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Which Travel Influencer Is Ruling The Trending Chart!

“Travel is never a matter of money, but of courage.”

– Paulo Coelho

These travel influencers have marked their names in the trending chart as they choose to inspire thousands with their travel stories and memories. As has been rightfully said, their daunting tales and beautifully-captured pictures will leave you with a yearning to hit the road this very moment and spot the heavenly Himalayan mountains and the rainforests of Africa yourself.

Top 4 travel influencers on Instagram

  1. Archana Singh
  2. Archana and Vidur
  3. Ami Bhat
  4. Shivya Nath

1. Archana Singh

Archana Singh
Archana Singh ( @travelseewrite )

Instagram ID- @travelseewrite

Traveling experience- 60+ countries

Blog name-Travelseewrite

A brand- strategist by profession and an explorer by passion, Archana Singh is someone who follows the mantra of “All magic happens outside your comfort zone.”  Fueled with a passion to discover new places, and subsequently share that happiness with millions through her travel blog- Archana Singh certainly carries the legacy of travel blogging forward.

The start of the journey

Her journey of travel blogging began in 2014. Although she had been an explorer since a young age, travel blogging hadn’t yet found a place in her list of potential careers. That is, until a Ladakh trip in August 2014. Her trip was almost canceled after the group she was traveling with backed out and when given a choice between- joining the organizer for a trip to Himachal or going forward with the Ladakh trip herself- she finally made the decision to stick with the latter option.

What followed, was a one of a kind travel experience. Her beautiful rendezvous with Ladakh and the heart-warming memories she shared with the locals on her solo trip, compelled her to share her story with others. In order to do so, she wrote her first travelogue series, titled

 “11 Days in Ladakh, 11 Faces of Beauty.” The positive response she received was nothing like what she had anticipated and after the first step, followed a history of many phenomenal travel blogs.

2. Archana and Vidur

Archana and Vidur
Archana and Vidur ( @travelmynation )

Instagram ID- @travelmynation

Traveling experience- 25 Indian states and 5 countries

Blog name-Travelmynation

The traveling and story-telling duo believes in travelling to the unexplored gems and sharing their raw experiences with the audience. Travelling isn’t just about exploring popular places to them, but rather finding offbeat locations to put their adventurous spirits to rest.

The start of the journey

Their romance with traveling began way before they met. Both, Archana and Vidur traveled extensively separately and together for about a year. The prospect of travel blogging struck them when they started garnering public interest through their beautiful Instagram posts. They first started with posting 1-2 pictures on Instagram with an intention of sharing their warm memories, stories, and interesting experiences through this medium. Soon, as people started asking them questions about their travel destinations and journeys, they became more active on the platform and came up with the idea of outlining their travel experiences in their blog- travel nation. 

The duo loves traveling on two wheels and according to them, Kargil, Hunderman, Spiti, and Chitkul are some of the best biking destinations in the northern states of India. In the South, the best destinations include Bison Valley, Cardamom Hills, Kaginahare, Sagar, Poombarai.

After the formation of travel nation, their road to adventure has only been never-ending.

3. Ami Bhat

Ami Bhat
Ami Bhat ( @amibhat )

Instagram ID- @amibhat

Travelling experience- 16 + countries

Blog name- Thrilling Travel

A marketing professional. A wife. A mother. An explorer. A travel blogger. There are many ways through which Ami Bhat finds her calling in life, and hitting the road to calm her adventurous spirit is one of them. She describes herself as ‘a restless ball of energy’ and this seems to be the spirit behind her travel pictures and writings as well.

The start of the journey

Some people are just born with the travel bug. Ami Bhat was just a few weeks old when she moved to Abu Dhabi with her parents and her vacations were covered with short trips to India and nearby places. Even when she lived in the Gulf, her parents would take road trips every now and then, and not let the corporate spirit put their adventurous souls to rest. One thing that hasn’t changed since then, is her child-like excitement during her trips. From these roots, she started her own journey of living through traveling.

Although she started travel writing a couple of years back for other websites, her own blog ‘Thrilling Travel’ came into existence last year. An inspiration to do so struck her when her friends and family would repeatedly consult her for travel-related queries and she realised that more than her objective answers, it was her own personal experiences that prompted their decisions.

 Hence, sprang the idea of sharing those personal memories with thousands of strangers to help them make their decisions and as a result, came into being- Thrilling Travel.

4. Shivya Nath

Shivya Nath
Shivya Nath ( @shivya )

Instagram ID- @shivya

Travelling experience- 50 + countries

Blog name- The Shooting Star

Be it the remote rainforests of Ecuador or the mountains of Ethiopia, Shivya Nath traces the outline of the world in her travel blog and makes sure that her travel bug, inspires millions to set out on their own journeys.

The start of the journey

In 2009, Shivya Nath landed her first job at “Singapore Tourism Board” where the seeds of her initial experimenting with social media were sown and she first began to get interested in travel bloggers around the world. 

Seeking an escape from her corporate job, in 2011 she took a two-month sabbatical from work. In these two months, she went flash-packing across Western Europe and traveled in the Himalayas by herself. This journey took her to many destinations and gave her insight into the life she wants to live.

After this experience, the journey became never-ending.

In 2011, she quit her corporate job to follow her dream of finding herself through traveling. In 2013, she gave up her possessions and home to accept a nomadic life and in 2018, she published her first book titled ‘The Shooting Star’, which traced her personal journey and travel experiences.

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