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Travel Tales: Revisiting the Endless Charm of Meghalaya

The thought of travelling to Meghalaya was obvious. Mysterious, serene, and secluded, Meghalaya is the ideal destination for all those who wish to make their way to some of India’s untapped natural wonders. Also, it is Meghalaya’s raw beauty and charm that ended up overpowering my senses.

Meghalaya, with all its natural wonders, is just the place to visit for those who wish to explore the raw beauty and charm of India’s North East. All those wanting to treat their eyes to breathtaking pieces of spiritual and/or historical importance can add Meghalaya to their travel list. Also, Meghalaya hotels and hospitality packages need to be booked well in advance because the place happens to be a popular travel destination for those who want to stay away from the chaos and commotion that is often associated with the great Indian metropolises.

Why Meghalaya?
The fact is: Meghalaya has it all, right from mesmerising waterfalls to breath-taking forest cover. It is a place everybody should visit at least once in their life in order to come to terms with peace and tranquillity. Both of these emotions can be found in abundance in the highlands of Meghalaya. Also, trekking happened to be my hobby ever since I was a teenager. Therefore, you can say that Meghalaya was a no-brainer. Also, it needs to be noted that Meghalaya hotels are well-known for their customer service and cleanliness.

Moving on, the fact that Meghalaya offered us ample respite from the pressure of everyday life, even more so from the expectations of being a city dweller, which was liberating. It goes pretty much without saying that Meghalaya lies away from all the hustle and bustle of a big and booming metropolis. Life in Meghalaya is much more, peaceful than it is in some other parts of the country. Plus, the waterfalls found in the region are pristine, to put things simply.

Take this for an example: The Weis Saw dong waterfall happens to be a sight to savour. You can’t help but think of the adage ‘heaven lies in India’. The term ‘Heaven on Earth’ can have different meanings. Well, you can say that all of it eventually boils down to personal preferences. For me, Meghalaya is synonymous with heaven on earth, and I have no second thoughts about it.

Our 3-Day Trip to Meghalaya Was an Experience That no Word can Describe
Our 4-Day trip to Meghalaya began when I, along with my touring party, landed in Shillong and made our way to Cherrapunji by road. Finding budget hotels in Shillong would not have been a problem by any means as Meghalaya’s capital houses some of the best hotels and living spaces in the North East. However, we wanted to head to Cherrapunji straightaway to treat our eyes to some of the natural wonders that are housed in Cherrapunji.

Day 1

Cherrapunji lies at a distance of about 55 km from Shillong. Well, finding a car to travel in wasn’t a task at all. However, since we had landed in Shillong, we decided to enjoy a smoking-hot plate of momos along with a cup of tea near the Ward’s Lake in Shillong. The lake, because of its mesmerising beauty and serenity, ended up catching my attention. After this hour-long stopover, we headed to Cherrapunji to check into our rooms. Cherrapunji hotels, I must confess, are second to none in terms of the service and hospitality they provide.

Moving on, I, along with the gang, made my way to the Nohkilikai Falls. One of the prettiest waterfalls in the North-East, it happens to be a sight to savour for everybody who hasn’t had a chance to embrace natural beauty. Our next stop, the Weis Saw Dong Waterfall, was a place that had been on my travel list since I was a teenager.

Some of the best places to trek in the area are located near the Weis Saw Dong waterfall. A picturesque wonder, the memories of that waterfall have stayed with me ever since an opportunity to visit the natural wonder presented itself. All those wanting to explore peace in its purest form possible need to visit the waterfall without fail.

Also, there are various Cherrapunji hotels in the area are available for bookings. However, do make it a point to get done with all of the bookings beforehand to keep last-minute commotion at bay. After this stunning piece of adventure and soul searching, we made our way back to the hotel and hit the bed almost immediately after grabbing a quick bite.

Day 2

The second day began at 10 am after completing an 11-hour sleep. This time around, the destination was the double-decker bridge that some members of my gang were quite eager to visit. The sight was located at a distance of about 45 minutes from our Cherrapunji hotelA living root bridge, it is located amidst thick forest cover. Also, the place is just about ideal for all those who wish to enjoy peace and seclusion.

The double-decker bridge is the place to go to for those who happen to be looking for a romantic getaway in the woods. Greenery is all that’d meet the eye as soon as you reach your destination. Also, one has to be the ideal physical specimen, or somewhere close to it, to walk over the bridge as it contains nearly 3,500 steps and descends around 2400 feet (approx.). The Nongriat village is located nearby, which means those wanting to spend a night near the bridge can do so with ease. That is exactly what my touring party and I ended up doing.


Day 3

The third and last day in Meghalaya began on a largely delicious note, and quite literally so. Well, that is because we decided to make our way to the Police Bazaar Market to treat ourselves to some of the most savoury delicacies that happen to be found in the streets of Shillong. One of the busiest places, in Shillong, there were various Shillong hotels near Police Bazaar that we were able to find.

Also, the Police Bazaar houses some of the best restaurants and eateries selling several mouth-watering delicacies, including Jadoh, which is an immensely spicy delicacy made using rice and a wide range of spices. Plus, the momos and the jalebis served in the streets of Police Bazaar should be had at least once in a lifetime.

PS: The pork momos served in the streets of Police Bazaar are mouth-watering, to say the least. So, one can say that a trip to Meghalaya is all about exploring breathtaking locations, roaming around in the woods, and stuffing your mouth with some savoury delights found in the streets of Shillong.

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