroundings for too long. After a day at work or a trip into the city, you can come back and relax in the soothing atmosphere of these residences- all without the formality, rules, and rates of hotels.

SilverKey doesn’t only offer a home-like atmosphere but also space wherein you can work efficiently. Large spaces for meetings, lunging and dining are allocated. The in-house laundry, photocopying and printing services save up on extra costs and make the stay convenient.

The SilverKey Executive Stays are the perfect corporate packages for a millennial corporate worker or client- offering multi-utility spaces, efficiency, and many other services. You can begin the process swiftly by priority checking in, save time and money with all-inclusive dining, travel light with complimentary toiletries kit and easily get transportation services from airport to the office and back with taxis at hand.

OYO SilverKey seeks to match all your stay requirements and get you the best possible experience.

 Book Oyo Silverkeys

4. Collection O

Collection O is designed to help guests traveling for business and leisure find premium hotels to stay at and get a luxurious experience. The mid-market brand is a mid-scale business hotel caring for corporate travelers.

No matter where you are, no matter what your budget is- the Collection O Hotels seek to provide you stay options at affordable prices without compromising on quality, location, and service.

With a great increase in corporate traveling, finding the perfect accommodation that caters to your every need can be a hassle. Continuous meeting with clients, multiple training sessions and finding your way through a new city- corporate traveling can be quite exhausting.

Recognizing this, Collection O hotels are spread across 37 cities in India, catering to the needs of these corporate travelers who are in search of quality and cost-efficient options that meet their personal and professional requirements. The brand aims to change the way corporates travel and ensure that every kind of trip, be it for pleasure or work, gets a stay-option that meets its requirements.

5. OYO Home Luxe

The OYO Home Luxe Hotels offer the perfect mix of residences offering warmth and comfort, but also a luxurious and stress-free stay- all without making you frequently reach for your wallet.

With parking facilities, wheelchair accessible routes, 24/7 customer-friendly service, and neighborhoods offering everything you can possibly ask for – the OYO Home Luxe residences bring to you a comfortable and memorable stay.

So, here was our list of what OYO has to offer to you. See what aligns with your taste and tell us your travel stories, the next time you drop by.

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